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Letter from Robert S. Pigott advises that his brother, Cornelius Phillip Pigott, born 10/17/42 lives in Fresno, California.

Note from Robert S. Pigott's book (op.cit.) "Cornelius P. Pigott born at Porath hospital Storm Lake, IA.; worked hard as a youngster, at age 8 he was delivering advertisements with his brother, later he had newspaper routes and milk deliveries at 4 A.M. In addition to working as a grocery clerk at Swanson's, "Cork" was active in all athletics at St. Mary's High School. He graduated from Buena Vista University, and became a policy service manager for Pacific Mutual Life Insurance. He was voted Outstanding Young American Businessperson, and he has a very successful insurance and financial consulting agency in Fresno, CA. Cornelius, now known as Phil, engages in frequent running events, white water rafting and hiking in the mountains. He first married Lavee D. Hanson and from this marriage the following children: Katine (Tina) Annette born 6-13-1965 died from a spinal birth defect 7-12-1966. This was a very traumatic time as the child died in their arms. Todd M. born 1968..., Sean Patrick born 12-26-1969..., Kindra born 1974. Cornelius P. second marriage to Mary Jane Bair on 11-27-1985 who were High School sweethearts and they now work together in the operation of Pigott and Associates in Fresno, CA. The firm specializes in insurance and investment programs."


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Robert Pigott in his book entitled Pigotts of Kilworth, County Cork, Ireland states that Denis pigott was the only child known to have remained in Ireland. In the 1901 Irish Census he was living in Kilworth, apparently in the same home in which Cornelius was raised. Ibn 1991 Ellen and I met the Howard descendants who occupied the property, an older lady and her two sons. On a later visit we learned that the lady and one of her sons had died and the surviving son was planning to knock down the original stone house that had been used as a barn for several years.


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Birth Records, Nauganee, Marquette Co. MI., 187O-8O, Index of Reco rds FHL
#1OO753O, Birth Records FHL #1OO7531, Volume II, page 175, line 9; De nnis H.
Pickett (sic) born 2 May 1876. Record Number 575. Book 977.496V22i i n Family
History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Microfische 6049161.

2, 1927, Age, 49, Laboror; Cause of death: Exhaustion, Dementia Precox.
FHL 1428671.

CHEROKEE COUNTY PROBATE INDEX, pg 154, Item 2403, Docket Book 11 , pg 275;
Probate Book 24 @ pg 234, Book 1 @ pg 61, Book 28 @ pgs 153, 159.

The following appeared in "History of Cherokee County" Iowa by Thomas Mc
Culla, Chicago (1914) pg 404: "The next murder was that of Thomas Raftery
who was found in a comatose condition verging on death on the morning of Nov.
19, 1909, at his farm in Sheridan Township. Mr. Raftery was a man seventy-
five years of age and lived alone in a hut on his farm. The night previous
to the poisoning, a young man by the name of Dennis Piggot stayed with him,
but claimed that he had left early in the morning and that Raftery was all-
right at that time. Early in the morning Jack Shea had occasion to visit the
Raftery house and on entering found Mr. Raftery lying on the floor in a dying
condition. The dishes had been thrown from the table and there were
evidences of the shack having been ransacked. He gave the alarm and a
corner's inquest was held and the contents of the stomach sent to the state
chemist for analysis and chloral hydrate was found in considerable quan-
taties in the stomach. The inquest had been adjourned to await this
report when Pigott confessed that he had administered the chloral
hydrate. He was later indicted and tried for this murder. The jury
found him guilty of the act as charged but that he was insane at
the time he committed the act.
The judge ordered him confined to a private institution at Council
Bluffs, where he remained for a year or two and then returned to this
city, when, on motion of the county attorney, W. P. McCulla, the court
ordered him to be confined at the state hospital in this city, where
he has been ever since."

(JJ Sparks sidenote: During our trip to Ireland in 1991, on my birthday 30 Aug,
we were on an Insight Tour and our tour director, John Dempsey, arranged a
cake and bought me a drink of fine Irish whiskey. The locatation: Galway.
The name of the pub: Raftery's )


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This is the lady that sent me Robert Pigott's book and some kind emails. Her email address is She is Celia's first cousin.


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Edward married his first cousin, Alida C. Sauer. His father John was the brother of Alida's mother Catherine.