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See the SPARKS QUARTERLY, p. 886 for the following marriage information from Lawrence County, Kentucky, Marriage Bonds (1822- 1865):
Joel Sparks & Eliza J. Adkins, 1863. (Book 5, p. 71)

See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, September 1997, Whole No. 179, p 4868:
"Joel Denver Sparks, son of Bill and Polly (Lyon) Sparks, was born on August 6, 1842 in Carter County. He served in Company A, 5th Regiment Kentucky Infantry, Confederate States Army, for nearly a year before being mustered out. (His widow received a Kentucky Confederate Army pension in 1912.) He then served for a short time in Company A, 68th Regiment Kentucky Militia of the Union Army. (See an abstract of his pension below (and on SQ p 4882).
"On July 16, 1863, Joel Sparks was married to Eliza Jane Adkins in Lawrence County. She had been born on February 29, 1845, in Carter County and was a daughter of Charity Robinson. According to descendants, her mother was married to a man named Adkins, and Jane (as she was called) took her stepfather's name. Joel Sparks was quite active in the government of Elliott County and was elected sheriff in 1878 and county judge in 1882. He died near Fielden on March 12, 1936, at Ashland, Kentucky. They were buried in the Johnson Cemetery on Little Fork. They had eleven children."

Here follows and abstract of the pension file of Joel Sparks:

"JOEL DENVER SPARKS, son of William and Mary (Lyon) Sparks, was born on August 6, 1842, in Carter County, Kentucky. He was married to Eliza Jane Adkins on July 16, 1863, in Lawrence County, Kentucky. He served in Company A, 68th Regiment Kentucky Enrolled Militia. File Designation: Inv. Appl. No. 1,163,084.

"Joel D. Sparks applied for an invalid pension on December 17, 1894, stating that he had served as a sergeant in Company A, 68th Regiment Kentucky Enrolled Militia from May 21, 1864, until June 22, 1864. His military service was confirmed by the War Department on February 12, 1895, just as Sparks had stated. Probably it was because of the short time of his service that his case appears not to have been considered further. He had enlisted at the age of 31 years.

"Sparks's case was apparently reopened in the fall of 1899, when, on October 13th, the War Department again sent a record of his military service to the Bureau of Pensions. In addition to his Federal Army service, Sparks had enlisted in Company A, 5th Regiment Kentucky Infantry, Confederate States Army, on December 29, 1861, at Camp Huger, Kentucky. He was reported as the 3rd Sergeant in Ratliff's Company and had been present for duty until the company had been mustered out at Hazel Green, Kentucky, on October 20, 1862.

"On November 14, 1899, Sparks answered a questionnaire from the Bureau of Pensions. He stated that he had been married to Eliza J. Adkins on July 16, 1863, at Blaine, Kentucky, by Walter Osburn. Their children were:

William Wallace Sparks, born April 24, 1864
James Washington Sparks, born January 2, 1866
America Virginia Sparks, born March 26, 1867
Milton Elliott Sparks, born May 5, 1868
Ellen Sparks, born January 29, 1871
Verlina Sparks, born November 25, 1873
Robert Nelson Sparks, born January 1, 1876
Nancy V. Sparks, born May 13, 1877
Emma Lee Sparks, born November 5, 1878
Minnie E. Sparks, born June 17, 1880
Bertha May Sparks, born October 29, 1885

"On the same day, Joel Sparks made an affidavit to support his case. He stated that he was 58 years of age and his post office was Stephens, Kentucky. He indicated that he had lived in this community ever since his return from the service. He said that in June 1864, as a sergeant in Company A, 68th Regiment Kentucky Militia, at Louisa, Kentucky, he had been exposed to hot and sultry days and damp and cool nights and had had an attack of chronic pneumonia. He had been treated by three physicians: Dr. White, Louisa, Kentucky, now dead; Dr. Levi J. Sparks, Blaine, Kentucky, now dead; and Dr. T. W. Hudgeon, Bruin, Kentucky, now dead. As a result of the pneumonia attacks, he could not perform one half of his usual manual labor from 1864 until 1882, and since 1882 to the present, he had been unable to perform any manual labor. The affidavit was sworn to before John M. Johnson, a notary public.

"Sparks was supported in his claim of illness while in service by his wife, Eliza J. Sparks, who, on February 8, 1900, made an affidavit that she had sent a horse on which to bring her husband home from the service, and that after he arrived at home, he continued to be attacked by pneumonia, with severe and painful coughs which brought on hemorrhaging of the lungs. He had not responded to any treatment by the physicians in attendance.

"Joel Sparks's final request for an invalid pension was made on July 12, 1901. He was now 59 years of age and a resident of Elliott County, Kentucky. He appointed
J. B. Cralle & Co. of Washington, D.C., as his attorneys. A. T. Johnson and
J. I. Waddell witnessed his signature, and the declaration was sworn to before John
M. Johnson, a notary public.

"Joel Sparks died on March 26, 1906, and was buried in the Johnson Cemetery on the Little Fork of the Little Sandy River in Elliott County, Kentucky. He never received the pension that he sought."

Apparently Joel lived on the Little Fork for many years as he is found in the 1870 US Census there as follows:
Joel sparks 28 KY
Eliza 25 KY
Jamima 4 KY
America 3 KY
Milton 2 KY
They are found close by Joels brother Reuben and family and also close to his brother Isaac and family in North Fork.