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SQ 3189:

"John S. Sparks, son of Solomon and Malinda (Caudill) Sparks, was born on May 15, 1840, in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Like his brother, William, he joined the Union Army during the Civil War, enlisting in Company H, 4th Regiment Missouri Militia. (See below for an abstract of his pension file.) After leaving the service, he married Nancy Jane Sexton on February 18, 1864, in Marcer County. She had been born in 1845 in Indiana. John Sparks died on November 3, 1909, and Nancy Jane died on July 30 , 1916. They had nine children."

SQ 3208:


JOHN S. SPARKS, son of Solomon and Malinda Ann (Caudill) Sparks, was
born on May 15, 1840, in Wilkes County, North Carolina.
He married Nancy J. Sexton on February 18, 1864, in Mercer
County, Missouri. He served in Company H, 4th Regiment
Provisional Missouri Militia. File Designations : Inv.
Cert. No. 1,099,338; Wid. Cert. No. 694,270.

"On april 29, 1904, John Sparks, age 63, a resident of Rt. 1, Cainesville, Missouri, made a declaration for an invalid pension. He stated tha the had enrolled on May 18, 1863, in Company H, 4th Regiment Provisional Missouri Militia and had served until he was discharged at Missouri City, Missouri, on
October 10, 1863. He said he had suffered a rupture on his left side by being struck by a plow beam, and a foot injury caused by stepping on a nail . He also suffered from a disease of the kidneys. He said that because of his advanced age, he was no longer able to earn his support. He appointed J. B. Ormsby, Princeton, Missouri, as his attorney. H. R. Spencer and W. W. Braffet witnessed his signature.

"The Bureau of Pensions asked Sparks to respond to a questionnaire on May 19, 1904. He responded by stating that he had been born on May 15, 1840 , in Wilkes County, North Carolina. He had enlisted in Company H, 4th Regiment Provisional Missouri Militia on May 18, 1863, at Princeton, Missouri, and had been discharged on October 10, 1863, at Hamilton, Missouri. At his enlistment, he was 6 feet, 1 inch tall; he weighed 170 pounds; he had hazel eyes, sandy hair and a fair complexion; and he was a farmer.

"Two months later,on July 21st, the Bureau of Pensions again asked Sparks to answer a questionnaire. He stated that he had been married on February 18, 1864, in Mercer County, Missouri, by the Rev. Stephen Sexton. It had been his first marriage. He had eight living children.

W. T. Sparks, born January 15, 1865
Malinda E. Sparks, born September 24, 1866
Martha A. Sparks, born September 14, 1868
R. E. Sparks, born January 16, 1871
E. R. Sparks, born March 25, 1873
Lanora L. Sparks, born February 27, 1882
Sherman Sparks, born May 20, 1884
Frank T. Sparks, born April 22, 1887.

"On September 28, 1904, Sparks advised the Bureau of Pensions that his correct name was John S. Sparks.

"Invalid Certificate No. 1,099,338 was issued to Sparks, and he was placed upon the pension roll. When he died on November 3, 1909, he was receiving a pension of $10 per month.

"On November 9, 1909, Nancy J. Sparks, aged 64, a resident of Rt. 1 , Cainesville, Missouri, applied for a widow's pension. She stated that she had been married to John S. Sparks under her maiden name of Nancy J. Sexton on February 18, 1864. He had died on November 3, 1909. They had no children under the age of sixteen at the time of her application. She appointed J. B. Ormsby as her attorney. W. T. Sparks and Lanora L. Foster witnessed her make her mark.

"On November 29, 1909, Nancy J. Sparks asked the Bureau of Pensions to accept the testimony of witnesses in lieu of a public record of her marriage to John S. Sparks. She sent affidavits from the following neighbors: Isaac Sexton, aged 62; J. G. Odd, aged 68; Richard Carin, aged 81; Peter Hart, aged 78; Elizabeth Sexton, aged 64; W. H. Harper, aged 78; and W. P. H. Hart, aged 63. All of them testified that they were present when Nancy J. Sexton and John S. Sparks were married and that they knew that they had lived together as man and wife until his death.

"Widow Certificate No. 694,270 was issued to Nancy J. Sparks, and she was placed upon the pension roll. When she died on July 30, 1916, she was receiving a pension of $12 per month.


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SQ 3059:

"John Sparks, probable son of Joseph Sparks, was listed on the 1812 tax list of Franklin County, Tennessee. He was probably named for his uncle, John Sparks. We have no further record of him."

SQ 3356:

"John S. Sparks, probable son of William Sparks, was born on March 26, 1811, in Tennessee. It was probably there that he was married to Malinda Jones about 1834. She was born on March 1, 1819, in Tennessee. Two children were born to John and Malinda before they left Tennessee with their ox team and wagon and moved to the Texas border where the Sabine and Neches Rivers meet on the north shore of Lake Sabine. There John worked in a mill that made cypress shingles by using drawing knives. Later he established a ferry on Taylors Bayou and managed to buy 160 acres of land fronting on Lake Sabine on which he built his home. Here he was joined by his brother, Solomon, and others, and the site became known as "Sparks Settlement." The name was changed to Aurora about 1856, and it finally became the site of the town of Port Arthur in 1895.

"John Sparks was joined by his brother, Solomon Sparks, about 1847, and, according to information given in the HISTORY AND PROGRESS OF JEFFERS ON COUNTY, TEXAS by Lorecia East, the two families lived just a few hundred feet from each other. They cultivated the land and rdaised their own food as well as much of their clothing for they raised sheep and carded and spun their own wool. It was John Sparks who established a family buriel ground quite close to his home. The cemetery filled gradually, and as the surrounding property became more desirable, it became necessary to move the graves. They were moved to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Beaumont, Texas.

"John Sparks died sometime between 1860 and 1870. Malinda died sometime after the 1880 census was taken of Jefferson County. She and John were the parents of twelve children, ten of whom we have been able to identify . (Here lists details of children]."