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SQ 400 article on marriage to Mary Eikenburg on 22 June 1854 and birth of four children Josiah, Lydia, Andrew J. and Ephram.


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The following information from the 1900 Census of the Indian Territory (Oklahoma) appeared in the QUARTERLY FOR September, 1980, Whole No. 111, at page 2233:

E.D. 153, sheet 1, Vol. 9. City of Chickasha, 12 Street.
Name Race Sex Relationship Date of Birth Age Place of Birth

SPARKS, Andrew R. W M stock-raiser Mar. 1858 42 Texas
" Ida F wife Sept. 1867 32 "
" Lee M son Jan. 1891 9 Indian Terr.
" Mable F dau. June 1892 7 " "
" Dot F dau. Feb. 1894 6 " "
" Gertrude F dau. Mar. 1896 4 " "
" Earl M son Feb. 1897 3 " "
" Brownie F dau Mar. 1899 1 " "

(Added information from the census: Andrew R. Sparks married 11 years; parents born in Texas.
Wife, Ida, mother of six children; parents, born in Texas. This census record is in error, however. The
father of Andrew R. Sparks, William Sparks, was born in Georgia, and his mother, Hanna (Weeks)
Sparks, was born in Illinois. Andrew R. Sparks was born in Titus County, Texas (we believe.) William
J. Sparks, father of Andrew R. Sparks, was born January 24, 1807, in Georgia; his parents were John
and Sarah (Brooks) Sparks, his grandparents were Matthew Jr. and Margaret Sparks, and his
great-grandparents were Matthew and Sarah Sparks about whom we published an article in the
QUARTERLY of June 1961, Vol. IX, No. 2, Whole No. 34.)

* * * * *

SQ pg 2652: He was a cattle raiser in Oklahoma. He was married to Ida Randolph, probably about 1889. She was born in Texas in September 1867. When the 1900 census was taken of the Chickasha Nation, Oklahoma Territory, Andrew and Ida lived in the City of Chickasha, not too far from the ranch of his brother, Buck Sparks. They had at least seven children.


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See SQ p. 232 for birth information. I names her father as Martin, probably in error.


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SQ pg 3905: They reared three children in Beaver, Ohio: William , Selse, and John Chandler.


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See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, December 2001, Whole No. 196, pp 5605-5630, p. 5608:

"Ann Sparks, daughter of Matthew and Sarah Sparks, was probably born in or about 1766. We have no
further knowledge of her beyond Bettie C. Smith's listing her in the 1899 letter as one of the two daughters of Matthew and Sarah Sparks.


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SQ p. 3553: She never married and made her home with her brother, Jesse Sparks, Jr. She died in 1890.


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SQ p. 4041:

"Ann Sparks, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Kelley) Sparks, was probably the eldest child, and we place her year of birth as about 1733. She was married to David Reed on October 10, 1750, in Queen Annes County. She attested (as the nearest of kin) the account of her brother, Arthur Sparks, in 1766.

See MARYLAND MARRIAGES 1634-1777, Compiled by Robert Barnes, Baltimore, 1987, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. p. 168.


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See the SPARKS QUARTERLY, December 2001, Whole No. 196, p.5628"

"Ann J. Sparks, daughter of Isaac and Wilmoth (Noland) Sparks, was born in Carroll County,
Tennessee, about 1824/5. She was shown on the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Carroll County as living in her parents' household; age 24 in 1850 and 35 in 1860. Her name has not been found on either the 1870 or 1880 censuses of Carroll County, nor do we have any record of her being married."


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SQ 3O77: "Ann Sparks, daughter of Abel and Sarah (Cochran) Sparks , was born on June 7, 18O8, probably in Tennessee. She was called Nancy in the estate papers of her brother, Solomon Sparks, in 188O. She married Isaac W. McReynolds who moved to Freeborn County, Minnesota, settling on a farm west of Albert Lea in 1856. She was referred to as "Nancy McReynolds" in her brother's estate papers. Isaac W. McReynolds had been born in North Carolina in 18O6. We have no record of their children."