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See the Sparks Quarterly, March 1969, Whole No. 65, pg 1205:
"Allen Sparks, son of Hardy and Susannah (Brown) Sparks, was born in North Carolina, about 1817. He came to Monroe County, Indiana, sometime prior to 1837, for in November, 1837, he was married there to Polly Weaver (the marriage bond in Monroe County is dated November 17, 1837, Book A, p. 157). She was born in North Carolina about 1822. She died between 1850 and 1859, and in December 1859, Allen Sparks married his second wife, Elizabeth Burton (Monroe County marriage bond dated December 14, 1859, Book 4, p. 20.) She was born in North Carolina about 1821.
"According to the 1850 census, Allen Sparks was living in Beach Creek Township, Greene County, Indiana, and in 1860 he was living in Indian Creek Township, near Harrodsburgh. When he died in 1882, however, he was a resident of Monroe County, Indiana. It is believed that his first wife, Polly (Weaver) Sparks, was the mother of all of his children except his youngest daughter, Nancy Jane Sparks.
"In his will dated March 20, 1882, and probated May 26, 1882, (Monroe County Will Book 4, p. 306), Allen Sparks left the bulk of his property to his second wife, Elizabeth." (The article here names their five children.)

According to a descendant, Laurel Sparks (, who wrote June 27, 2005, "Allen Sparks and both wives and Eli Sparks and his wife Rebecca (and some of their children) are buried in a family cemetery in Monroe County off Breeden Road and close to the Greene County line....The last burial was in the 1940's." Laurel wrote again on June 4, 2007 as follows: Allen died in 1882. He was little-known in the town of Bloomington (Indiana), but a few months after his death a large crowd turned out for a memorial service (a "basket dinner" where the Rev. Martin Fulk preached Allen's funeral sermon.) I have much more data on this family." Researchers are encouraged to contact Laurel Sparks for this additional information.


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SQ 3797: He was married to Elizabeth Kozee in 1822.

SQ 3861:

"Allen Sparks, son of Thomas and Rebecca Sparks, was born about 1795 in Surry County, NC, and was a grown man when he accompanied his father to Kentucky where they settled in that part of Floyd County which would become Lawrence County in 1821. It was there that Allen bought 50 acres of land on Big Blaine Creek on September 3, 1821, under a Kentucky Land Warrant which permitted vacant land to be purchased for $20 per 100 acres. He bought an additional 100 acres on January 15, 1831, and 50 acres on March 30, 1836.

"On June 27, 1822, Allen was married to Elizabeth Kozee in Floyd County. She had been born about 1795 in Virginia and was a daughter of Richard and Sallie Kozee. Allen and Elizabeth settled down to housekeeping on Little Laurel Creek, quite near the Lawrence-Johnson Counties boundary. There, they reared nine sons and one daughter. Six of their sons served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Allen died between 1860 and 1870. Elizabeth died sometime after 1870."


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SQ pps 2631-2:

"Allen Sparks, son of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks, was born on February 14, 1814, according to the record made by Joseph Sparks (brother of Allen) of the births of the children of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks that was quoted on page 2589 of the March 1984 issue of The Sparks Quarterly (Whole No. 125). In the obituary of Allen Sparks that is quoted below, his year of birth was given as 1813 rather than 1814. He was a small boy when his parents moved to Richland County, Ohio, from Pennsylvania. There he learned the carpenter's trade, serving as an apprentice to Samuel Whiting for four years. When he was nineteen years old, he left his Ohio home and went to the newly-formed Clinton County in Indiana where he settled in the southwest part of the county near present-day Colfax. He purchased 52 acres of land there on September 1, 1833. Two years later, he was joined by his father and some of his brothers. When the 1840 census was taken, he was apparently living in the household of his brother, Thomas Sparks. By this time, he had added 114 acres of land to his farm.

"On December 22, 1842, Allen Sparks was married to Nancy Rogers in Clinton County. She was born on December 7, 1825, in Boone County, Kentucky, and was a daughter of Elijah and Susannah A. (Brockman) Rogers. It is said that Allen and Nancy began housekeeping in the log cabin which his father had built (or owned). It was still standing in 1886, and it was there that the first sermon was preached in Clinton County by a Methodist clergyman.

"Other interesting details in the life of Allen Sparks are contained in his obituary which appeared in the January 12, 1905, issue of The Warren Review published in Williamsport, Warren County, Indiana, which follows:

An Old Citizen Passes Away

Allen Sparks -- Aged 91, Goes to His Reward

Allen Sparks, the venerable father of Pension Attorney, Elijah Sparks, passed away Monday
afternoon at the home of his son on east First street. He had not been suffering from any
particular malady, but had been growing weaker for some days from a complication of
disorders incident to old age, since the cold weather set in. All last summer he was able to
be about the yard and on the streets and kept the garden at home in good shape and was at
the polls on election day to vote a presidential ticket for the nineteenth time. His first vote
was for the Jackson ticket in 1832 and he continued to vote the Democratic ticket until 1863
when he became a Republican, which ticket he has ardently supported since that time.

Allen, son of James and Margery Ray Sparks was born near Pittsburg, Penn. Feb. 14, 1813.
At the age of 7 years he emigrated with his parents to Richland County, Ohio where he grew
up and where he attended Ashland Academy at which place he qualified himself in civil
engineering. At the age of 21 he came to Clinton County, Indiana where he married Miss
Nancy Rogers on Dec. 22, 1842, who died eleven years ago. To them were born three sons
and one daughter. One of the sons is dead. The living are: Elijah of Williamsport, John of
Flora, and Mrs. Sarah Miller of Frankfort.

Mr. Sparks came to Williamsport in 1901 to make his home with his son and here he died
on Jan. 9, 1905, aged 91 years 10 months and 25 days. He was a Universalist in belief, firm
in his faith and had repeatedly said that he did not fear death but dreaded the pain of
separation. When he seemed to realize that his end was near, he was suffering much pain
and he remarked that if that was death he wished it might be less painful. His wish was
ratified as the pain soon left him and he talked cheerfully with the family until about an
hour before the end when he fell into a peaceful sleep and passed away without awakening.

The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Wm Wilmer at the Presbyterian Church at 10
o'clock Wednesday forenoon and burial was made at Highland Cemetery.

"As noted in the above obituary, Nancy (Rogers) Sparks preceded Allen Sparks in death eleven years
earlier. About 1890, Allen and Nancy had moved to Carroll County, Indiana, and lived near Burlington,
probably close to their son, John Sparks. It was there that Nancy met a most tragic death in 1894. She
told her daughter-in-law, Mary Sparks, that she would get a bucket of water from the cistern. When she
failed to return within a reasonable time, Mary went to search for her and found that she had fallen into
the cistern and had drowned. She was buried at Manson, Indiana.

"Allen and Nancy (Rogers) Sparks were the parents of four children."