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SQ pg 3942 for family members.

SQ pg 3965 for abstract of Elisha Sparks' pension file as follows:

ELISHA SPARKS, JR. son of Elisha and Susanna (Pridemore) Sparks, was born about 1841 in Lawrence County, Kentucky. He died on February 12, 1863. He served in Company D, 14th Regiment Kentucky Infantry. File Designations: Mother Cert. No. 144,771; Father Cert. No. 275,403.

"On September 3, 1866, Elisha Sparks, aged 55, a resident of Johnson County, Kentucky, made application for a "Father's Pension." He stated that he was the father of Elisha Sparks who had been a private in Company D, 14th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Regiment commanded by Capt. ---; the regiment had been commanded by Col. George W . Gallup. His son had died while in the service on February 12, 1863 , at Ashland, Kentucky. Sparks said that he had been dependent upon his son for support. His son had never married and had no dependents. Sparks stated that he lived on the road between Flat Gap and Paintsville, about 10 miles from the latter. He appointed W. D. B. Morrill, Louisville, Kentucky, as his attorney. B. F. Salyer and Tillman Craft, both of Hoods Fork [now Hoods Creek], Kentucky, witnessed him make his mark, and the application was sworn to before Hiram C. Conley, Johnson County Judge.

"John W. Witten and G. W. Rice made a joint affidavit to support Sparks's application. They said that from about 1855 until his death i n 1863, Elisha Sparks, Jr., had contributed about $10 per month to the support of his father by "working out from home for meat, bread and other necessaries." They also stated that Elisha Sparks, Sr., lived on about five acres of land in a house which was worth no more than $250, including the household goods.

"Apparently the claim of Elisha Sparks, Sr., was not allowed, for on July 5, 1870, Susanna Sparks, mother of Elisha Sparks, Jr., deceased, made an application for a "Mother's Pension." She stated that she had been almost wholly dependent upon her deceased son to support her. Prior to his death in 1863, her son, Elisha Sparks, had given her about $100 per year. She appointed J. F. Stewart, Paintsville, Kentucky, as her attorney. John W. Witten and Samuel Murray witnessed her make her mark, and the application was sworn to before James Ramey , deputy clerk of Johnson County, Kentucky.

"On September 2, 1870, Mother's Certificate No. 275,403 was issued to Susanna Sparks, and she was placed on the pension roll. She died on July 1, 1889, in Johnson County, Kentucky. On August 24, 1889 , Elisha Sparks, Sr., again applied for a "Father's Pension," claiming dependency upon his deceased son. He stated that he had been married to the mother of Elisha Sparks, Jr., on December 25, 1833, by Walter Osborne. She had received a "Mother's Pension" until her death . He appointed B. H. Harris, Flat Gap, Kentucky, as his attorney. H . P. McKenzie and J. F. Pruit witnessed him make his mark.

"In the spring of 1890, Franklin Salyer, Ben Stambaugh, Ephriam Salyer, Lavinia Pack, G. W. Rice, and Dr. N. P'Simer made affidavits to support the claim of Elisha Sparks. Father Certificate No. 275,403 was issued to him, and he was placed on the pension rolls. He died on December 26, 1893."


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See SQ p. 3948


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See the Sparks Quarterly, March, 1969, Whole No. 65, p. 1205:
"Elisha (or Eli) Sparks, son of Allen and Polly (Weaver) Sparks, was born about 1847; he died on August 9, 1910, in Monroe County, Indiana. His will dated August 5, 1910, and probated August 12, 1910, names his children:
John, Samuel, Orpha, Mary, James, Grace, Anna, Hubert, Osia, Hila, Roy, Frank, and Pearl.


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For marriage record source see SQ p. 4183.


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See the SPARKS QUARTERLY, p. 886 for the following marriage information from Lawrence County, Kentucky, Marriage Bonds (1822- 1865):
Lizy A. Sparks & Peter T. Burgess, 1860. (Box I)

SQ p. 3907: "Eliza Ann Sparks, daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Jayne) Sparks, was born on March 20, 1838. she was married to Peter
Taylor Burgess about 1860. He had been born on June 29, 1838, and was a son of Sylvester W. and Jane (Stafford) Burgess. According to descendants, Peter and Eliza Ann lived on Brushy Fork in Lawrence Count y where they reared four children.
a. Sarah Jane Burgess was born about 1862. She was married to Lewis M. Spencer on March 24, 1887. He had been born on May 17, 1862, at Charley, Kentucky. He and Sarah Jane had at least one child , Bertha ["Bird"], born on June 5, 1888.
b. Benjamin Franklin Burgess was born on November 22, 1864. He was married to Mary Rosetta Davis on April 12, 1888, and they had at least one child, Tera, born on June 8, 1889.
c. Milton Burgess was born in March 1875.
d. Alfred Burgess"

SQ pg 4481: Additional information concerning Benjamin Franklin Burgess:
His marriage was in Lawrence County, Kentucky. Mary Rosetta Davis was born about 1872 and was a daughter of John Buell and Larue B. (Nickell) Davis of Davisville, Kentucky. Ben and Rosetta had four children: Tera Burgess, Mary Burgess, Lena Burgess, and Benson Burgess.