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SQ pg 3357: "...He is quite likely to have been the J. F. Spark s who
enlisted at Sabine Pass, Texas, on May 8, 1864, in A. W. Spaights Bat talion
Texas Volunteers, Confederate States Army. (See the December 1969 is sue of the
QUARTERLY, Whole No. 68, pg 1281, for a record of his military servic e."


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SQ p. 1501:

John Franklin Sparks, son of Jonas and Elizabeth (Knox) Sparks, was born about 1827. He was married to Cyntha Bradshaw in 1849 (marriage bond in Nicholas County dated August 23, 1849). John Franklin Sparks was still living in 1880 when he was listed on the census of Nicholas County as 54 years old, By November 1885, however, he had died, On that date, corncommissioners met in Nicholas County to determine how his land should be divided among his heirs, and the actual division was made during the February term of Court, 1886. Named in the division of his estate (Nicholas County Inventories and Appeasement Book 1, p. 588) his heirs were named as Cynthia A. Sparks, widow; Jonas A. Sparks; Samuel G. Sparks; John J. Sparks; David W. Sparks; Josephine Alexander; Ida M. Sparks; and Margaret M. Sparks. From census records it appears that John Franklin and Cyntha (Bradahaw) Sparks were the parents of the following children: [See family group sheet.]


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SQ 1087: John Henry Sparks, without doubt the oldest son of Jonas and Mary (Brown) Sparks, was born about 1818. He was married three times. His first wife was Matilda Holloway, who died on May 25 or 26, 1854, upon the birth of a son. John Henry Sparks was married to Rebecca Mitchell, his second wife, on April 23, 1855. His third wife was Sallie Pruett. By his first wife, John Henry Sparks is believed to have had the following children:

(1) Jonas Sparks, born about 1842; he married Lucy Harrison in Tazewell
County in 1865;
(2) William Sparks, born about 1844;
(3) Martha Sparks, born about 1848;
(4) Joseph Sparks, born about 1851, and
(5) John Henry Sparks, Jr., born February 25, 1854; he was reared by his
grandparents and married Lucinda Asbury. By his second wife
(Rebecca Mitchell) John Henry Sparks had a daughter named Melissa,
born about 1857. There were probably other children born after 1860.

SQ 3269:

"John Henry Sparks, son of Jonas and Mary (Brown) Sparks , was born about 1819 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. He was married three times. His first marriage was to Sarah Matilda Hankins, probably about 1840 in North Carolina. She was a daughter of James Hankins. She died on February 25, 1854, in Tazewell County, Virginia. On April 23, 1855, John Henry Sparks married (2nd) Rebecca Mitchell in Tazewell County. She was born about 1820 and was a daughter to John and Sarah (Hankins) Mitchell. She apparently died about 1871, and John Henry married (3rd) Sarah A. Pruitt on September 21, 1871, in Tazewell County. He died on February 9, 1888. He had eight children. Those by his first marriage were: Jonas, William, Martha, Joseph, and John Henry, Jr. By his second marriage he had: Melissa, Reuben and Rebecca. He had no children by his last marriage."


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SQ pg 4071: He was married to Dora Fannin. They had no children.


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SQ p. 2630:

"John Henry Sparks, son of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks, was probably born about 1854.
He was not listed in the household of his father when the 1860 census was taken, so he may have died
when quite young."


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See notes of his father regarding John Henry Sparks and his son William D. Sparks.


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SQ 2523: "John Henry Sparks, son of George and Elizabeth (Morgan ) Sparks, was born on January 27, 1859, in Georgia. He married Mary De Lila (Mollie) Lane on May 26, 1881, in McLennan County, Texas. They were married by the Rev. T. M. L. Duncan, M.G. Mollie was born on December 24, 1865, and was a daughter of Robert R. and Jemnia M. (Connor) Lane. John Henry died on June 26, 1935, in Fort Worth, Texas. Mollie died there also on June 29, 1956. They had five children..(all of whom appear in a photograph on SQ pg 2523.)"

Other photographs of John Henry Sparks and Mary DeLila (Lane) Sparks
appear on pages 3309 and 3314 of the Quarterly.


SPARKS QUARTERLY, December 1988, Whole No. 144, p 3314-3315:

"John Henry Sparks, son of George and Elizabeth (Morgan) Sparks, was born on January 27, 1859, in Georgia. He was married to Mary DeLila "Mollie" Lane on May 26, 1881, in McLennan County, Texas. They were married by the Rev.T. M. L. Duncan, M.G. Mollie was born on December 24, 1865, and was the daughter of Robert R. and Jemima Menefee (Connor) Lane. After their marriage, John farmed for several years and then went into the construction business. His company was active in helping build railroads in the early part of the century. Primarily they built railroad beds. They also did other work, such as roads, dams, bridges, etc. They worked in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma Indian Territory, and all over Texas. (See the cover of the December 1988 issue, Whole No. 144, for a photograph of a company work site.]

"During these years, they lived in tents in "camp" wherever their jobs took them. They moved between jobs by wagon when they were nearby, and by train when they were far apart. The children were taught by tutors in camp; none of them attended formal schools.

"About 1915, John moved to Fort Worth, Texas, and made his permanent home. All of his children and most of his grandchildren also made Fort Worth their home as well. Two projects in the city are visible reminders to John 's descendants. He helped to build Exchange Avenue, a brick street in the historic
Stockyards area of Fort Worth. He also did the grading, leveling, and layout of Rose Hill Cemetary. He also was a policeman in Niles City, a small incorporated area which is now a part of Fort Worth.

"John Henry Sparks died on June 26, 1935, in Fort Worth, Texas. Mollie died there also, on June 29, 1956. Both were buried in Mount Olivet Cemetary in Fort Worth. They had twelve children, but only five of them lived to adulthood. They were [details on pps 3315-18]"

Baby Boy Sparks, John Henry Sparks, Jr., William Oscar Sparks, Edna Earl Sparks, Theophilus Sparks, George Robert Sparks, Claude Sparks, Infant Sparks, Byron Sparks, Mary D. Lila Sparks, Benjamin Franklin Charlie Taylor " Ben" Sparks, and Hazle Dell Sparks."