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See SPARKS QUARTERLY, September 1967, Whole No. 59;


"Benjamin Sparks, son of Reuben and Cassie (Buttery) Sparks was born about 1784 in either Wilkes or Surry County, North Carolina; he lived in that part of Surry County which was cut off to form Yadkin County in 1850 and died there in 1876. He married Sarah Jeffreys, daughter of William and "Patsey" Jeffrey (Jeffreys, Jeffries) about 1802. She was born in 1785 and died in 1870. His will, dated May 8, 1872, is on file in Yadkin County (Book 2. p.81). From his will and records supplied by is descendants, we know that Benjamin and Sarah (Jeffreys) Sparks had the following children (here follows information on those children)."

See also SQ p3265:

"Benjamin Sparks, son of Reuben and Cassie (Buttery) Sparks, was born about 1785 in either Wilkes or Surry County, North Carolina. (His age was given as 63 on the 1850 census of Surry County and as 74 on the 1860 census of Yadkin County, North Carolina.) He married Sarah Jeffreys , probably about 1810. She was born about 1789 in North Carolina and was a daughter of William and Martha ["Patsey"] (---) Jeffreys. (Her age was given as 60 on the 1850 census and as 71 on the 1860 census.) She was named as a daughter in the will of William Jeffreys, which was proven at the November 1831 term of the Surry County Court. She died in 1870 in Yadkin County. Benjamin died there in 1876. They had twelve children, in cluding an unnamed daughter who apparently died at birth.

See SPARKS QUARTERLY Dec 1990, Whole No. 152, pp 3669-3673 titled "DR. SALMONS' FAMILY RECORD" which mentions Benjamin and his wife Sally Jeffries Sparks and their several children. The article focuses on one of the children, Joseph Sparks born 6/12/1817, died 5/8/1902 and his wife Martha Elvira Dimmitte and their 8 children."


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SQ 3230 Married Mary Bailey on 18 May 1738. Names of children: Mary Ann, Jonas Hinson Wright, William, Benjamin, Vinson, Elizabeth and Barsheba.

See MARYLAND MARRIAGES 1634-1777, Compiled by Robert Barnes, Baltimore 1987, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. p. 168.

"Sparks, Benjamin, 18 May, 1738, Mary Baley (sic) 1 QA-44." The cite refers to page 44 of the Records of St. Luke's Parish, Queen Annes County. Copy made in 1904/5 at the Maryland Historical Society. See also IGI for Maryland as of March 1992, 7230711/51 on page 12,451. Also, according to that reference Benjamin was christened on April 22, 1738 at St. Lukes Protestant Episcopal Parish, Church Hill, Queen Annes County, MD.


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SQ 2591: Benjamin Sparks never married.


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SQ 3797: Benjamin Sparks, son of William and Ann Sparks, was born in what is now Davie County, North Carolina, about 1769/70. He was married to Elizabeth Hicks in 1797 in Surry County, North Carolina. In either 1820 or 1821, he moved to Burke County, North Carolina, settling in what became Caldwell County in 1841. He died there between June 1, 1849 and June 1, 1850. Elizabeth was still living in 1860. From census and family records, we believe that Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hicks) Sparks were the parents of the following:

(1) Son, born ca.1798. We believe that this was Allen Sparks who was married to Beersheba ----. He died in 1849.
(2) Daughter, born ca.1799/1800.
(3) James S. Sparks, born ca.1802. He was married to Nancy Largent in 1838.
(4) Son, born ca.1804.
(5) Daughter, born ca.1806.
(6) Son, born ca.1808. His name may have been George Sparks.
(7) Elizabeth Sparks, born October 4, 1812; died December 10, 1881 . She was married in Burke County, North Carolina, ca.1833 to Henry Craig.


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See SQ p. 232 for birth information.

See SQ p. 817 for marriage information.

SQ pg 3945: In the 1900 census of Johnson County, Kentucky, Nancy was shown as a widow with six children (included in the family sheet) and that she had four other children who were now dead.


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SQ p. 2681:

"Benjamin Ami Sparks was born on September 5, 1857. He went by the name of "Am." On March 19, 1876, he was married to Amanda Emiline Barker in Carroll County, Missouri. He died on November 25, 1935, in Wakenda, Missouri. He and Amanda had six children: Emma Ellen Sparks, William Edward Sparks, John Jacob Sparks, Ida Bell Sparks, Barton Sparks, and Golda Mae Sparks. The last named was the mother of Mrs. Mildred Haynie who has been most helpful in providing information about this branch of the Sparks family."