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SQ pg 2591: He married Hattie Sherwin.


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SQ pg 2591: Martha E. Brakefield was born on July 12, 1857. Sh e married John Davis, a farmer, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, and th ey lived near Romney. She was killed on July 5, 1910, by being throw n from a buggy which overturned when her horse became frightened by a n automobile. She and John Davis had at least one child, a son, bu t we have no further information on this family.


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A summary of the last will of Teresa Spaulding is found on FHL 985 191
taken from Liber WDM #15, Records of Charles Co., MD, folio 511:
Will of Teresa Spalding of Charles County, Maryland.
Weak in body, etc.
To son John Spalding and
To son Basil Richard Spalding, all she received from her husband
Basil Spalding and son William Spalding, sons to pay these bequ ests
To daughter Ann Ffrench, wife of D'Arcey FFrench, $2,000 for her u se
and her children, John B. French, Ambrose M. French, William D.
French, Teresa S. French and Lucretia S. French.
To my brother Ignatius Brawner of Fredrick County $100 to pay note
he owes.
To charity, $500.
Witnesses: Wiliam McPherson, John F. Spaulding and John W. Carroll.
March 30, 1833 came John Spalding and Basil Richard Spalding and mad e oath etc.
May 3, 1833 came witnesses.


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SQ p. 5363:
Third daughter born about 1813; name not discovered, although when the 1850 census was taken of Franklin Township, Hendricks County, Indiana, Elizabeth Bray, age 37, thus born about 1813, was living with George and Eunice (Bray) McCloud.]


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His birthplace in Massachusetts is entered on the 1860 Census Record for Benton, Iowa for Christopher and Esther Smith.


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Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967:
Name: Esther Brennan
Event Year: 1843
Event: Naissance (Birth)
Religion: Catholique
Place of Worship or Institution: St-Chrysostôme
Province: Québec (Quebec)

Source Information: Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Original data: Gabriel Drouin, comp. Drouin Collection. Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Institut Généalogique Drouin.

Record translated from French:
"January 6, 1843 we priests have baptized Esther, Born on the 15th of December, the last (i.e. 1842), the lawful marriage of James Brennan (member?) of this parish, and of Esther Maher. Godfather, Lawrence Coifey, Godmother Anne Maher. Signed, Joseph Dallaire" has an entry referring to the Drouin Collection showing a marriage between Christopher Smith and a Brennan in a Roman Catholic Church in Ontario Canada. No date or other information is provided. It is assumed that a subscription to foreign information at $25 per month on a one year contract would provide additional information. It is highly likely that the church referred to is St. Chrysostôme where Esther Brennan was baptised in 1843.

How she met and married Christopher Smith, several years her senior, is not known; only that he immigrated from Ireland, probably during the famine. To date, we have been unable to locate Christopher's immigration records, whether directly from Ireland to the United States, or via Canada.

Deed to Esther Smith from T. H. Steele and wife dated Sep. 27, 1889, Book S, Pg. 424, to the SW 1/4 of Sec 7, T/S 90, R 39.
(FHL Index of deeds 1415910)

Esther Brennan appears in at least 6 Censuses as follows:
1860, US, Iowa T/S, Benton County, Iowa; Age 18 (1842/43)
1870, same; Age 26 (1843/44)
1880, US, Diamond T/S, Cherokee County, Iowa; Age 37 (1843/44)
1885, Iowa, same; Age 42 (1843/44)
1895, Iowa, same; Age 51 (1844/45)
1910, Iowa, same with family of John J. Pigott and her daughter,
Catherine Smith Pigott. Age 65 (1845/46)
(This family moved to Ethan, SD, in 1911 and she died in 1912. We do not know with whom she was living at the time of her death.)

In the 1860 census of Benton County, Iowa, there is living with Christopher and Esther a James Benon, age 63, and an Albert Benon, age 7. The Canadian records show Esther's father as James Brennan so there is little question that the census-taker mispelled James's name. Albert would probably be a sibling of Esther (and therefore my grand-uncle).

Esther Brennan Smith is buried next to her husband in the Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetary, Cherokee, Iowa. (See his notes for location ) The reverse face of the granite monument bears the inscription "ESTHER WIFE OF C. SMITH DIED Oct 15, 1912 AGED 69 YEARS". Thus she was born ca. 1843.

In the census records her birth date varies as shown above. Her first child was born in 1861 when she would have been about 18 or 19. We can accurately estimate her age from her grave marker. I have some notes, source probably Hazel (Pigott) Coyne, that she had a sister Mary and a brother John.

There is a record of baptisms in the Basiliue Notre-Dame d'Ottowa for the year 1852. It shows Bridget Brennan baptised 4 February 1852, with a "Date de Naissance" of 28 January. Esther Brennan, Mary Brennan and a blank space under Mary with a " mark beneath Mary's name. The column headings and entries are in French. There is a column entitled "Date de Naissance" but under Esther's name it reads 19 juel with no year. The previous page of the record book shows a Christopher Smith baptised on May 12, 1851 with a "Date de Naissance" of 12 May. No year is included in the "Date de Naissance". A careful reading of several entries shows the date of baptism either on or shortly after the date de naissance. I am forced to conclude that the birth year is the year of the entries i.e. 1852 in the case of Esther and 1851 in the case of Christopher Smith. Thus I am forced to conclude that neither of these people are my ancestors. A copy of these entries is in the file.