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There is a good deal of confusion concerning the date of the birt h of Joseph Pigott because of many inconsistant records. There seem s to be no question that he died quite young on May 1, 1881.
In the US census of Cherokee County, Iowa, dated June 24, 1880 , a Joseph Pigott is enumerated in the Cornelius Pigott family as a c hild of 2 years of age indicating birth in 1877 or 1878 in the stat e of Michigan. Consistant with this is an entry in the Records of Ch erokee Co., Register of Deaths, 1880-91, pg 4, entry 47 (FHL 1,035,29 4[2]) which records his death as May 1, 1881 and his age as 3 years , 8 days (indicating a birth date of April 23, 1878). It further sta tes that he lived in Iowa for 2 years, 11 months and that he was bor n in Michigan.
A mystery is created by a record in the Cherokee County birth reco rds showing a "male" Pigott born 6 April, 1881 in Sheridan Township . This is further complicated by the tombstone in the Pigott Famil y Plot in the Mt. Calvary Cemetery which reads "JOSEPH, Died April 26 , 1882, Age 1 year." My notes also refer to a birth record in Cherok ee County showing his age at death as 1 year, 20 days. Though I di d not substantiate this record, the dates are precisely accurate fo r the Joseph referred to in this paragraph.
Is it possible that a child was born to the Pigotts on April 6, 18 81, and, before he was named, his older brother, Joseph, died three w eeks later on May 1, 1881; to alleviate their pain they named the new born Joseph but, tragically, he died one year and twenty-one days lat er? We do know that their next son was born on January 1, 1883 and w as named Joseph Edward Pigott. He was called Eddie rather than Josep h, however as I recall my mother referring to her Uncle Eddie befor e his death in 1968.
If the speculation is true, the question remains, where was the fi rst Joseph buried? And why is there no record of the death of the se cond Joseph on April 26, 1882 in the Cherokee County records?


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[Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 3, Social Security Records: U.S., SS Death Benefit Records, Surnames Beginning with P, Date of Import: Mar 24, 1999, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Pigott, Joseph
Birth date: Oct 21, 1912
Death date: Mar 8, 1988
Social Security #: 481-03-2734
Last residence: 78572
State of issue: IA

From the book of Robert S. Pigott (op.cit) "Joseph Edward Pigott married Eva Marie Salisbury of Cherokee, IA., and most of his adult life (he) was employed as a store manager for F. W. Woolworth Co. Joseph had an out-going and friendly personality and seemed to enjoy being around people. He was always a hard worker as he was forced to e resourceful growing up during the Great Depression. The 1930 Cherokee High School annual says of Joe, "He is one of the best centers (football) Cherokee has ever had. Playing half the time on defense he was a terror in the hearts of the opposing teams. An excellent passer and all-around player he will be missed next year." Joseph died after several years of retirement at Mission, Texas in 1988 and the funeral was at Rio Catholic Church. "


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Cherokee County, Iowa, Register of Marriages 1910-1917, Vol. 3 , p 19:
Number of License: 4707; Date of License: 16 Sep 1912; Name of Groom:
Joseph Edward Pigott; Resident: Cherokee, Iowa; Occupation: Farmer; A ge: 30;
Born: Michigan; Name of Father: Cornelius Pigott; Name of Mother: Ann ie Eagan; Bride: Name: Pearl Mary Alexander; Residence: Cherokee, Io wa; Age: 21; Born: Nebraska; Name of Father: Henry Alexander; Name o f Mother: Ella Hauser; Place of Marriage: Immaculate Conception Catho lic Church, Cherokee, Iowa; Date of Marriage: 18 Sep 1912; Witnesses : Charlie Jenkins, May Mansfield. Performed by Fr. William P. Desmond.

Joseph Edward Pigott appears in the 1900 Census as a boy of 7 year s old. He also appears in the 1920 Census for Sheridan T/S Cherokee C o., as a single man living with or next to the John J. Pigott family . We have some photos of "Eddie" and Pearl.
FHL 1508628, Obituary of Ed Pigott, spouse of Pearl Alexander prov ides his birth date of January 8, 1883. The Social Security record s for Joseph Edward Pigott, # 480-44-7766, show that his card was iss ued in Iowa, it verifies the birthdate and death dates given above an d that his last address was in zip code 51012, Cherokee, IA.


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Edward Pigott died just after reaching 3 years of age. He is buried
in the Pigott family plot in the Mt. Calvary Cemetary in Cherokee, Iowa,
next to his parents and some siblings. The large monument bears the in-
scription "EDWARD Died May 1, 1881 Age 3yrs 8 days."


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Leo Francis Pigott and Ella C. Pigott, Administrator's Deed dated July 17, 1897, Book 2 of Deeds, Page 179, being the SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Sec 23, TS 92, R 41, FHL 1415902 Deed Index book pg 220; FHL 1415955 includes deed itself.

Incumbrance Book 3, Cherokee County, Iowa, (1428604), Leo F. Pigott; Annice E. D. Geckler vs Leo F. Pigott, Writ of Attachment September 2 7, 1917, 10:30 A.M.. The S 1/2 of NE 1/4 of Sec 23 TS 92, Range 41, Cherokee, IA.

Based on the information at hand, we can only speculate about the nature of the above deed to Leo Francis Pigott and Ella C. Pigott. The property is a 40-acre plot adjacent to the plot which had been purchased by Cornelius in 1887 or 1888. It is possible that Cornelius had earlier agreed with Ella that, in consideration for her taking on the raising of his large family, Cornelius purchased that parcel and placed it in her name for her protection and that of their son. Leo was only 3 years of
age when the deed was recorded.
Leo F. Pigott is reported in the probate index for Cherokee County Iowa on the same page as his father Cornelius; i.e. Probate Index No.1, page 216, line 1, item no. 1446. FHL # 1415960. It is likely in reference to the establishment of a Guardianship for him since he was the only child of Cornelius who was a minor at the time of the death of Cornelius.
He died in 1987 in Garden Grove, Iowa.
The following was taken from a letter from Ardyth Dunn, daughter-i n-law of Mary Josephine Pigott (40) (who was the mother of her spouse James Dunn) to James J. Sparks dated 11 Dec, 1993: "(Concerning Leo Francis Pigott) We visited them several times when they lived in Garden Grove, Iowa and they were dear people. Uncle Leo and son stayed with us when Jim's (Dunn) mother died and they drove up for the funeral. I have this much information: Leo Francis Pigott - Born
6/26/1896; Died 8/25/1987. Married on 8/3/1917 to Anne --- who was born 5/4/??; Died 10/16/1990. Both buried in Garden Grove, Iowa Cemetary. Had one son, John and wife Marjorie, 5849 Ridgeview Dr., SW, Apt 827. Cedar Rapids,
IA 52404. Tel (319) 396-3519."
Social Security Records reveal his # 482-10-5194, verify his dates of birth and death and his residence at death in Iowa, Zip 50103.

In his book THE PIGOTTS OF KILWORTH COUNTY CORK IRELAND, (2002) Robert S. Pigott writes: "Leo Francis PIgott born 6-26-1896 was a child of a second marriage by Cornelius to Ella Regan on 8-8-1893 at Bernard, Dubuque County, IA. Leo had a lot of time and attention from his parents as he was the youngest and Cornelius had more time and money from development of his farming operation by the late 1890's. Leo was named for Pope Leo and recalled working on the farm with his father and brother Ed ploying, haying and threshing. Leo returned to Ireland with is father in 1911 and remembered visiting the family farm and Dennis, the oldest brother of Cornelius. He returned with some souvenirs including an Irish walking cane, which disappeared mysteriously.

"Leo married his wife Ann on 8-3-1917, and lived at Garden Grove, Iowa until his death in August 1987. This marrigae produced a son John who lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In talking with Leo in the late 1980's he was observed to be a very friendly and alert person with an interest in family history. Ann died on 10-16-1900."