Note    H1936         Index

See SQ p 4873: "They were buried in the Nashville [Wisconsin] Cemetery. We have not learned whether they had any children."


Note    H1937         Index
SQ pg 2594: He married Emma Hannell in 1916. She was a sister o f Charles Hannell (who married his sister Lena May Sparks [above]).


Note    H1938         Index
SQ pg 3692: They had eight children: Kermit, Quinton, Leota, Vel ma, Illene (sic), Reba, Lucille, and Lavern.


Note    H1939         Index
SQ pg 2652: He was married to Luvena Smith on December 23, 1933.


Note    H1940         Index
SQ pg 2630:

"Franklin Sparks (?), son of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks, may have been born about 1852,
although it is possible that he has been confused with Benjamin Franklin Sparks (4, above). He should
not be confused with Frank Sparks, son of Francis Sparks, and grandson of William Sparks. (See Item
D, 3, e, on page 2595 of the March 1984 QUARTERLY, Whole No. 125.)"


Note    H1941         Index
SQ p. 4729:

"Fred Lee Sparks was born on April 22, 1909, at Blakeley, West Virginia. He was married to Ethel Lena Newcomer about 1934. She had been born on January 23, 1915. They lived in West Virginia until 1953 when they moved to New Mexico. They lived there for 29 years and then moved to Salem, Oregon. Fred was living there in 1991. He and Ethel had four children: (here named)."


Note    H1942         Index
SQ p. 2573:


It is with deep regret that we record the death of Dr. Fred Winchell Sparks who died on February 15,
1982, at Claremont, California. He was born on November 13, 1891, in Georgetown, Texas, and grew
up in Lampasas, Texas. He was a son of Lloyd R. and Lucy Belle (Eubank) Sparks and a grandson of
Martin Van Buren and Susan Louisa (Bull) Sparks. The father of Martin Van Buren Sparks was Samuel
Wyatt Sparks, born July 7, 1803, in Queen Annes County, Maryland, son of William Millington Sparks,
born about 1775 in Queen Annes County.

Dr. Sparks graduated from Southwestern University and received his doctoral degree from the
University of Chicago. He taught mathematics and was the author and co-author of several textbooks in
advanced mathematics. The last 35 years of his teaching career were spent at Texas Technological
College. He retired in 1961 and moved to California. He and his wife, the former Mary Elizabeth
Romans, have one daughter, Mary Romans Sparks, who married Kermit Dean Matthews. The
Matthews' have two children, Fred K. Matthews and Mary Lois Matthews.

(In all probability, Dr. Sparks was a descendant of Millington Sparks, a son of John and Cornelia Sparks
of early Queen Annes County, Maryland. See the March 1971 issue of THE SPARKS QUARTERLY,
Whole No. 73, page 1389.)

SQ pps 4465-6:

He became a teacher when he was nineteen years old , and he made teaching his professional career. HIs teaching experiences ranged from the elementary grades to graduate school. He wa s a full professor at Texas Technological college from 1926 to 1961. He earned his Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Sparks was best known as the quthor of a series of mathematics textbooks published by McGraw, Hill & Company. He was honored by many professional organizations, including membership in Sigma Xi.

Fred Sparks served in the United States Army during World War I and was in France for nine months. When he returned from military service, he was married to Mary Elizabeth "Madge" Romans on January 13, 1921. She was a daughter of William M. A. and Ellie E. (Kelly) Romans ; she had been born on May 14, 1894, in Austin, Texas.

Fred Sparks died on February 15, 1982, at La Verne, California. M adge died just two months later, on April 15, 1982. They were burie d at Pomona, California. They had one child, Mary Romans Sparks. She was married to Kermit D. Matthews, and they have two children, Fred K. Matthews and Mary Lois Matthews.


Note    H1943         Index
See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, September 1983, Whole No. 123 beginning at page 2549 for a family history provided by a granddaughter of Frederick Bryant Sparks Flossie Marie Sparks, daughter of David Grove Sparks. [A photograph of Frederick and Mary (Speer) Sparks appears on page 2549.)

"Frederick Bryant Sparks was born on February 4, 1833, in Oldham County, Kentucky; he was a son of
David C. and Mary B. Sparks. He was married to Mary Elizabeth (Speer) Ashby on August 16, 1855, in
Oldham County, Kentucky. She had been born on May 20, 1834, and was a daughter of Dr. John Grove
Speer, M.D. Her birthplace was Decatur, Illinois. Frederick Bryant and Mary Elizabeth Sparks lived in
Oldham County for awhile following their marriage, then moved to Daviess County and lived on the farm
with Mary Elizabeth's father for a year or more. They then moved to Masonville, then back to Oldham
County, Kentucky, where Frederick took charge of his Uncle Hampton Sparks's farm. Sometime after
this, he went to Baxter Springs, Missouri, but not liking it there, the family moved to Moultrie County,
Illinois, then to Kansas. He was a good farmer, worked faithfully, and knew how to carry on that

The names and birthdates of the children of Frederick B. and Mary E. (Speer) Sparks were as follows:

(1) Ida B. Sparks, born February 25, 1857, in Oldham County, Kentucky.
(2) Eugene L. Sparks, born August 26, 1859, in Daviess County, Kentucky.
(3) David Grove Sparks, born August 2, 1861, in Oldham County, Kentucky.
(4) Lucilla M. Sparks, born August 26, 1862, in Oldham County, Kentucky.
(5) William Hampton Sparks, born March 26, 1864, in Oldham County, Kentucky.
(6) Alberta C. Sparks, born March 26, 1866, in Oldham County, Kentucky.
(7) Henry M. Sparks, born August 18, 1868, in Oldham County, Kentucky.
(8) Bettie Ann Sparks, born April 5, 1870, in Oldham County, Kentucky.
(9) Rose Belle Sparks, born March 4, 1872, in Oldham County, Kentucky.
(10) Leonie F. Sparks, born November 26, 1875, in Moultrie County, Illinois.

Mary Elizabeth Speer Ashby Sparks, wife of Frederick Bryant Sparks, was a daughter of Dr. John
Grove Speer, M.D., and Sarah Eddings Snyder Speer. Dr. Speer wrote a book published in 1900 by
the Blue Grass Printing Company entitled The Speer Book which contains information on his daughter,
Mary Elizabeth.

Mary Elizabeth Speer was married first to Richard L. Ashby who was born on December 14, 1831, and
died on July 6, 1854. One daughter was born to them on July 4, 1853, named Sarah Jane. On
December 22, 1875, this Sarah Jane Ashby was married to Jessie Daniel Oglesby who was born on
January 11, 1855, and was a son of John A. and Lucy A. Oglesby. According to my records, Sarah
Jane lived to be past 85 years of age and died in 1938 or 1939. Her husband had died earlier. Both are
buried in Ballardsville, Kentucky.

Mary Elizabeth (Speer) Sparks died on December 16, 1904, at Coffeyville, Kansas. Frederick Bryant
Sparks died on February 26, 1919, at the home of his daughter, Ida White, in Kansas City, Missouri.
Both were buried in Fairview Cemetery, Coffeyville, Kansas.

[JS Note: At this juncture, Flossie M. Welsch provides information on the children named above, for which see their individual notes. She then continues on SQ page 2551 relating her years living in the home of her maternal grandfather, Mahlon Homer Minton. This story is included in the notes for her father, David Grove Sparks, a son of Frederick Bryan Sparks.]