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SQ p 3180: "John Edward Sparks was born on March 26, 1859, at Wood ward,
(Dallas County) Iowa. He was married to Rebecca Miller on June 14, 1 878, in
Boone County, Iowa. She was born on February 25, 1861, in Boone Coun ty
and was a daughter of James and Sarah (Stumbo) Miller. John Sparks d ied
on October 19, 1939, at Ogden, Iowa; Rebecca died at Armour, South D akota,
on April 7, 1950. They were the parents of seven children, includin g one
who died at birth. The five who survived were:
(a) Edward J. Sparks was born on December 14, 1879. He died on De cember
9, 1960. He was married to Ella Fuhlendorf on September 23, 1 903,
and they had at least one child named Verna.
(b) Harry Herbert Sparks was born on August 30, 1881. He was marri ed to
Minnie Belle Clabaugh on January 22, 1902. She was born on No vember
7, 1881, at Everett, Pennsylvania, and was a daughter of Ephri am and
Mary (Felton) Clabaugh. Harry and Minnie had seven children : Lloyd,
Roy, Ciola, Clyde, Dorothy, Dale and Ruth.
(c) Grover Cleve Sparks was born on October 12, 1884. He died o n May
25, 1977. He married Katherine E. Hansen on May 9, 1904, and t hey
had four children: Mamie, LeRoy, Hazel and Archie.
(d) Harvey Sparks was born on January 12, 1890. He died on Januar y 26,
(e) Mae Sparks was born on May 6, 1903. She died on November 10 , 1959.
She married Julius Scherbarth on March 6, 1923, and they had t wo children: Virginia and Elzie.


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SQ pps 3400-01:

"John Elliott Sparks, son of Nelson and Peggy (Mauk) Sparks, was born on June 22, 1847, in Carter County. He was about 5 feet, 6 inches tall; he weighed about 175 pounds; and he had brown hair and eyes. During his lifetime, he was a school teacher, a surveyor, and a farmer. He was a Republican in politics and was elected as a justice of the peace in Elliott County. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge.

"According to the family Bible (now in the possession of a granddaughter, Blanche Holmberg), John Elliott Sparks married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Boggs on March 18, 1873, at the home of her parents in Elliott County. She was born on December 1, 1852, in Carter County and was a daughter of Hugh and Louisa (Whitt) Boggs, natives of Virginia . Witnesses to the marriage were Leander C. Sparks and Dock Boggs.

"John Elliott Sparks, son of Nelson and Peggy (Mauk) Sparks, died on February 17, 1910. Lizzie, his wife, died on May 22, 1944. They were buried in the Sparks Cemetery on Big Gimlet Creek. They had nine children, including an unnamed son who lived only three days."

John E. Sparks is found in the 1870 US Census for Little Fork, Elliott County, KY, living next door to the family of his brother Peter P. Sparks. He is shown as 23 years of age born in Kentucky, living alone. It is interesting to note that he and his siblings are descended from William Sparks of England, both through Joseph on their father's side and through William on their mother's side. They are one generation closer to William I through their father.


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See SQ p. 754:

"John F. Sparks, son of Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Sparks, was born about 1825 at Winchester, Ohio. He never married. He was a surveyor. The date of his death is not known, but he was buried in Troy, MIssouri."


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See the SPARKS QUARTERLY for June, 1962, Whole No. 42, pg 743: ELLIOTT COUNTY, KENTUCKY, MARRIAGE BONDS (1869-1912):
John F. Sparks & Lynne (sic) Waddle, June 22, 1883. (Book 1, pg 114) Witness: Leborn Sparks; married at home of Susan Waddell. Married by Levi H. Sparks, minister.

John Floyd Sparks, son of Levi and Nancy Jane (Lawson) Sparks, was born on May 2, 1862. He was married to Laura Belle Waddell on June 22, 1883, in Elliott County, with his father, the Rev. Levi Sparks, performing the marriage ceremony. Belle (as she was called) had been born on May 5, 1865; she was a daughter of Jordan S. and Frances Susan (Pennington) Waddell. She and John had four children before her untimely death on April 6, 1890, probably when their fourth child was born. She was buried in the Sparks-Lawson Cemetery near Ibex, Kentucky.


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SQ 2782:

"John Franklin ("Frank") Sparks, son of Thomas and Milly (Smith) Sparks, was born on March 23, 1851. He married Mary Lucy Ann ---, probably about 1872. Mary Lucy Ann was born in Alabama on September 8, 1855 . When the 1880 census was taken of McLennan County, Frank and Mary had three children. Relatives say that they had six more children born to them later. Frank died on April 19, 1931, and Mary died on September 4, 1939. They are believed to have had the following nine children:

(1) Lelia Sparks was born about 1872. She married a man named Dawson ; they lived at Iredell, Texas.
(2) Andrew Jackson ("Jack") Sparks was born about 1877. He lived at Fort Worth, Texas.
(3) William C. Sparks was born on January 21, 1880. He married Ina Chatham. She was born on January 4, 1881. William died on February 14, 1905, and after his death, Ina married a man named Dawson. She died in 1948.
(4) Nora Sparks married Bud Smith.
(5) Myrtle Sparks was married twice. Her first marriage was to a man named Lott; her second was to a man named Everetts.
(6) Ella May Sparks married Bill Davis.
(7) Ola Sparks is said to have never married.
(8) Thomas Benton Sparks lived at Dublin, Texas.
(9) Oran Sparks lived at Iredell, Texas.

NOTE: There is a picture of John Franklin and Mary Lucy Ann sparks in THE SPARKS QUARTERLY at page 2781.