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HISTORY OF UNION COUNTY, KY 1886, pg 654, FHL 976.9885 H2h:

This article is on his son John Spalding Payne, but makes the following statements about his father John Payne: "John Spalding Payne, farmer of Waverly Precinct, is the son of John and Jane Catherine (Spalding) Payne. His father was born on the present home farm of our subject in 1814; he married there in 1838, and died in Waverly Precinct (near Henderson County) in August, 1881. He was interested in the Civil War, and went South several times, presumably on business for the Confederacy. He was taken to Louisville once on account of his sympathy with the Confederacy, and also to Uniontown. The mother of our subject was also born in Union County in 1821, and is still living in Uniontown."

See UNION COUNTY, KENTUCKY MARRIAGE BOOKS 1811-1883, FHL 976.988 5 V28h at 1837: PAYNE, JOHN - JANE C. SPAULDING, February 10, 1837

In an article on the life of Teresa Payne's son Dr. John T. Spalding Jenkins (64) in HISTORY OF UNION COUNTY, KY, op.cit. at pp 238-240, it states "On the tenth day of May, 1864, he married Miss Alethea Ann Payne, daughter of John Payne of Union County (Kentucky)." Again on page 642 it states "The physician next in succession to R. H. C. Rhea, Sr. was Dr. J. T. Jenkins, from Louisville, his wife being Allie Payne, daughter of John Payne and Jane Spalding." From these we conclude that Alethea Ann Payne is the daughter of this John Payne and Jane Catherine Spalding.
In TOM JENKINS OF MD on pg 76, in an article on the children of John R. Jenkins and Teresa (Payne) Jenkins, specifically their son George, it states that he "married Henrietta Payne, born 1846; died 1906; sister of Alethea Payne who married his brother (John T.)." Thus it appears likely that Alethea and Henrietta were daughters of John and Jane Catherine (Spalding) Payne (1070) and sisters of John Spalding Payne (1072).
If the assumptions about John (Jacky) Payne being a son of Basil Payne
are correct, we have:
Basil Payne
Richard Payne John (Jackie) Payne
m m
Catherine Spalding Catherine Smith
------------------ ---------------
| |
Teresa Payne (m John Jenkins) John Payne (m Jane Cath . Spalding)
| |
| John Spalding Payne (m Matilda Cruz)
(Robert Stone m) Martha Jenkins(my GGM) |
| |
John Thomas Jenkins m Alethea Payne
George Jenkins m Henrietta Payne


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St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, 8 February, 1805; Ignatius Edwards and Margaret Payne. The Last Will of Basil Payne refers to this daughter "Margaret Edwards."

See MARRIAGES AND DEATHS, ST. MARY'S COUNTY, MARYLAND, FHL 975. 241V2f for marriage on 8 Feb 1805 of Ignatius Edwards and Margaret Payne.


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FHL 976,9885 D2h, page 21. Sponsor, Martha (Hancock) Payne.
Baptised Aug 16, 1882, St. Vincent, Union County, KY.


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According to an email from Louis Payne of Henderson, Kentucky, (lipayne@ "Mary would marry a Cornelius Payne in 1823. He being the son of John and Dorathy (sic) Payne that I (Louis Payne) am researching." Louis asks if Mary's father Basil could be the son of my Basil. Maybe so.


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Third Great-grandfather of James Joseph Sparks

A certifed copy of the Marriage Licenses issued out of the Circuit Court for St. Mary's County, Maryland from 1794 to 1830, pg. 21: 1802, May 22 Richard Payne - Catherine Spalding. See MARRIAGES AND DEATHS, ST. MARY'S COUNTY, MARYLAND FHL 975.241V2 f: 22 May 1802, Richard Payne and Catherine Spalding.

We can be fairly sure that Richard Payne and Catherine Spalding are the parents of Teresa Payne because of the record of Teresa's marriage to John Jenkins. The bond was signed by her brother Hillary. In reading the above cited sources, we learned that many Paynes migrated to Nelson County,
KY., from St. Mary's County, Maryland. A check of those records revealed the marriage of Richard and Catherine in that county on 22 May, 1802 . We are speculating that he is the son of Basil Payne whose will was filed January 29, 1811 and which mentions a son Richard.

The will of Basil Payne mentions a daughter, Margaret Edwards. She was married to Ignatius Edwards on 8 February, 1805, three years after Richard and Catherine, at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in St. Mary's County. Check all church records for Richard's marriage.

Richard Payne is shown as a witness to a will executed in Nelson County, KY., in 1833. No cite.

In the Chronicles of St. Mary's, Vol 4, No. 7, July, 1956, there appears a list of those citizens of St. Mary's County who, in 1778, took the oath of allegiance swearing fidelity to the new government as follows:

I do swear that I do not hold myself bound to yield any Allegiance or obedience to the King of Great Brittain his heir or Successors; And that I will be true and faithfull to the State of Maryland, and will to the utmost of my power, support, maintain and defend the freedom and independence thereof and the Government now Established Against all open Enemies and secret and traitorous conspiraces and will use my utmost Endeavors to disclose and make known to the Governor or some one of the Judges, or Justices thereof, all Treason and Traitorous conspiraces,attempts or Combinations against this State or the Government thereof, which may come to my knowledge. SO HELP ME GOD.
(Signatories included:)
Richard Payne
Francis Payne
John Payne
James Payne
James Payne of Richard
John Baptist Payne
Raphael Payne
Vincent Payne
William Payne


Under Hillary Payne, note shows deeds to him from William Payne in 1832 and from Alexander Payne in 1856. They could both be related to Hillary, possibly uncles. They are not in Basil's will however. I learned of the marriage of a Basil Payne and Sarah Mattingly in Washington Co., VA. , on or April 21, 1797. There is also a James Payne, aged 45 in the 1870 census of Washington Co., VA. Thus James would have been born in 1835.

To join the St. Mary's Historical Society, Leonardtown, MD, mail for an application. Several issues of the Chronicles are on FHL 1320993.