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SQ 1O1:

"Joel Sparks, son of John and Sarah (Shores) Sparks, was born about 1784, Surry County, North Carolina; died about 1850 in Wilkes County ; married 27 July 1814 (date of Wilkes County marriage bond) to Nancy Blackburn , born about 1791, North Carolina. She survived her husband...."


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SQ 101: "Joel Sparks, born about 1825; married 1846, Charlotte Durham."

SQ 606: See the census of Wilkes County, North Carolina -- 1850 Census, P. 276, 368-368 for Joel Sparks, 28; Charlotte, 24; Caroline, 4; George, 2; and Nancy, 1. They are living near their uncle, Reubin Sparks.


See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, December 1971, Whole No. 76, p.1453 where the following was taken from an article relating to a pension application filed by his son, Andrew J. Sparks:

(Andrew J. Sparks was a son of Joel and Charlotte (Durham) Sparks and a grandson of Joel Sparks, Jr., and his wife, Nancy (Blackburn) Sparks. His great-grandfather was John Sparks (born February 25, 1753) who served in the American Revolution. For a record of this family, see the QUARTERLY of December 1955, Vol. III, No. 14, Whole No. 12, pp. 97-104. Andrew J. Sparks?s father, Joel Sparks, was born about
1826 - - he was a brother of the Robert Sparks who was the subject of a sketch in the QUARTERLY of September 1970, Vol. XVIII, No, 3, Whole No, 71, pp. 1346-1490 Joel Sparks married Charlotte Durham in Wilkes County, N.C., the marriage bond being dated June 21, 1846. From census records, it appears that Joel and Charlotte (Durham) Sparks were the parents of the following children:
(1) Caroline Sparks, born about 18)46
(2) George W. Sparks, born about 18148
(3) Nancy Sparks, born about 1850
(14) Andrew J. Sparks, born about 1852 (the applicant f or a pension)
(5) Julia Sparks, born about 1853
(6) Martha Sparks, born about 185)4
(7) Dovia (or Dovey) Sparks, born about 1855
(8) Joel Sparks, born about 1857
(9) Mary J. Sparks, born about 1859
(10) William Sparks, born about 1862

(Charlotte, wife of Joel Sparks and mother of the applicant for a pension, died prior to 1870, at least she was not listed with the family when the 1870 census was taken. We have no record of Andrew J. Sparks having married.)


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"Sometime between 1850 and 1860, Solomon Sparks moved to Carter County,, Kentucky, probably to be near his numerous relatives in that area, including his brothers, George and Levi. He stayed there about three years, but returned to his former home near Warne, North Carolina. He apparently died sometime near 1860, and his widow, Judah, went to live with her son, Joel Sparks, who had married about 1853. Joel moved to Ohio about 1865 and when the 1870 census was taken., he and his family were living near Goshen in Clermont County. With him was his mother, Juda A. Sparks, now aged 66. By 1880, Joel was in Elliott County, Kentucky, and with him was his mother, now aged 76.

"Joel and Mary Jane (Grow) Sparks did not remain long in Elliott County, and shortly after the 1880 census was taken they returned to Cherokee County, North Carolina. Perhaps the strongest reason for their leaving Elliott County was the murder of their son, Solomon Sparks, in 1879. Solomon was a young man about 24 years old at the time. As described by a member of the Sparks Family Association, here is how the tragic incident occurred:

"The killing of Solomon Sparks took place about 1879. Joel Sparks., who married Mary Jane Grow, had a son, Solomon, born about 1855. He was stabbed and killed at a dance on the Little Fork of the Little Sandy River by one of the Porter boys. The two Porters had chosen their man to kill. One was to kill Sol Sparks; the other was to kill Elliott Sparks, son of William Sparks. All lights were suddenly extinguished; Sol Sparks was killed instantly, and Elliott Sparks was injured so badly that he lived only a short time afterwards. After the murder, Joel Sparks moved his family back to Cherokee County, North Carolina. "

"The 1850 census of Cherokee County, North Carolina, lists Solomon Sparks, aged 60, a farmer, born in North Carolina, with a wife, Julia Sparks, aged 44, also born in North Carolina. Living with Solomon was his son Joel Sparks, aged 22, also a farmer, born in Kentucky. There was one other Sparks family living in Cherokee County in 185C, Samuel P. Sparks, aged 29, a farmer, born in North Carolina; living with him was Mary Sparks, doubtless his wife, aged 22, also born in North Carolina; also Jeremiah Sparks, aged 5, and Jackson Sparks, aged 1 year, both born in North Carolina.

"By 1880, Joel Sparks, son of Solomon, was living in Elliott County, Kentucky. He was listed on the census of that year as Joel Sparks, Sr., aged 55, a farmer, born in North Carolina. Living with him was his wife, Mary Sparks, aged 44, born in North Carolina,, and the following children:
(1) George W. Sparks, aged 23, born in Ohio;
(2) John W. Sparks, aged 14, born in Ohio;
(3) Irena Sparks, aged 20, born in Ohio;and
(4) Julia E. Sparks, aged 1-2, born in Kentucky. Also living with Joel Sparks
was his mother, Juda A. Sparks, aged 76, born in North Carolina. Note that her name was given as Julia on the 1850 census of Cherokee County, North Carolina.

"Since Joel Sparks was closely related to the Lawrence and Elliott Counties, Kentucky, set of Sparkses--and since this set of Sparkses descended from John Sparks, the Wilkes County, North Carolina, Revolutionary soldier, it is quite natural to assume that his (Joel's) father, Solomon Sparks, was a brother or closely related to George and Levi Sparks, sons of John, who settled in that section of Kentucky about 1820. However, more definite proof will need to be established.)