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SQ 2524: "Birdie Ellen Sparks, daughter of George and Elizabeth (M organ)
Sparks, was born on February 21, 1880, in Texas. She married Herber t Reynolds
and they had a daughter, Birdie Reynolds, who married Thurman Wilde r (the son
of Birdie Ellen's sister Alice Irene Sparks (756), Thurman being Bird ie
Reynolds' first cousin. Thurman and Birdie had one child, T. C. Wild er."
A wedding picture of Thurman and Birdie Ellen (Sparks) Wilder appe ars on
page 3313 of the QUARTERLY.


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SQ pg 3403: They had four children: Harold, John, Emojean, and D orothy Skaggs.


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SQ pg 3701: His name might have been Buchanan.


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See SQ p4855:

"Byrdine ["Bird"] Sparks was born on May 11, 1887. He was married to Fiona Jenkins. He may have been the Bird Sparks who was shot and killed by Alex Frazier in 1916/1917. He was buried in an unmarked grave in the Bill Sparks Cemetery."


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Queen Anne's County Town Hundred, Census of 1776 taken from Maryland Records, Vol 2, FHL 975.2 D29b, p 203:

Sparks, Caleb, Senr., 1 white male over 21; 2 white females over 21; 1 white male 16-21; 1 white male 12-16; 2 white females 12-16; 3 white males less than 12, 1 white female less than 12; total: 6 males, 5 females.

SQ 1702, 3230: Married Hannah O'Bryan, 19 Mar 1745, apparently had 10 children.

See MARYLAND MARRIAGES 1634-1777, Compiled by Robert Barnes, Baltimore
1987, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. p. 168:

"Sparks, Caleb, 19 March 1745, Hanah (sic) O'Bryan"; citing 1QA-52 . The citation refers to the Records of St. Luke's Church, p. 52, Queen Annes County, Maryland, copied in 1904/5 at the Maryland Historical Society.

See also IGI for Maryland as of March, 1992, 7230711/51


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See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, September 1970, Whole No. 71, pp 1336-1342:


"Caleb Sparks was born about 1785 and died about 1835 in Lewis County, Kentucky. He was married to Rebecca Wilson, daughter of Ephraim Wilson on October 19, 1805, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. When the 1880 census was taken Robert Thomas Sparks, son of Caleb and Rebecca, stated that his father (Caleb) had been born in Kentucky and that his mother (Rebecca) had been born in Pennsylvania. There is some reason to believe, however, that Caleb Sparks was born in Virginia. He paid taxes in Lewis County, Kentucky, in 1811 and 1812, but he apparently moved to Nicholas County, Kentucky, about 1813 where he was listed on the 1820 census. He apparently returned to Lewis County about 1828 and paid taxes there that year on land on Kinniconnick Creek. It was there that he gave his consent to the marriage of his daughter, Catherine, to Eli Nash in 1832. Our last record of his paying taxes in Lewis County was in 1835. When his daughter Elizabeth was married to William Arthurs in 1837, however, it was her mother, Rebecca Sparks, who gave consent, thus indicating that Caleb apparently died between 1835 and 1837.

"It is believed that Caleb and Rebecca (Wilson) Sparks had a large family of children, perhaps twelve in all, based on census records, but only seven can be identified by name from the records. According to family tradition, a number of these children eventually moved to Missouri." (For a record of the children of Caleb and Rebecca (Wilson) Sparks, see their individual sheets.)


See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, September, 1971, Whole No. 75, pp 1416-1418:

Additional Notes on Caleb Sparks of Lewis County, Kentucky
and his Descendants

In the QUARTERLY for September 1970 (Vol. XVIII, No. 3, Whole No. 71) we published an article on Caleb Sparks of Lewis County, Kentucky, and his descendants. Caleb Sparks was born about 1785 and died about 1835 in Lewis County, Kentucky. He married Rebecca Wilson, daughter of Ephraim Wilson, on October 19, 1805, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. One of the sons of Caleb and Rebecca (Wilson) Sparks was Joseph Sparks, born March 10, 1813. Since publishing the above article, we have received additional information on this branch of the family from Mrs. Joseph V. Collins of Arvada, Colorado, a great-granddaughter of Joseph Sparks, and from Mrs. Doris L. Miller of Wauwatosa., Wisconsin, a great-great-granddaughter of Joseph Sparks." [JS: The balance of this article has been placed under the notes of Joseph Sparks, son of Caleb and Rebecca (Wilson) Sparks.]