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The age of James is shown on the census record for 1860, Benton, Iowa under Christopher and Esther Smith, as 63.


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Fulke, d.s.p. 1656; emigrated to Maryland, 1638; married Cecilia (surname not given)


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See THOMAS JENKINS, pg 74: Giles Brent was Governor of Maryland.


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Colonial Familes of the United States by George Norbury Mackenzie, vol VII, pg 105:
"Giles, b. 1606; d. 1671; Lieut. Governor of Maryland; Burgess; Member of Council; Lord of Kent Fort Manor, etc. (See Giles-Brent Line)"

See Chronicles of Colonial Maryland by James Walter Thomas, pub. 1900, Cumberland, MD. Reprinted by the Clearfield Co., Baltimore, MD. p. 50:
"Giles Brent came to Maryland in 1639; was appointed Treasurer and during the visit of Governor Calvert to England, in 1643, was commissioned Deputy Governor of the Province. He was the son of Richard Brent, of Gloucester, England. He had a brother, Fulk Brent, and sisters Margaret, Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Jane, and Ann. Of these, Mary and Margaret, and his brother, Fulk, came to Maryland with him."


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See Gardiner, Vol. II, Descendants of Robert Brooke, pg 3.


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See Colonial Families of the United States, by George Norbury Mackenzie, vol V11, pg 105:
"Famous as 'Mistress Margaret Brent of Maryland'; emigrated to Maryland, 1638."

See Chronicles of Colonial Maryland by James Walter Thomas, pub. 1900, Cumberland, MD. Reprinted by the Clearfield Co., Baltimore, MD. p. 50:

"It was (this) Mistress Margaret who was such a prominent figure in early Maryland history. She was the executrix of Governor Leonard Calvert, and represented Lord Baltimore in various important matters of State, in all of which she displayed marked talent, courage, and ability. She enjoys the distinction of having been the first woman in America (and, perhaps, in the world, if we except the ingenious Portia, of dramatic fame) who exercised the rights of an attorney-at-law. The records furnish repeated instances in which she appeared before the Courts in that capacity. She was also a stron - - and perhaps, the earliest - - advocate of women's suffrage, having demanded, not only a seat in the General Assembly of Maryland, but a vote therein, both in her individual capacity, and as the representative of the estate of Governor Leonard Calvert. Two votes to one woman, however, was more than even the gallantry of the sons of early Maryland could accord. Could the wife of Governor Leonard Calvert - - whose identity is still shrouded in obscurity - - have been one of the sisters of this notable woman? If so, it would account for the high offices bestowed by him upon Colonel Giles Brent and the close bond of intimacy and apparent relationship which existed between them." [JS note: This was written in the late 19th century. It is now believed that wife of Governor Leonard Calvert was indeed a sister to Margaret and Giles Brent; i.e. Ann Brent. There seems no controversy, however, that a daughter of Governor Leonard Calvert was named Anne and that she married Baker Brooke. They are my 9th great-grandparents. See the notes for Leonard Calvert.]


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See Colonial Families of the United States (1607-1920) by George N. Mackenzie, Vol VII, pg 104:
Sir Richard Brent, of Larke Stoke and Admington; b. 1573; d. 1652; he was Sheriff of Gloucester in 1614 and a subscriber to the building of the Bridge at Stratford-upon- Avon in 1618; married in 1594, Elizabeth Reed, daughter of Giles Reed, Lord of Tusburie and Witten, by his wife, Katherine Greville, daughter of Sir Fulke Greville, of Millcote and Beauchamp's Court, by his wife, the Lady Elizabeth Willoughby De Broke.


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1850 US Census, Washington Co. VA; 3 August, 1850, 67th Dist., Page 84. (FHL444970); copy in file. Sollomon (sic) Sparks, 33, Cooper, born VA., Peggy A., 26, born VA., Matilda, 12, Francis, 10, Mary, 8, Minerva, 5.

1860 US Census, Washington Co. VA; Saltville, pg 88,89. (FHL 80538 3); copy in file.
It shows Margaret as having been born in Tennessee and all others in Virginia. Solomon is a "Cooper" and John and Francis Dunlap are shown as day laborers: Solomon Sparks 44, Margaret Sparks 37, Matilda Dunlap 19, John Dunlap 22, Francis Dunlap 17, Mary Dunlap 15, Minerva Sparks 13, William Sparks 11, Edwin Sparks 9, Justine Sparks 6, Martha Sparks 4, Marcus Sparks 4/12. (JS Note: Matilda Sparks married John Dunlap in 1860. The census taker mistakenly put ditto marks after Francis and Mary who were Sparkses)

1870 US Census, Rich Valley, Smyth County, Virginia, Post Office Chatham Hill; July 14, 1870; Solomon 55, Cooper, $200, born in Virginia, cannot write; Margarita, 47, Housekeeper, born in Tennessee; Justin V., 16, apprentice housekeeper, born Virginia; Robert A., 11, at home, born Virginia; John A., 9, at home, born in Virginia; David L. 4, at home, born Virginia.

1880 US Census, Union Co., KY; Morganfield, pg 106. Federal Archives, San Bruno, CA Reel 444, 1880, Soundex (S162) T750, R67; copy in file. Solomon 62, Occupation Sexton; Margaret 57, born TN, Robert 20, John 18, Lilburn 14.
Living next door and shown on the same census is their son Edward S. Sparks and his wife Mary Belle Snogdrass Sparks. It shows Margaret's father born in South Carolina and her mother in Virginia.

Register of Marriages, Washington Co., VA, 4 May, 1839, FHL 34389 , marriage of Solomon Sparks and Margaret Ann Brimm. Married by the Rev. David Duncan, ECC, marriage register No 1, Pg 424. Photocopy in possession of James J. Sparks, San Carlos, CA.

UNION COUNTY, KENTUCKY GENEALOGY, VOL. 4. FHL 976.9885 D2h; page 126, records of the Masonic Cemetery: Margaret Sparks March 8, 1823 to June 6, 1890. Cemetery is located on the corner of Spalding and Townsend Streets in Morganfield, KY. The markings on her grave stone (photograph seen on internet) set dates of birth and death at March 8, 1823 to July 5, 1890. Her name is engraved "Margrett Sparks"

In a 4 volume History of Kentucky, 1928, in a biography of William Ballard Sparks, born 1869, his parents were given as Francis Marion Sparks (153) and Mary Alice (Thomas) Sparks (168), and his grandparents were given as Solomon and Margaret (Simms) Sparks. There is no doubt that this man is a grandson of Solomon and Margaret; his father's records are plentiful. But he is wrong about his grandmother' s maiden name. Clearly the many records which bear her name show Brim or Brimm including Francis Marion Sparks' own baptismal records. The Baptismal Register of the Sacred Heart Church, Union County, Kentucky, showed that Francis Marion Sparks, aged 24, son of Solomon Sparks and Margaret A. Brimm, was baptised on July 28, 1867. His sponsor was John B. Walthen. He was married to Mary Alice Thomas on November 5, 1867, in that same church. Apparently Solomon and Margaret were not Roman Catholic but some of their children were baptised and married within that faith. Notice that Margaret was buried in the Masonic Cemetery.


The census records for Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina covering the period from 1820 to 1850 show that over 20 men were named Brim or Brimm. Many are descendants of John V Brim (1776-1848) whose estate documents name his children by his first wife Lucy Childress as Thomas S., Joseph A., Elizabeth Brim Lemond, and John C. This children by his second wife Polly McClellan were William M., Pleasant R., George P, and Robert W. Mose of these children born between 1800 and 1825 lived in Williamson County, Tennessee. Our Margaret is not listed as a child of John V Brim.

John V Brim was a son of John Brim (1746-1820) and a brother of Josiah Brim ( b ca1742/43), James Brim (b1848), (prob) Jason Brim (b.1753) and (prob) Richins Brim (b1760). Any of these men could have been Margaret's grandfather.

There were several Brims living in west-central Tennessee in 1830 in these counties: Stewart, Montgomery, Dickson, Williamson, and Maury

James born 1786-1790, appears in the 1820 Census for Montgomery County, TN showing one male (26-45) and one female (16-26). The 1830 census of Montgomery county shows the male being 40 to 49 years of age, the adult female being the same, one male under 5, 2 male 5-10, and 2 daughters aged 5 to 10. Margaret would have been 8 years old. James Brim is not found in the 1840 or the 1850 census in Tennessee or in Virginia where Margaret was married in 1839.

The 1830 census for Maury County, TN lists Jessie Brim (30-39) with a daughter 5-9 years old. In the 1860 census for Maury County Jesse is shown as 70 living only with Elizabeth, 37, the same age as Margaret Ann.

The 1830 census for Campbell County, TN lists Henry Brim (40-50) born 1780-1790, spouse (40-50), 1 daughter 5-10, 1 daughter 10-15, 2 daughters 15-20. Campbell County is in northeastern Tennessee fairly close to Washington County, VA. Henry was a Lieutenant in the Tennessee Militia, 33rd Campbell County Regiment as of July 28, 1809.


See Tennessee marriage records 1792-1900 at 976.885V25d and FHL 823796. Check the records of Union County, KY for burial at Masonic Cemetery on Jun 6, 1890. Also look for church records and newspaper. TN Cemetery records 976.885K1v3b, FHL 823845 Item 2.
See the following records for Union County KY:
Wills 1861-1922 FHL 562167
Wills Index FHL 562164;
Prob. Index 1864-1918 FHL 567641.
Court Orders: 1883-91 FHL 562161; 1892-1900 FHL 562162.
Cath Church Births & Deaths 1818-1904 FHL 571711. (Smyth Co., 33991)
(Margaret was newlywed in 1840 Smyth Co., may have had kids there; however, I doubt that she was Catholic.)

Examine a book entitled HENRY RICE, THE PIONEER GRISTMILLER, FHL 929.273 R362l (that's L, not 1) It lists a Henry Brim 40-50 in the 1830 Campbell Co TN census with a daughter between 5 and 10 years of age. He had gone by 1840 but was still on the Campbell County Tax List as late as 1823. He was the first son of Lewis Brim and Lavina Rice (see pgs 227 and 228). A second son was Joseph Brim in Lincoln Co . No young daughter under 10. See analysis in notes.
Also check out records of Montgomery County TN; in 1820 there was James Brim 26-45, wife 16-26 (see above note). Also 1830 James A. Brim, Haywood County, 24544, page 410. Montgomery Co. created 1796; Haywood Co. created 1823 from the Western District so 1820 census may not refer to Haywood.

Interesting facts: The IGI shows that a Margaret A. Brim was married 8 Jan 1857 at Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky. Another entry shows a Margaret Ann Brim married on 12 January 1863 in Lauderdale, Tennessee.