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Birth Records, Nauganee, Marquette Co., MI., 187O-8O, Index of Records at FHL #1OO753O, Birth Records at FHL #1OO7531, Vol II, page 112, line 9, Cornelius Pickett (sic) born January 13, 1875. Record Number 783. For source see also library book 977.496V22i and microfische 6049161.

Cherokee County, Iowa, INDEX TO MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1896-1939, p 317 refers to MARRIAGE RECORDS, Book 6, p 78 which provides the following:
License No.: 3853; Date of License: 7 May 1906; Name of Groom: Cornelius Pigott; Residence: Cherokee, Iowa; Occupation: Farmer: Age: 30; Race: White; Marriage: 1st; Born: Michigan; Name of Father: Cornelius Pigott; Name of Mother: Annie Eagan. Bride: Name: Mary Elsie Scurlock; Residence: Cherokee, Iowa; Age : 20;Race: White; Born: Sheridan T/S, Cherokee County, Iowa; Name of Father: Scott Scurlock; Name of Mother: Elizabeth Head; Date and Place of Marriage: May 8, 1906, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Cherokee, Iowa; Witnesses: Edward Pigott, Mary Pigott. Performed by: Fr. William P. Desmond.

Letter from Robert S. Pigott Sr. dated March 3, 1991, grandson of Cornelius Pigott (1875) provides dates of birth and death of grandparents, names of children of Cornelius including Cornelius III, father of Robert.

Robert S. Pigott states in his book "The Pigott Family of Kilworth County Cork Ireland" at pp. 23-24, "A birth certificate for Cornelius dated Jan 13, 1875 in the State of Michigan. The name is frequently misspelled Pickett, and his parents were living in Negaunee, MI.
"While growning up on the Pigott family farm wet of Cherokee, IA. Cornelius learned the values of hard work, family loyalty and support, and his religious faith. He labored with farm chores and field work, and engaged in his share of famiy household tasks. Since Cornelius was 13 years of age when his mother died the children of this family had more shared responsibilities and work than most families. He was noted for a sense of humor, enjoyed children, and engaged in numerous "Irish Celebrations."
"....Cornelius engaged in farming as a young man associated with his father. He first farmed west of his father on the road that leads to Meriden, IA. He later farmed two miles North and 1/2 mile West of his first farm. Farming nearby in the early 1900's was his good friend and brother-in-law Will Dunn, and his brothers Edward and John Pigott. The U. S. Census of 1910 lists Connie Pigott, who reads and writes, living on 140 acres of land with a house.
"The Iowa census of 1915 shows Cornelius, a farmer with seven years of common school education, living with his wife Mary. Both were Catholic and earned $400 per year on a farm valued at $10,000 with an encumbrance of $2,000. (They had 7 children; here lists names and birthdates for which see the family sheet).
"Sometime around 1920 Cornelius lost his farm due to financial difficulties, and he became a bridge carpenter for the Illinois Centrall Railroad. He worked in the local carpenter shop and then traveled to various railroad bridge construction sites." He and Mary were divorced before 1925 and he died in 1945.


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Cornelius is the father of Robert S. Pigott, Sr. who wrote to me on 3 Feb 1991 with information on the Pigott family. Bob's brother is James F. Pigott. In that letter he said his father was born on 21 Oct 1910. He wrote again on 3 March and told me his father was born on 21 Oct 1912. He said that Cornelius had a twin, Joseph E. born on 21, Oct 1912 so I'll use that date.

Cornelius Pigott was #48-07-5937 and, according to government records, he was born on October 21, 1912 and died in December, 1983. His card was issued in Iowa and the zip code of his last known residence was 50588 which is for Juniata or Lakeside, Buena Vista County, IA.

Following is an excerpt from a book written by Robert S. Pigott, Sr., son of Cornelius Phillip Pigott named The Pigotts of Kilworth County Cork Ireland in 2002. Pp 32-33 "Life of Cornelius Phillip Pigott. Cornelius P. Pigott was born in the farm home of Cornelius and Elsie (Scurlock) Pigott in rural Sheridan Township Cherokee County, IA on October 21, 1812. (JS Note: Cornelius was the first cousin of my mother Cecelia E. (Pigott) Sparks). Cornelilus was age 4 when the family had financial difficulties, lost the farm, and moved to the town of Cherokee, IA. They lived on top of a hill at 205 W. 7th St. for three and a half years and later the family lived on 5th street. The certificate of baptism for Cornelius is dated November 10, 1912 performed at Immaculate Conception Church in Cherokee, IA. The priest officiating was W. P. Desmond, and sponsors were Leo Pigott and Mary Loamor. (JS Note: He was the same priest that baptised Cecelia.)

"Financial and marriage problems continued for several years eventually ending in divorce of his father and mother in the early 1920's. Hard work was expected for all members of this family as they struggled through personal financial difficulties and the Great Depression of the 1930's. Cornelius remembered jobs, which included washing windows, cleaning ashes out of furnaces, raking lawns and shoveling sidewalks. Cornelius and his twin brother Joseph at one time had five paper routes and delivered advertising sheet to homes. Cornelius attended Lincoln grade school and continued on to attend Wilson High School. On one occasion he did not have a textbook for Math class since the family could not afford the book fees." The article continues with a history of his school years where we was a star athelete along with his twin brothr Joseph. He was in the Civilian Conservation Corps and worked under the NRA (National Recovery Act) until World War II where he served in the military.