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See THOMAS JENKINS OF MARYLAND 1670 by Edward Felix Jenkins O.S.A . page
6. "The pioneer, Thomas Jenkins (97) had Ann (100) who married Willi am
Spalding, (1128), son of Thomas and Catherine (Hall) Spalding. Thoma s had
a son George (91) who married Susannah Cole (92), daughter of Edwar d Cole
(134) and Honora (135)." Susannah had a sister Honora Cole (1254) an d on p.
6 we find: "Her (Susannah's) sister, Honora Cole, married Thomas Spal ding
(1132) whose brother William Spalding married Ann Jenkins, sister o f George."

Edward Cole and his wife Honora had (at least) three daughters, Su sannah
Honora and Elizabeth, and (at least) one son, Edward Cole Jr. Thoma s Jenkins
and his wife Ann (Spalding) had (at least) Ann and George. Thomas Sp alding
and his wife Catherine (Hall) had (at least) William and Thomas. Sus annah
married George Jenkins; Honora married Thomas Spalding, Elizabeth mar ried
William Heard, and Ann married William Spalding. Edward Cole Jr. mar ried
Ann Neal.
Edward Cole(134) Thomas Jenkins(97) Thomas Spaldin g(1129)
m m m
Honora --- (135) Ann Spalding(98) Catherine Hal l (1130)
------------ ---------------- --------------
| Ann(100)--------m--------1 William(112 8)
1 Susannah Cole (91)----m----1 George Jenkins (91) |
2 Mary Cole (1255)-----m-----2 Edward Jenkins (102) |
3 Honora Cole (1254)--------------------m---------------2 Thomas Spal ding(1129)


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Spalding, FHL 929.273Sp18sg, pg 24:
"(5) Thomas Spalding - (1778-1850). His first wife was Susanna Ab ell.
Thomas and Susanna had fourteen children. Upon the death of his first
wife, Thomas Spalding married Ann Shircliffe. They had no children.
Also at page 72 we find:
"Thomas Spalding (December 2, 1778-April 27, 1850). He was the gr andfather
of Benedict Spalding Mattingly and the ancestor of Susan Mattingly Sp alding; of
Benedict Spalding Mattingly, Jr., George Basil Mattingly; and of their
descendants. He was also the grandfather of Sister Anne Marie Matting ly."


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(FHL 844961) p. 245
"THOMAS SPALDING, Court House of St. Mary's County
Wife Catherine Spalding. One-third of my personal estate. Daughter
Jane Power, 2 shillings sterling. Daughter Mary Ann Spalding 2 shill ings
sterling. Dau Ann Mahoney 2 sh sterling. Dau Susanna Abell L10. Dau
Mary Ann McGill 500 lbs tobacco. Grandson Thomas McGill, a horse etc.
and he to have 1 year schooling which my son Thomas is to pay for ou t of
his part. My son Elexius Spalding tract plantation & improvements wh ereon
he now lives called Spaldings Adventure and at his decease to his son
The meaning hereof is that if my son Elexius Spalding pay L20 curr ency
to my executor and make over his right of "Crackburns Purchase" to my
son Thomas Spalding, which if he refuse to do then said plantation and
improvements called "Spaldings Adventure" to become right of my son T homas.
Son Thomas my Mannor Lease called St. Thomas's Hope and improvement s and
one other called Bennams March and part of another called The Exchange
and part of the Tract called Rich Neck and tract called Crackburns Pu rchase.
But in case he die without heirs, give said lands to my four grandson s, viz.
Enoch, Elias Spalding, son of Elexius Spalding & Barnard & Agustus He nry
Spalding, sons of Henry Spalding all lands which was bequeathed to m y son
To my three daughters, Mary, Catherine and Ann Penny, the rent of
"Crackburns Purchase" until they marry then to receive the rents, an d when
they do marry their part to become right of my son Thomas. To my dau ghter
Ann Penny Spalding one slave. Request that money due me from Joshua
Millard be paid on my debts, and balance if any to son Thomas. Grand daughter
Alusia Mahoney some cattle at age 16. Executors wife and son Thomas.
January 2, 1768.
Wit: Mary McFur? Smith, Ann Whitefield, and Wm. Russell.
Probated 24 Mar 1769."

See THOMAS JENKINS OF MARYLAND, 1670 by Edward Felix Jenkins O.S.A . at
page 16:
"B. ca. 1706; d. ca. 1769; m. 1722; Catherine Cooper, d. 1775; th e only
child of Thomas and Theresa Cooper of St. Mary's County. That Thomas
Spalding was only 16 years of age when he m. is proven by the Lease s ofHis Lordship's lands in Beaver Dam Manor that Thomas Spalding, o f William,
was b. in 1706, (Maryland Records, Volume II, pg. 66, G. M. Brumbaugh ).
Thomas Cooper the First and his wife were the founders of Leonardtown.
(Judgments, L 106, F 220). Thomas Spalding called himself Court Hous e or
Leonard Town Spalding, to distinguish himself from his uncle, son, and
several cousins and nephews of the same name. In his will of Jan 2 , 1768,
probated in St. Mary's County, March 14, 1769 (Liber 37, Folio 245) , he
mentions his wife Catherine, daughters Jane Power, Mary Ann Spalding,
Ann Mahoney, Susannah Abell, and Mary Ann McGill, sons Thomas, Elexius
and Henry, daughters Mary, Catherine and Ann Panny, who were single;
grandsons Richard Enoch and Elias Spalding, sons of Elexius; Bernar d and
Augustus Spalding, sons of Henry; grandson Thomas McGill and grand-
daughter Alusia Mahoney. Mrs. Catherine (Cooper) Spalding in her will
of July 14, 1775, probated in St. Mary's County, Aug 21, 1775, (Liber 40, Folio 603) mentions daughters: Catherine Mattingly, Mary Ann McGi ll,
Mary Spalding, Jean Power, Mary Ann Spalding, Ann Mahoney, and "Susan nah
Abell's children", also sons Elexius and Thomas and daughter Ann Panny
Ford. These wills, while unusually complete, are somewhat confusing.
For one thing, Thomas and Catherine (Cooper) Spalding had no son Henr y.
Thomas in his will calls his brother Henry his son. Actually, he wa s his
son-in-law, since Henry m. his niece, Mary Ann Spalding, Thomas' daug hter.
It also appears that they lacked imagination in naming their daughter s,
since besides having a Mary and an Ann they actually had two Mary Ann s.
Mary Ann Spalding, mentioned in the will of both of her parents, was
neither single, nor a daughter-in-law, but married to her uncle."
SPALDING, son of William and Ann (Jenkins) Spalding and brother of
Benedict Spalding: Born ca 1706 St. Mary's Co., MD., married 1729
Catherine Cooper, daughter of Thomas Cooper; died ca 1768 where he
was born. Catherine was born ca 1710 in Leonardtown, St. Mary's Co.,
MD., and died 1775 in the same place. They had the following ten
children: Jane 1730; Mary Ann 1732; Ann 1734; Susanna 1736; Elexius
1738; Mary Ann 1740; Mary 1742; Catherine 1744; Ann Panny 1746;
Thomas 1748-1819. Dates are approximate. Thomas married first
Elizabeth Mattingly and second, Rebecca Yates. Elexius died 1783,
Susanna died 1776, Jane died 1786.