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See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, June, 1973, Whole No. 18, pps 1567-69: (for a photograph of her see page 1568)
Eliza Ann Sparks , eldest daughter of Elijah and Elizabeth (Weaver) Sparks, was born on April 3, 1803, in Kentucky. On November 2, 1828, she was married to William S. Durban in Dearborn County, Indiana. (See Marriage Book I, p. 216). She died on October 30, 1862, at New Philadelphia, Washington County, Indiana. Miss Firnhaber, a great-granddaughter of Eliza Ann (Sparks) Durban, has a newspaper clipping, without a date and without the name of the paper, which was pasted in the family bible, probably by her grandfather, John Weaver Durbin. It reads: "Mrs. Eliza Ann Durban, wife of Wm. S. Durban, Esq., and daughter of the Rev. Elijah and Elizabeth Sparks, was born April 3, 1803, married Nov. 2, 1828, and died in great peace in New Philadelphia, Washington County, Indiana, October 30, 1862, age 59 years, 7 mos. Thus passed away from earth one of the brightest and sweetest spirits of Indiana Methodism. In early life she received the intellectual and religious culture from her long since departed but sainted father who was a pioneer judge as well as a pioneer preacher. Eight sons and three daus."
Elizabeth Ann Sparks and her sister, America Sparks, married brothers; Eliza Ann married William S. Durbin and America married Hosier J. Durbin. According to records gathered by Miss firnhaber, the Durban brothers descended from Daniel Durbin who was born in Baltimore County, Maryland (that portion that is now Harford County) on December 1 1741, and died in 1827 in Harrison County, Kentucky. Daniel Durbin married Molly Johns and they had seven children. Their second son, born in 1778, was named Nathaniel Giles Hosier Durbin. He married Elizabeth Nunn and the were the parents of five sons, including William S., born about 1806, and Hosier J., born about 1812. The other sons were: John Price Durbin, born about 1800; Samuel S. Durbin; and Edmund N. Durbin. Nathaniel Giles Hosier Durbin died suddenly in March, 1813, leaving his widow with five sons. William S. was then about seven years old, while Hosier was probably still an infant.
William Sappington Durbin (the name of Sappington probably came from Richard Sappington, a Revolutionary War surgeon who married Cassandra Durbin, a sister of Nathaniel Giles Hosier Durbin) became a tanner at Brookville, Indiana, but subsequently opened his own tannery at lawrenceburgh. In 1850, he went to New Philadelphia, Indiana, where he operated a tannery for a number of years. (See lithograph of William Durbin's tannery on page 1569, The Sparks Quarterly.)
After the death of his first wife, Eliza Ann (Sparks) Durbin, in 1862, William S. Durban married Virginia A. Vosler. She died on December 12, 1890. He died in 1891 at Greenville, Indiana.
Eliza Ann (Sparks) Durbin and William S. Durban were the parents of eleven children, eight sons and three daughters. Seven of the sons served in the Union forces during the Civil War. One of them became Governor of Indiana.


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See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, June 2000, Whole No. 190, p. 5376:

"Eliza Narcissus Sparks, daughter of Matthew and Sarah (Elmore) Sparks, was born in Surry County, North Carolina, about 1827. On an Oregon land claim record pertaining to her husband, John Lynch, it is stated that they were married on November 16, 1848. There is also the statement that John Lynch had been born in Lafayette County, Missouri, on January 1, 1827, and that they had come to Oregon from Missouri in 1851. This suggests that they crossed the plains with Eliza's parents. Eliza's mother, Sarah Sparks, was living with Eliza and John Lynch when she died in June 1880, although when the 1860 census had been taken, she was living with her daughter, Malinda, and her husband, Aaron Lynch. She was with Lucinda and husband, David Lynch in 1870, as was also, Eliza's brother, Richard Sparks.

The newspaper obituary for Sarah Sparks indicates that John and Eliza were then (1880) living near Sheridan, on Mill Creek, in Yamhill County. It was apparently Eliza who procured the tombstone for her mother in the Union Baptist Church Cemetery there, for the inscription includes: "Mother of Eliza N. Lynch." The obituary for Sarah includes the statement: "One of her daughters, Mrs. John Lynch, living on Mill Creek, has 16 children, all living but one."

When the 1870 census of Yamhill County was taken, John Lynch (age 48, a native of Missouri, farmer) and Eliza (age 43, a native of North Carolina) were shown with 12 children, ranging in age from 20 to 2 years. The oldest of these was named Elizabeth Lynch, age 20, and a native of Missouri. The rest, beginning with their 19-year-old son, John Lynch, Jr., were all shown as having been born in Oregon. The children of John and Eliza N. (Sparks) Lynch listed on the 1870 census of Yamhill County, Oregon, were: Elizabeth, 20; John, 19; William, 17; Maelinda, 16; Albert (Elbert ?), 14; Ellison, 13; Isaac, 12; Francis, 8; Colla, 6; Mary, 5; George, 4; and Lilly, 2.

John Lynch died at Salem, Marion County, Oregon, on October 7, 1907, according to his land claim record.


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SQ 3873:

"Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sparks was married to Jesse Monroe Riggs, a son of Henry and Julia Riggs. They had two children, William and Howard."