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From THOMAS JENKINS OF MARYLAND 1670 by Edward Felix Jenkins, O.S. A., at
page 16: "Ann Panny, b. ca. 1746; m. (1) Jan 20, 1771, Raphael Ford ; m. (2)
Joshua Millard, who d. 1797; m. (3) Jan 20, 1798, Zachariah Mattingly ."
See THE MATTINGLY FAMILY OF EARLY AMERICA by Herman E. Mattingly ( 1975);
p. 55: "...Zachariah married Ann Panny Spalding January 20, 1798. S he
was the sister of Thomas Spalding, husband of Elizabeth Mattingly, si ster
of Zachariah. Ann Panny Spalding had previously married (January 20,
1771) Raphael Ford, and secondly, Joshua Millard. No children wer e born
of the first two unions."


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An Anne C. Spalding acted as sponsor at the baptism of Virginia M . Sparks,
age about 18 years of Solomon Sparks and Margaret Brimm on December 2 , 1872
before father Hugh Daley, Union County, Kentucky. This Annie would h ave been
about 21 years of age and is most likely the proper person. It shoul d be
pointed out that Anne was not related to Virginia M. Justine Sparks b ut that
Virginia's then 7 year old brother would later marry Annie's 5th cous in, Mary
Teresa Stone, related to Annie through the Jenkins, Mattingly and Spa lding


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REMARKS: DAU (of) Thomas & Comfort Edelin, Prince Georges County. Reference: Wills Liber 31 Folio 55, 27 Folio 35, Land Office, Annapol is, MD.

From THE SPALDING FAMILY OF MARYLAND, KENTUCKY AND GEORGIA from 1658 to 1965 by Hughes Spalding, Vol II; FHL 929.273Sp18sg, pgs 250-251: "Basil Spalding was the son of John Spalding, and the grandson of Thomas Spalding, the Maryland pioneer of our branch of the Spalding family who came from England to Maryland about 1658. "He was also the grandfather of Mother Catherine Spalding. There isno record showing the date of his birth, but it is thought that he was born in the late 1720's. It has been asserted by some that he married Catherine Edelen, daughter of Thomas and Comfort Edelen of Prince George County, Maryland, before 1749, perhaps in 1748 or even in 1747, but the wills of both Thomas and Comfort recorded in the land office at Annapolis, Maryland, prove that Thomas and Comfort had no children. (JS: But see notes under Catherine and proof of marriage to Edelen.) Comfort was a widow before she married Thomas Edelen. Her first husband was Patrick Dyer and it is possible that she had a daughter by Dyer named Catherine who married Basil Spalding. This, however, is mere speculation and the maiden name of his wife is unknown to us. Basil was a capable and successful farmer. He was a large land owner in Charles County and became very prominent and wealthy. His will shows that he and his wife had twelve children, seven sons and five daughters. The names of their sons were Henry, John, William, James, Basil, Edward, and George Hilary, and the names of their daughters were Ann, Christina, Mary Elizabeth, Elizabeth and Catherine.

"The assumption that he had a son named Ralf or Ralph is, in my judgment, without foundation. It is illogical to believe that a man
with a large family, who named twelve children in his will, would leave out another. "There is no doubt but that Basil Spalding was the grandfather of Mother Catherine. This is admitted by all who have delved into her genealogical background. He led a satisfactory and successful life, was a faithful member of the Catholic Church and brought up his family in that faith. He executed his last will and testament on September 12, 1791, and died shortly thereafter on September 26 in the same year. His will was proven at LaPlata, the county seat of Charles County, Maryland, on March 5, 1792. His wife Catherine survived him for a little more than nine years and departed this life in May of 1801."

See CLEMENTS-SPALDING AND ALLIED FAMILIES, by Rosemond, FHL 929.2 73 A1 #405 at page 54, "His (John Spalding) son Basil became a wealthy planter in Charles County, married Catherine Edelen, daughter of Thomas and Comfort Edelen, and died testate in 1792. His will is awkwardly drawn in which he makes devises to his daughters, Ann, Catherine, Mary Elizabeth, Elizabeth Elder and Catherine Elder (some meant for granddaughters), Anne and Christianne; sons Henry, John, William, James, Basil and Hillary. Christiane was the wife of Thomas Elder of Fairfield, KY."

See FAMILY HISTORY PORTFOLIOS, SPALDING, FHL 985191. Summary of Last Will of Basil Spalding of Charles County, MD., "Sick and weak September 12, 1791." Names wife Catherine, daughters Ann, Christianne Young, Mary Elizabeth, Elizabeth Elder, Catherine Elder, sons Henry, John, William, James, Basil, Edward and George Hillary. He died September 26, 1791. Executors are spouse Catherine, Ann Christianne, Mary Elizabeth and Hillary. Probated March 5, 1792. Liber AK #11, Folio 64, Annapolis, Maryland.

In THOMAS JENKINS OF MARYLAND on pg 82 we find a reference to Julianna (Elder) Jenkins who was the daughter of Basil Spalding and Elizabeth (Snowden) Elder of Baltimore, and to her spouse and six children. This Basil is probably a grandson of Basil (1158) but he is not the son of Basil Jr. (1176), Basil Richard Spalding (1195) since he was married to Charity Ann Jenkins. Who is the Basil who married Elizabeth (Snowden) Elder.? This Basil's great-daughter, Elizabeth, married an Elder. (Line: Basil, John, Basil, Elizabeth)