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See SPARKS QUARTERLY June 1959, Whole No. 26, p385:

"GEORGE SPARKS. From the order in which the children of Solomon and Charity Sparks were listed in Solomon's nuncupative will, it would appear that George was the oldest. He was probably born about 1788. He is known to have married Delila ----- in Wilkes County, North Carolina, and to have migrated to Randolph County, Indiana, in 1830. He died in Wells County, Indiana, in 1843. (continued on p387)

"George Sparks, eldest son of Solomon and Charity Sparks, was born about 1788. He married, in Wilkes County, North Carolina, Delila ----- about 1806. Since no marriage bond has been preserved, it is probable that George and Delila were married following the publication of their banns. (See Mr. Johnson's article entitled "Sparks Marriage Bonds from North Carolina," in the Quarterly of December, 1954, Vol. II, No. 4, pp. 54-55.) On the 1810 census of Wilkes County, George Sparks was listed with his wife and one male (son) and one female (daughter), both aged under ten years. He was a farmer by occupation.

"At least one deed pertaining to his purchase of land is on record--on November 24, 1810, he bought for $200 a tract of 100 acres in Wilkes County "on the waters of Hunting Creek." He purchased this land from Abednego Sanders; the witnesses to the deed were Henry Martin, Leonard Sale, and Daniel Wilcoxen. George Sparks appears as a grantor in only one deed preserved in Wilkes County. This was dated August 14, 1828, and was a deed of trust. He owed Richard J. Cook., formerly of Wilkes County "but now of Rowan County, North Carolina," $236.22, and he deeded the 100 acre tract which he had purchased in 1810 to John Martin in trust against his debt. Apparently he gave up the land rather than pay the debt. George Sparks owned other land besides this 100 acre tract however, because in 1829 he was taxed on 330 acres in Wilkes County valued at $800.

"All but one of the eleven children of George and Delila Sparks were born in North Carolina. Their daughter Delila, who was the next to the youngest child, is known to have been born on January 26, 1830, and on the later census records her birthplace was given as North Carolina. By the fall of 1830, however, George Sparks had migrated to Randolph County, Indiana, and was listed as a resident of that county when the 1830 census was taken, probably late in the year. Although we have not been able to search Randolph County records, it would appear from the marriage records of two of the daughters of George Sparks, dated 1832 and 1833, that he settled in West River Township. A descendant of Solomon Sparks, supposed brother of George Sparks, states that Solomon settled in Nettle Creek Township which today adjoins West River Township on the east. About 1836 George Sparks moved to Wells County, Indiana, and, according to Biographical Memoirs of Wells County, Indiana, by B. F. Bowen, 1903, page 28, he was one of the first settlers of Liberty Township. George Sparks lived in Wells County until his death in 1843.

"George Sparks did not leave a will, but among the documents which have been preserved in connection with the settlement of his estate are several interesting items. The earliest is a note which George Sparks had signed on March 9, 1830, but which he had never paid off and which was collected from his estate. It reads as follows: "March 9, 1830. Twelve months after date I promise to pay or Caus to bee paid unto William West or order the Just and full sum of Three Dollars being for Value receved of him as witness my hand and seal attest." Another similar note, dated November 13, 1838, reads : "Twelve months after date I promise to pay to Bowen Hale or order sixty dollars with interest from the 13th day of March next value received 13 Nov. 1838 . The above note may be discharged in corn at market price."

"A record on file which reveals the approximate date on which George Sparks died is a bill submitted by his doctor, N. C. Burson. Dr. Burson charged $2.50 per visit on each of the following dates: October 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, November 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 19, 20, and 23, 1843. In all probability , George Sparks died either on November 23, 1843, or a few days later.

"On January 18, 1844, Delila Sparks, widow of George Sparks, signed the following document: "State of Indiana, County of Wells. I, Delila Sparks, of County of Wells, State of Indiana, widow of George Sparks, late of said county, deceased, have renounced and do by these presents renounce, release , and forever quit claim all my rights and title to the administration of the estate of said decedent and I Desire that the same be committed to my son, Aaron Sparks or to such person or persons as the Honorable Probate Court may think proper to appoint. Witness my hand this 18th day of January A.D. 1844.
/S/ Delila Sparks (her mark)
Witness: James Johnston.
"The witness to the above document, James Johnson, sometimes spelled Johnston, was Delila's son-in-law, the husband of her daughter Sally.

"On February 3, 1844, Aaron Sparks signed the administrator's bond , with James Johnson as his bondsman, in the amount of $400.00.

"Since George Sparks did not leave a will directing the manner in which his estate should be divided, and since he left a number of debts, it was necessary that his belongings be sold at auction soon after his death. A sale was held on March 8, 1844, and the report listing all the items sold gives an excellent picture of life on an Indiana farm in 1843. The names of those who purchased goods also reveal the identity of his neighbors. [Inventory on SQ pp 388-90]

"Numerous claims against the estate of George Sparks were presented, some not until several years following his death. For example, on November 11, 1850, John Studebaker presented a bill for "6 yards shrouding" in the amount of $1.50, plus 52 cents "interest for 6 years 11 months." Note that the period for which interest was charged, if exact, would indicate that George Sparks died on December 11, 1843, but this probably does not represent an exact calculation.

"On February 11, 1845, Aaron Sparks, as administrator of the estate of George Sparks, submitted to the Probate Judge a petition which identifies the heirs of George Sparks. As was the custom at the time, married daughters' husbands were designated as heirs along with the daughters themselves . This document reads as follows:

"To the Honorable William H. Parmilu, Judge of Wells County Probate Court, sitting, Your Petitioner, Aaron Sparks, administrator of the estate of George Sparks, late of said county, deceased, humbly sheweth to your Honor that the personal assets of the said estate amounts only to the sum of $219.75; that $35.00 of said assets was applied in payment of a bill to Dr. Burson incurred in the last illness of the intestate; $2.50 paid to John Douglass and $1.50 paid to Enoch Robinson in satisfaction to claims against the estate, making $39.00 and leaving $180.75 of the personal assets of said estate in the hands of your petitioner.

"Your petitioner further sheweth to your Honor that the debts outstanding against the estate is $422.41 leaving $241.66 of a deficit and exhausting the personal assets of the said estate. Your petitioner further sheweth to your Honor that the said George Sparks died seized in fee simple of the West half of the southwest quarter of Section 2, Township 27 , North of Range 11 East consisting of 80 acres; also the Southwest quarter of the Northwest quarter of Section 2, Township 27, North of Range 11 East, consisting of 40 acres, supposed to be worth $3.00 per acre and amounting in vale to the sum of $360.

"Your petitioner further sheweth to your Honor that it will be necessary to make sale of the above described land and that the proceeds thereof be made assets in the hands of your petitioner to complete payment of the debts of said estate. Your petitioner therefore prays your Honor to make an order for the sale of said lands for that purpose and that Richard Vernon and Dicey Vernon, Aaron Sparks, Mordecai Samuels and Elizabeth Samuels, James Johnson and Sara h Johnson, Thomas Brown and Lydia Brown, George Sparks, Jackson Grant and Matilda Grant, heirs at law of the said intestate; also Abel Sparks, Delila Sparks, and Mary Sparks, minor heirs of the said intestate; also Delila Brown and William Brown, infant heirs of Faribee Brown, deceased , to be made parties to this petition, and that your Honor do appoint a guardian ad litem to appear to this petition for the minor heirs of said intestate and such other relief and take such other steps touching the matters set forth in this petition as may Seem Just and right all of which is Respectfully Submitted to your Honorable.

/S/ Aaron Sparks, administrator of the estate of
George Sparks, deceased; by I. P. Greer , his
"On August 19, 1846, Aaron Sparks reported to the Probate Court that on May 9 he had tried to sell the land at auction, but that "the same could not be sold for want of bidders." In February, 1848, he was ordered by the court to sell the property and in May, 1849, he reported as follows: "Aaron Sparks, administrator of the estate of George Sparks, deceased, respectfully reports that in pursuance of the order of his Honorable Court made at the last May term thereof he agreeable to the direction of said court did on the 12th day of April, 1849 sell the West half of the Southwest quarter and the South quarter of the Northwest quarter of Section 2, Township 27, North of Range 11 , East in Wells County, containing 120 acres to Harrison Griffin for the sum of $580 which sale he prays may be confirmed.
/S/ Aaron Sparks

"Meanwhile, on September 18, 1848, Delila Sparks, widow of George Sparks, received "$150.00 in full of her demands upon the estate of George Sparks." On October 11, 1853, the final settlement sheet was filed in open court. There are numerous scraps of paper in the file proving claims against the estate of George Sparks. The names of his creditors were [here lists].

"The date on which Delila Sparks, widow of George, died is unknown . In 1850 she was living with her son, Abel Sparks, in Huntington County . She was then 62 years old, according to the census, and her daughter Mary, 16 years old, was living with her.

"From the records cited above, it has been possible to compile a list of the children of George and Delila Sparks. Although some may have died in infancy of whom we have no record, those who were living in 1844, or who had died and left issue, as was true of the daughter Faribee, are known . The order of the birth of these children is unknown, except the last three. Perhaps they were listed in the order of their birth in the petition by Aaron Sparks quoted above. They are listed in this order below, with the daughter Faribee, deceased in 1844, inserted following Sarah, since Faribee was married one year after Sarah. [Here lists details on each child for which see their notes]

See also SQ 1831 for "Further Data on the Descendants of Solomon Sparks Jr. of Wilkes County, North Carolina". and SQ 5287 for "Some Descendants of Solomon Sparks, Jr. (Died 1817) of Wilkes County, North Carolina who moved to Indiana." This article appears in the notes for Mary Ellen Sparks