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See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, March, 1969, Whole Number 65. The cover bears a picture of Calvin Sparks (1823-1903) and his wife Mahala (Carmichael) Sparks (1824-1910). Notes regarding Calvin and Mahala taken from an earlier issue of the Quarterly appear under the notes for his grandson, William Granvil Sparks.

In THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, p. 1206 of Whole No. 65 we find the following about Calvin:

"Calvin Sparks, son of Hardy and Susannah (Brown) Sparks, was born in North Carolina on December 3, 1823, and died at Hoag, located near Beatrice, Nebraska. On January 1, 1846, Calvin Sparks was married in Monroe County, Indiana, to Mahala Carmichael (Book B, p. 98). She was born on April 7, 1824, and died on March 5, 1910. Their portrait appears on the cover of this issue of the Quarterly. Both are buried in the Sparks Cemetery at Beatrice, Nebraska. Calvin Sparks was the first County Commissioner of Perkins County, Nebraska, where he had moved with his family about 1881. Calvin and Mahala (Carmichael) Sparks were the parents of ten children."



CALVIN SPARKS, son of Hardy and Susannah (Brown) Sparks. was born on December 3, 1823, in Ashe County, North Carolina. On January 1, 1846, he was married to Mahala Carmichael in Monroe County, Indiana. He served in Company C, 97th Regiment Indiana Infantry. File Designations: Inv. Cert. No. 74,594; Wid. Cert. No. 586,105.

Calvin Sparks received a Certificate of Disability for Discharge on April 8, 1864. He had enlisted as a private on August 12, 1862, in Company C, 97th Regiment Indiana Infantry, commanded by Capt. Joseph W. Young, to serve for three years. For two months prior to his discharge, he had been a patient in the Madison General Hospital, Madison, Indiana, with a general paralysis of his extremities caused by the kick of a mule in June 1863. Dr. D. A. Morse, Assistant Surgeon, stated that Sparks was totally disabled and unfit for field service or for entering the Invalid Corps. Sparks was then 37 years of age; he had been born in Ashe County, North Carolina; he was 5 feet, 9 inches tall; he had a dark complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair; and he was a farmer. His address was Hoffyville, Indiana.

On November 27, 1866, Calvin Sparks was granted an invalid pension of $6.00 per month under Invalid Certificate No. 74,594. On May 11, 1868, Sparks (now aged 42 and a resident of Stanford, Indiana), applied for an increase in his pension claiming that he was now paralyzed in his left side and in his hip joints, and he was unable to perform any manual labor. Since leaving the service, he had lived in Greene and Monroe Counties, Indiana. He appointed Hennelin & Johnson, Indianapolis, Indiana, as his attorneys. John R. East and R. A. Fulk witnessed his signature on this application.

The War Department sent the Bureau of Pensions a copy of Sparks's military records on February 16, 1877. He had been enrolled in Capt. John W. Carmichael's Company in Greene County, Indiana, on September 20, 1862, to serve for three years. He had been absent without leave during November and December 1862. He had been absent sick at LaGrange, Tennessee, in February 1863. In June 1863, he had been at Wileys Plantation, Mississippi. In January and February 1864, he had been absent sick at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Du ing March and April 1864, he had been absent sick at Madison, Indiana, and he had been discharged there on April 8, 1864.

On May 24, 1898, Sparks responded to the questionnaire which the Bureau of Pensions sent to all pensioners that year. He stated that he had been married to Mahala Carmichael on January 1, 1846, by James Carmichael, a justice of the peace of Monroe County, Indiana. It had been the first marriage for both. Children born to this marriage who were now (1898) living were:

Matilda Jane Sparks, now Collett, born September 5, 1846
William Riley Sparks, born December 27, 1847
Dianna Sparks, now Carter, born December 23, 1849
Susanna Sparks, now Weaver, born July 23, 1852
Maria Elizabeth Sparks, now Thompson, born March 4, 1857
Joseph Hardy Sparks, born December 24, 1859
Calvin Sparks died on July 3, 1903, in Gage County, Nebraska, and on September 21, 1903, his widow, Mahala Sparks, applied for a widow's pension under the 1900 Act of Congress. She was 79 years of age, and a resident of Hoag, Nebraska. J. W. Howard and D. Sparks witnessed her make her mark on this application. A few days later, the Monroe County Clerk, Joseph H. Campbell, sent to the Bureau of Pensions a record of her marriage to Calvin Sparks on January 1, 1846.
The Bureau of Pensions issued Widow Certificate No. 586,105 to Mahala Sparks. When she died in March 1910, she was receiving a pension of $12.00 per month.



[Editor's Note: Calvin Sparks was a son of Hardy and Susannah (Brown) Sparks. A record of this family was published in the March 1969 issue of THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, Whole No. 65. Pages 1206-08 pertain to Calvin Sparks, and a photograph of him and his wife, Mahala, as an elderly couple, appears on the cover of that issue. At the time that material on Calvin Sparks was published, we did not have an exact record of the names and dates of his and Mahala's children, and our readers are urged to make appropriate changes on pages 1206-08, as follows: Dianna Sparks was obviously the same child as Annie; Maria Elizabeth was the same child as Lizzie; while Theodosha Sparks and Sitha Sparks had died, apparently, prior to March 1898 when Calvin listed his living children.)

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Calvin Sparks and his family are included in the 1860 census for Green County, Indiana. See SQ p. 4450.