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SQ 1983: "Anna Sparks, daughter of Cornelius and Susannah (Stevens ) Sparks,
was born in Wayne County, Indiana, on September 3O, 1825, and died o n October
7, 1845. She was married on December 5, 1844, to Ezra Wilson. He di ed on July
13, 1883. We have no record of any children."


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SQ, Whole No. 43, pg. 859:

Anna Sparks was a daughter of George and Rachel (Norris) Sparks of Washington County, Penna., and later of Taylor County, Virginia (now West Virginia). (See The Sparks Quarterly of June, 1963, Vol. XI, No. 2, Whole No. 42, page 734.) She was a sister of Solomon Sparks (1787-1860) whose applications for bounty land based on his service in the War of 1812 appear in this issue of the Quarterly, pages 757-58.

Anna Sparks was born on January 10, 1800, in wbat is now Taylor County, West Virginia, and died on June 27, 1873. She was married on April 27, 1817, in Virginia to Adam Snyder who was born in Frederick County, Maryland, November 2, 1795, and died May 18, 1847. He served in the War of 1812 and later enlisted in the Army of the Northwest under General Harrison. He participated in the lattle of the Thames.


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SQ 3872:

"Anna Laura Sparks was married to a man named Chenault about 1890, and they moved to Arizona where Anna is said to have died when their son William, was born. The child was brought to Lewis County, Kentucky , where he was reared by his maternal grandparents."


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The SPARKS QUARTERLY, p. 3357-8, lists the children of Fred and Arabella (Sparks) Gentz as follows:
"1. Helen Clara Gentz was born about 1871. She was married to Helmer Court on June 13, 1894, in Jefferson County. (see Item I, A, 6, above.)
2. Arthur Gentz was born about 1873.
3. Wallace Gentz was born about 1875.
4. Stanley Gentz.
5. Earl Gentz."

However, on February 13, 2000, I received an email from Sherry Sharp of Beaumont, Texas ( She is a grandaughter of Lillian Frances Courts who is a grandniece of Arabella Sparks. She emphatically advised that the 5 people named above were not the children of Fred and Arabella (Sparks) Gentz. She supplied the names and dates of the six children whom, she advises, were shown as their children according to census records. They have been included rather than those named by the QUARTERLY.


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See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, March 1996, Whole No. 173, pg. 4609:

"According to Margaret Sparks Singletary, writing in 1958, Malone Sparks died in Lumpkin County, Georgia, in 1863. Shortly before he died, he had received a letter (preserved later in his family Bible) informing him that his oldest son, Archibald Wimpey Sparks, had been killed in action as a soldier in the Confederate Army. He had enlisted unter his middle name Wimpey Sparks, on March 4, 1862, in Company E of the Infantry Battalion known as Phillips' Georgia Legion. A document compiled by Lillian Henderson, Director of Confederate Pension and Record Department, entitled "Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia," states that the unit in which "A. W. Sparks" of Lumpkin County served was known officially as "Co. D, 52nd Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee, C.S.A." Beside his name in this official record appears: "Private, March 4, 1862; Missing at Atlanta, Georgia, July 22, 1864." (Page 483 of Vol. 5). Another Confederate soldier who served in the same regiment and company from Lumpkin County has the entry: "Sparks, J. - Private, January, 1863. Sick at Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1865." This "J. Sparks" may have been Archibald Wimpey Sparks's brother, Joseph W. Sparks, who was born about 1852 according to the 1860 census.

"The letter informing Malone Sparks of his son's death indicated that Wimpey Sparks had enlisted at Dahlonega, the county seat of Lumpkin County, Georgia, which was near where Malone Sparks lived. In 1958, Mrs. Singletary owned this letter which informed Malone Sparks that no one had made a claim for the amount of wages that had been due Wimpey Sparks when he was killed. His company commander had been a Captain Hamilton. The letter also mentioned the fact that Wimpey Sparks had been killed in action in an engagement on the Rappahanock River in Virginia.


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See SQ 5073-74 for a notice of his death.


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SQ pg 3944: They had six children: Hoadley, Austin, Nola, Laura , Forest, and Albert Sparks.

SQ pg 3722:


"It is with regret that we record the death of Dewey Cochran, Jr. who passed away on June 12, 1990, at the Kings Daughters Hospital in Ashland, Kentucky, following a sudden illness. He is survived by his wife, Betty; a daughter, Susan; a step-daughter, Mary Beth; and three sisters, Catherine, Charlene, and Anna Belle. We extend our sympathy to the members of his family.

"Dewey Cochrane was born on May 29, 1933, in Boyd County, Kentucky, and was a son of Dewie and Laura (see above) Belle (McKenzie) Cochrane. His maternal grandparents were Sargent Newton and Arizona (Sparks) McKenzie and his great-grandparents were Tillman and Susie E. (Murray) Sparks of Johnson County, Kentucky. His great-great-grandparents were Elisha and Susanna (Pridemore) Sparks, and his great-great-great-grandparents were Thomas and Diana (Wilcox) Sparks who came from Surry County, North Carolina, to Lawrence County, Kentucky, about 1821.

See also on the same page as her brother obituary notice (SQ pg 3722) is the following:


"It is with regret that we record the death of Catherine (Cochran) (see above) Brooks who died on November 25, 1990 , at Catlettsburg, Kentucky. She is survived by her two sisters, Anna Belle (Cochrane) Dowdy and Charlene (Cochran) Salyers. Her husband , Charles E. Brooks, died in 1988. Catherine Cochran Brooks was born on August 27, 1921, in Boyd County, Kentucky, and was a daughter of Dewie and Laura Belle (McKenzie) Cochran."