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See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, March, 1981, Whole No. 113, pp 2269-2272 titled FURTHER THOUGHTS ABOUT THE FAMILY OF JOHN AND SARAH (SHORES) SPARKS by Paul E. Sparks.

"Sometime between 1850 and 1860, Solomon Sparks ("Elliott's" grand-uncle, the brother of his grandfather Robert Sparks) moved to Carter County, Kentucky, probably to be near his numerous relatives in that area, including his brothers, George and Levi. He stayed there about three years, but returned to his former home near Warne, North Carolina. He apparently died sometime near 1860, and his widow, Judah, went to live with her son, Joel Sparks, who had married about 1853. Joel moved to Ohio about 1865 and when the 1870 census was taken., he and his family were living near Goshen in Clermont County. With him was his mother, Juda A. Sparks, now aged 66. By 1880, Joel was in Elliott County, Kentucky, and with him was his mother, now aged 76.

"Joel and Mary Jane (Grow) Sparks did not remain long in Elliott County, and shortly after the 1880 census was taken they returned to Cherokee County, North Carolina. Perhaps the strongest reason for their leaving Elliott County was the murder of their son, Solomon Sparks, in 1879. Solomon was a young man about 24 years old at the time. As described by a member of the Sparks Family Association, here is how the tragic incident occurred:

"The killing of Solomon Sparks took place about 1879. Joel Sparks, who married Mary Jane Grow, had a son, Solomon, born about 1855. He was stabbed and killed at a dance on the Little Fork of the Little Sandy River by one of the Porter boys. The two Porters had chosen their man to kill. One was to kill Sol Sparks; the other was to kill Elliott Sparks, son of William Sparks. All lights were suddenly extinguished; Sol Sparks was killed instantly, and Elliott Sparks was injured so badly that he lived only a short time afterwards. After the murder, Joel Sparks moved his family back to Cherokee County, North Carolina. "

"Elliott Sparks, mentioned in this account, was James Milton Elliott Sparks, son of William and Mary "Polly" (Lyon) Sparks, and grandson of Robert and Margaret (Pigg) Sparks. He was born about 1851 in Lawrence County, Kentucky. He married twice. His first marriage was to Mary Margaret Johnson on April 29, 1871, in Elliott County., Kentucky. They had one child, a son, William Franklin Sparks. Elliott (as he was called) married (2nd) Nancy Ison, probably about 1879. She was born on August 14, 1850, and was a daughter of Martin and Nancy (Sparks) Ison, thus she and Elliott were first cousins.

"After receiving the knife wound, Elliott Sparks lingered until the spring of 1881 before he died. When he died, his wife, Nancy, was pregnant with their first child. The child was born on September 25, 1881, and was named Doctor Martin Sparks. (See page 101 of the December 1955 issue of the QUARTERLY, Whole No. 12.

The above facts are repeated in an article entitled SPARKSES OF EARLY LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY appearing in the September 1997 issue of THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, Whole No. 179 on p 4875 (Only a part of that article is below):

"James Milton Elliott Sparks, son of Bill and Polly (Lyon) Sparks, was born about 1851 at Halcom, Kentucky. He was called Elliott Sparks. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Mary Margaret James Milton Elliott Sparks, son of Bill and Polly (Lyon) Sparks, was born about 1851 at Halcom, Johnson on April 29, 1871, in Elliott County, with his brother, Reuben R. Sparks, officiating. Another brother, Joel Sparks, was his witness. Mary Margaret was a daughter of Jesse, Jr. and Mary (Boggs) Johnson. She and Elliott had one child, William Franklin Sparks, born in 1872. Mary died sometime after her child was born.

"Elliott Sparks died tragically in the summer of 1881 from knife wounds he had received four years earlier in a fracas in Elliott County. Here is how the story of the fight has been pieced together from several sources...."


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SQ pg 4557: James Sparks had a civil service job in Washington, D .C. and died there.


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SQ pg 2749:

"James R. Sparks, son of James Hawkins and Elizabeth (McKnight) Sparks, was born about 1850. He married Sarah Ellen Edwards, probably about 1875. She was born about 1855 in Texas and was a daughter of Mrs. Sarah M. Edwards. James Sparks was an attorney. Sarah Ellen died on June 10, 1888 in Nacogdoches County. According to the 1880 census and her will, she and James had four children.

(1) Jamy E. Sparks b. ca. 1877;
(2) Edgar Thorn Sparks b. June 1880. He died in 1920 at El Paso, Texas;
(3) Richard Coke Sparks;
(4) Nellie Josephine Sparks."


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SQ pg 3468:
"James Richard "Jim" Sparks was born on September 10, 1866, in Joh nson County and was a teenager when his parents moved to Parker Count y. It was there that he was married to Laura Ida Phillips on Augus t 5, 1893. She was born on September 24, 1876, in Calhoun County, Al abama, and was a daughter of William Lewis and Mary Victoria Lorind a (Gilbert) Phillips. She was only three years old when her parent s went to Texas in a wagon train. Years later, she told of havin g a playmate on the wagon train named "Segonia." She never forgot he r, and named her only daughter Necie Segonia Sparks.
"Jim Sparks was a kind, gentle, soft-spoken man. Ida (as she wa s called) was a stout woman who wore her hair in a bun. Her hands to ld that she had worked hard all her life. She was also a very strong -willed, but a good, woman. An example of her determination was he r care and concern for her youngest child, Cecil, who became blind wh en he was only eight months old. Ida made up her mind that he woul d received a good schooling so that he could take care of himself an d lead a normal life. Ultimately, her patience and concern resulte d in Cecil's musical education which led him to a place in the Leon P aine Western Band, and, for a while, he had his own radio program fro m a Houson station.
"Jim Sparks was a farmer most of his life. In 1909, he moved hi s family to Elmore City, Oklahoma, where he stayed until about 1925 . From there, he moved to Breckenridge, Texas, to operate a boardin g house, but by 1930, he was operating a dairy in Denton, Texas. H e died in Denton on October 30, 1941. Ida survived him only a few ye ars, dying on March 18, 1947. They were buried in the Hills Cemetery . They had eleven children. The eight oldest were born in Parker Co unty, while the three youngest were born in Garvin County, Oklahoma."