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SQ pg 3944: They had three children: Roscoe, William and Enoch S parks.


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THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, September 1998, Whole No. 143, p.3267:


"Benjamin Franklin Sparks, son of Benjamin and Sarah (Jeffreys) Sparks, was born on October 9, 1833. Apparently he was married twice. He was probably the Benjamin Sparks who married Elmira Matilda Felts in 1854 in Yadkin County. (The marriage bond was issued on May 27, 1854, with Elisha M. Felts as the bondsman.) When the 1860 census was taken of Yadkin County, Benjamin, aged 27, and Mira, aged 22, were living in the household of Benjamin and Sarah Sparks. Apparently Elmira died shortly thereafter, for on February 23, 1864, a marriage bond was issued for Benjamin Sparks to marry Amanda Jane Sale. Mandy Sale was born on January 13, 1846, and was a daughter of James and Amelia (Gray) Sale.

"Benjamin F. Sparks was a successful man and acquired nearly 1,000 acres of land in Yadkin and Wilkes Counties, including four tracts which he purchased from his father in 1872. On November 12, 1899, he made a will (Will Book 2, page 81) by which he left all of his property to his wife, M. J. Sparks. He died a few months later, on May 13, 1900. Mandy Jane survived him by several years, dying on December 19, 1907. She had made a will (Will Book 3 , page 70) a few days earlier in which she named eight sons and four of her five daughters. Her daughter, Ellen Dinah, had died in 1904. (Following is a record of the children and descendants of Benjamin F. and Amanda Jane (Sale ) Sparks.)

a. Ellen Diane "Dinah" Sparks was born in 1865 in Yadkin County , NC. She was married to John Armstrong on February 20, 1886, in Wilkes County. He had been born on May 12, 1863, in Yadkin County. Dinah died on April 23, 1904, at Logansport, Indiana. John died at Bluffton, Indiana, on May 26, 1916. They had five children.

(1) Bessie Pearl Armstrong (see p. 3267)
(2) Joyce Armstrong (")
(3) Frieda Armstrong (")
(4) Mary Jane Armstrong (")
(5) Everett C. Armstrong (")

b. Carrie Sparks was born probably about 1867. she married Virgil M. Swaim, a minister of the Gospel.

c. Mary Sparks was born probably about 1869. She never married . She died in 1916.

d. Benjamin F. Sparks, Jr. was born probably about 1871.

e. James Leo Sparks was born on February 21, 1874. He married Mary "Mollie" Savannah Rose. She was born on May 4, 1880. James died on December 2, 1946. Millie died on January 8, 1978. They had nine children: Nina Virginia, Elmo Savis, Guy DeWitt, Coy Watson, Imogene, Nancy Jane, Vera Louise, Minnie Carolyn, and Mary Rose.

f. Lilly Louella Sparks was born on August 12, 1879. She married Thomas A. Armstrong. She died on April 9, 1931.

g. Minnie Faye Sparks was born probably about 1880. She married Caldwell Dobbins.

h. Everett Clarence Sparks was born on February 5, 1881, near Jonesville, North Carolina. He married Nancy Ann Dobbins probably about 1902. She was born on January 9, 1882, at Cycle, North Carolina. Everett died on April 2, 1966. They had seven children.

(1) Glade Zeno Sparks was born on September 4, 1903. He married Dina lee Martin on November 11, 1925, and they had five children: Vernon Zeno, Kenneth, Roland, and Shirley Ann.

(2) Elzie Sparks

(3) Jane Sparks

(4) Roy Sparks

(5) Hubert Sparks

(6) Milas Clarence Sparks was born on June 24, 1918. He died on September 19, 1980.

(7) Ruth Sparks.

i. Marvin Worth Sparks was born on March 9, 1884. He married Cora Pinnix. He died on June 29, 1933.

j. Leland Carl Sparks was born on April 3, 1886. He married Etta C. Dobbins. He died on February 10, 1965.

k. Paul Sparks was born probably about 1888. He married Bertha Beherns.

l. William G. Sparks was born probably about 1890. He died in 1917. He
never married.

m. Robert Glenn Sparks was born probably about 1892. He married Mattie Jones.


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SQ pg 4458: He was married to Effie Best in Grimes County, Texas . Apparently they had no children.


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SQ 2781: "Benjamin Jackson Sparks, son of Andrew and Mary (Allen)
Sparks, was born on April 26, 1857. He was married to Mary Winnie -- -,
probably about 1878, and when the 1880 census was taken of Robertson
County, Texas, they had one child, Cynthia D., born in the spring of
1880. In all probablilty, this couple had other children born to the m."


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See SPARKS QUARTERLY, September, 1988, Whole No. 143, pg. 3266:
"Benjamin Sparks was born about 1860. He married Jane Dobbins an d they
had four children according to a descendant.
(1) Solomon Sparks married to Ida Wells.
(2) Winfield Sparks married Florence Swan (should be Swaim; see b elow)
(3) Elizabeth Sparks married Hubert Roberts
(4) Lavina Sparks married T. F. Pardue.
Also, Barbara (Sparks) Pinnix advised me (see below) that she ha d uncles and
aunts named Hugh Sparks, Winnie S. Pardue, Sudie S. Harrison, Annie S . Gray,
Lucy S. Osborne, and Sedelma S. Pardue. I do not know if these wer e additional
children of Benjamin, cousins, or in-laws.

See SPARKS QUARTERLY, September, 1988, Whole No. 143, pg. 3266:
"Benjamin Sparks was born about 1860. He married Jane Dobbins an d they
had four children according to a descendant.
(1) Solomon Sparks married to Ida Wells.
(2) Winfield Sparks married Florence Swan (Swaim)
(3) Elizabeth Sparks married Hubert Roberts
(4) Lavina Sparks married T. F. Pardue.

Between March 16, 1995 and March 31, 1995, Ellen and I flew to Bal timore,
Maryland for a family history vacation. We travelled through Marylan d to
Queen Anne's County, St. Mary's County, Charles County, and Frederic k County to
visit the various areas in which my ancestors had lived. We followe d the maps
provided by the Sparks Family Association and were able to find SPARK S MILL
ROAD in Queen Anne's County MD., and visit the site of the farm of Wi lliam
Sparks (d. 1801/1802).
We drove to North Carolina and visited the Forks of the Yadkin an d tried to
locate the last homesites of Joseph's son Solomon, William Sample an d his son
William and others near the town of Cycle. In spite of the detaile d map which
was provided on the cover of the Quarterly, Whole No. 154, we could n ot find
any such town. We pulled into a small grocery store on Highway 421 a nd asked
for help. The proprietor and a young male customer had not heard o f Cycle
although they had a road map showing the place nearby They suggeste d that we
drive 1/2 mile south to the county line and turn east for a few hundr ed yards
where we would come to Old Highway 421 and a few houses.
We drove as instructed and came to another small grocery store alo ne near
the intersection with some houses in the surrounding area. I went i n and asked
for help finding Cycle. The lady said that "this" used to be Cycle b ut that it
had been assimilated by Hamptonville, North Carolina, 27020. I sai d I was
researching my family history and she asked me my name. When I tol d her she
said "I'm a Sparks." I was quite amazed and, frankly, a little thril led. She
also became quite interested as her son and grandson showed up. The y took us
in the back where their home was located and I hooked up my laptop co mputer
trying to find her oldest known relative, her great-grandfather, Benj amin M.
Unfortunately, I did not have this Benjamin listed. I had input i nto my
computer long ago, his father Solomon (RIN 2185) and had simply listed
Solomon's four children in his notes. Thus Benjamin did not respon d to a
search. I asked the lady, Barbara (Sparks) Pinnix, to write down th e names
of her relatives and I promised to look them up when I got home. I s pent about
an hour without success. One week after we returned home, I tried ag ain and
found this family. I entered this Benjamin, and his four children li sted in
page 3266 of the quarterly, and listed by Barbara Pinnix, including h er
grandfather, Marcus Winfield Sparks, married to Florence Swaim. The y are shown
in the quarterly as Winfield Sparks, married to Florence Swan.
The son of Barbara, whose name I failed to note, guided us to a ne arby
cemetary where we were able to get pictures of the gravestones of "M . W.
Sparks, 1/2/1889 - 8/28/40 and D. F. (Swaim) Sparks, 11/15/1888 - 1/2 4/1980."
I quickly wrote Barbara Pinnix the news and ordered for her a cop y of The
Sparks Quarterly for September 1988.