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Pigott, October 24, 1919, age unknown, Acute Indigestion. FHL 1428671.


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BIRTH: Birth Records, Nauganee, Marquette Co., MI., 187O-8O, Index of Records FHL #1OO753O, Birth Records FHL #1OO7531, Vol I, page 121, line 8: John James Pigott, born 17 Oct 1871. Record number 306; Book 977.496V22i. Certificate of Birth #0012568, Michigan Dept. of Health (Certified copy in possession of James J. Sparks, San Carlos, CA.)

Agreement for the Sale of Real Estate for the purchase of 227 Daisy Avenue, Long Beach, CA., made on May 1, 1920, John James Pigott and Catherine Pigott purchasers, and Laura E. Thorton, seller, executed May 8, 1920 and recorded in Volume 7227 of Records at Pages 11 and 12 on May 10, 1920. (Photocopy in possession of James J. Sparks, San Carlos, CA.)

FHL #1035292 INDEX TO REGISTER OF MARRIAGES, Cherokee Co., Iowa 1889- 1896 V3, p 129, REGISTER OF MARRIAGES, Book 3, p556: #2257 District Court Clerk, Cherokee County, dated 23 Feb, 1895 returned 30 April 1895, Registered May 1, 1895. (Cert. copy in possession of James J . Sparks, San Carlos, CA) Information on the register is as follows: Married February 23, 1895; affidavit made by Mr. Hugh Dogherty; groom: John J. Piggott (sic); place of residence: Cherokee County, Iowa; occupation: farmer; age: 24; color: white; groom's place of birth : Michigan; groom's father's name: Cornelius Piggott (sic); groom's m other's maiden name: Annie Eagan; bride: Katie Smith; place of residence: Cherokee County, Iowa; age: 18; color: white; 1st marriage; bride's place of birth, Cherokee County, Iowa; bride's father's name: Christopher Smith; bride's mother's full maiden name: Esther Brennan; when and where married: Cherokee, Iowa February 25, 1895; witnesses, Hugh Dougherty, Agnes Smith; by whom married: James T. Saunders, Catholic Priest; date of return: April 30, 1895; when registered: May 1, 1895; signed: D. M. McNeal, Clerk, District Court.

State of California, Dept. of Health Services; death cert. 48-059 921, Dist. 1903, Registrar's No. 1485 issued 13 Sep 1990 (Certified copy in possession of James J. Sparks, San Carlos, CA) Information on the Death Certificate is as follows: Died August 31, 1948; Place of death: Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California; time in state : 29 years; age: 76 years, 10 months, 14 days; born: Negaunee, Michigan; usual occupation: Longshoreman (retired); (includes names and birthplaces of parents) informant: Cecelia E. Sparks, 834 Obispo Avenue , Long Beach, California; entombment: 2 September, 1948 at Calvary Mausoleum, Los Angeles, California; usual residence: 227 Daisy Avenue , Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California. Cause of death: cerebral hemorrage.

1900 U.S. Census, Sheridan T/S, Cherokee Co., IA; Nat'l Arch., San Bruno, T ???, Roll 423; See form in file.
1910 U.S. Census, Sheridan T/S, Cherokee Co., IA; SD #11, ED #25 , Sheet 7, Nat'l Arch., San Bruno, CA T ???, Roll ???; See form in file.
1920 U. S. Census, Alexandria, Hanson Co., SD; Enum. D. 86, Sheet 10, line 87. National Archives, San Bruno, Soundex for P230, Reel 3 3 SD; Census Reel 1719, Cherokee Co, Sheridan T/S; Jan, 1920. See form in file. Census records show that six lodgers were enumerated with the family; John Pigott worked on his "own account" in his "Pool Hall". According to Cecelia (Pigott) Sparks, this Pool Hall contained a bowling alley with two lanes. By May the family had moved to Long Beach, California.

BIRTH: Birth of children, checked FHL #1035290, birth records for Cherokee County, IA 1880-1907, found Celia, no others.

John James Pigott was born the second of eleven children on October 17, 1871. His father Cornelius was born in Kilworth, a small village near Fermoy in the northern part of County Cork, Ireland. He migrated to America in 1866. It is believed that Cornelius' older brother, John, after whom we believe John James Pigott was named, had arrived in America in 1860. That same year he was living in Nauganee, Marquette County, Michigan, and had applied for U.S. citizenship. He was joined there by Cornelius before 1869 and before his marriage to Annie Eagan in 1870. It is not known how Cornelius and Annie met. She was born in the United States about 1852 or 1853. Her parents, James Egan and Margaret Walsh Eagan were born in Ireland and, it is assumed, came to America during the famine, and settled in New Jersey. It was there, on March 28, 1870, that Cornelius and Annie were married.

Cornelius immediately returned to Nauganee, Michigan where their first child, William, was born on July 20, 1870. It is assumed that William was named after Cornelius' father. John James Pigott was born in Nauganee, on October 17, 1871 as were his next four siblings. For reasons yet unknown, Cornelius travelled to Cherokee County, Iowa, where, on April 30, 1873, he purchased 120 acres of farmland. From the death record of Edward, who was the sixth child of Cornelius and Annie, and who died May 1, 1881, we learn that the entire family of eight moved to Cherokee County in June, 1878 when John was almost seven years of age. Five more children were born to Cornelius and Annie in Cherokee, Iowa. Cornelius prospered and, by June, 1888, he purchased another farm comprising 320 acres.

Christopher Smith, the father of Catherine Smith and future father-in-law of John Pigott, was born in Ireland in 1819. He is first found in Iowa Township, Benton County, Iowa in the 1860 census, living with his wife Esther Brennan Smith. She was about 17 years of age and had been born in Canada. The first Smith child, Bernard, was born in Benton County in 1861. Seven more children were born there prior to the family's move to Diamond Township, Cherokee County, in about 1875. They purchased a 120 acre farm there and, on April 16, 1878, Catherine, the future spouse of John Pigott, was born.

According to his grave marker located in the Mt. Calvary Cemetary, Cherokee, Iowa, Christopher Smith died 7 May, 1884 at the age of 65, leaving his wife and eight or nine children. Bernard, who was then about 23 years of age, took over the management of the farm. By 1895, when John was 23 years of age, he was found living on the Smith farm in Diamond Township, probably as a helper to Bernard, who was now 34, and his brothers. He is shown on the Iowa State Census taken May 11 , 1895, as a single person as is Catherine, age 16. In fact, they had been married on February 25 of that year. Catherine was 17 on April 16th, 1895.

They had five children, all girls. The first one, Hazel, was born on July 12, 1896. Ila followed on September 13, 1897. In the 1900 census of Sheridan Township, Cherokee County, Iowa, the family of four is found with John shown as a farmer. May Loretta, was born March 19, 1904 and the twins, Cecelia and Rosella were born May 3, 1906, all in Cherokee, Iowa. Rosella did not survive and died the next day. She is belived to be buried with her grandparents as the "Infant Female" shown on the records of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Cherokee, Iowa, in the Pigott family plot at the Mt. Carmel Catholic Cemetary in Cherokee, Iowa.

The 1910 census of Sheridan Township finds the family of six accompanied by Catherine 's mother, Esther, aged 65. Esther advised that both of her parents were born in Ireland and that she was born in Quebec,Canada.

The following year, a photograph which has survived bearing the date 1911, shows the family in front of a new farmhouse in Ethan, Davison Co., South Dakota. Three years later, on October 7, 1914, the oldest daughter, Hazel, married William J. Coyne in Ethan and they later moved to Mitchell, South Dakota where they lived for the rest of their lives. Hazel Pigott Coyne died 31 March, 1983 in Mitchell. The three younger Pigott girls lived on the farm with their parents for several years. John's father, Cornelius Pigott died in Cherokee County, Iowa, on October 24, 1915. His estate was in probate for several years. We learned from his probate records that, by October 11, 1917, the John J. Pigott family had moved to Alexandria, Hanson County, South Dakota, John apparently had become tired of farming and desired a change.

According to the 1920 census, John Pigott was operating a pool hall which he had purchased in Alexandria. Six lodgers were enumerated at home with the family. Cecelia (Pigott) Sparks revealed years later that the pool hall also contained a bowling alley with two lanes and that it was the girls' responsibility to assist in maintaining the bowling lanes by removing the small stones which had become imbedded in the wood. During a trip to Alexandria by James and Ellen Sparks in 1993, an elderly gentleman remembered the town's only bowling alley. He revealed that the building which had housed the pool hall and bowling alley had been torn down to make way for the Chamber of Commerce Building on the main street of Alexandria.

The estate of Cornelius Pigott was closed in 1919 and John received the sum of $3,000 as his share. On May 8, 1920, John and Catherine had signed a mortgage to purchase a two-story residence in Long Beach, California at 227 Daisy Street, west of the downtown area. The home had several bedrooms and a storm cellar similar to the type with which they were familiar in Iowa. The two younger girls, May and Cecelia, were enrolled in school at St . Anthonys Roman Catholic High School in Long Beach. Within the year, Ila was married to Edmund Tyo, a butcher in Long Beach.

John found employment as a longshoreman in the busy port area of San Pedro-Wilmington nearby. At age 49, he was not too old to change careers . The reason that the family chose Long Beach as their destination is not known. However, it is probable that friends of the family had earlier come to Long Beach with the thousands of Iowans who did so in the nineteen-tens and twenties, and who had written to their former neighbors of the beauty and wonders to behold in Southern California, especially, as compared with Iowa and the Dakotas, the climate.

Loretta Mae, the next to youngest daughter married Newton T. Bass who later purchased undeveloped land in the desert and established the town of Apple Valley, California. They were divorced in the early 1930s . Not long thereafter, Loretta contracted tuberculosis from which she died in 1933 in the town of Azusa, California, where she had been taken in an effort to effect a cure. She never had children.

Cecelia, the youngest, married Joseph J. Sparks, in Long Beach, in 1925. John and Catherine had no use for the upstairs portion of their large home, and, to supplement their income, they took in several boarders whom they called "roomers", a practice which they had apparently started during the few years they lived in Alexandria, South Dakota, before migrating to Southern California. John Pigott continued to work as a longshoreman during World II while in his seventies. He finally retired at the war's end.

Both John and Catherine were devout Roman Catholics and they regularly attended church services at St. Anthony's Church in Long Beach . John died of a cerebral hemorrage on August 31, 1948 at the age of almost 77 years. Catherine sold the home at 227 Daisy Avenue shortly thereafter. She moved into an apartment on Gladys Avenue near Temple Street adjacent to St. Matthew's Catholic Church and near her daughter Cecelia (Pigott) Sparks. Catherine died on May 29, 1957 at the age of 79 years.

Both John and Catherine were interred at the Calvary Cemetary Mausoleum, Los Angeles, California. Catherine held in her arms her great-grandson, James Terence Sparks, born November 10, 1956, prior to her death. He was the oldest grandchild of Catherine's youngest daughter, Cecelia Pigott Sparks.