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"Moses Sparks, son of Solomon and Isabella (Swaim) Sparks, was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina, about 1812. He had died by 1854 when his father made his will. In THE HISTORY OF HUNTINGTON COUNTY, INDIANA (Chicago, Brant & Fuller, 1887), page 748, appears the following:

"In 1834 Moses Sparks, a native of North Carolina, moved to the township of Rock Creek and settled a short distance southwest of Markle, where he located and improved a small farm." From the will of Solomon Sparks, it would appear that Moses left two children."


See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, September, 1971, Whole No. 75, p. 1421:

MOSES SPARKS, born 1815, died 1840

In the QUARTERLY of June 1959 (Vol. VII, No, 2, Whole No. 26) we published an article (page 395 and following) on Solomon Sparks, who was born in Wilkes Co., North Carolina, about 1792 and died in Wells Co., Indiana, on April 28, 1854. He married Isabella Swaim. One of the sons of Solomon and Isabella (Swaim) Sparks was Moses Sparks, born in 1815 (see p. 398), At the time we published this article, we did not know when he died nor his age at the time of his death. Recently one of our correspondents, Marjorie Crosbie, discovered his tombstone in a cemetery in Huntington Co., Indiana, near the town of Markle, (The cemetery is located on the bank of Rock Creek, 3 miles east and 4 miles south of Markle.) According to his tombstone, Moses Sparks died November 11, 1840, aged 25 years & 16 days. This would mean that he was born October 25, 1815. On this same stone are recorded the deaths of two daughters of Moses Sparks, Both died in 1845; Catherine Sparks died September 15, 1845, aged 11 years and 6 months, and Elizabeth Sparks died September 2, 1845, aged 12 years and 6 months. The widow of Moses Sparks, whose name was Abigail, married Robert Roberts in Wells County, Indiana, on April 21, 1841.


See also THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, p. 1601 for several dates and burial information.

See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, Whole No. 189, pp.5292-3:

Moses Sparks, second son of Solomon and Isabella (Swaim) Sparks, was born on October 25, 1815. In the History of Huntington County, Indiana, published in Chicago in 1887, it is stated (p.748): "In 1834 Moses Sparks, a native of North Carolina, moved to the township [Rock Creek] and settled a short distance southwest of Markle, where he located and improved a small farm."

When he made his will on April 14, 1854, Solomon Sparks, father of Moses, made no mention of Moses, but four days later, on reflection, he added a codicil stating: "I do hereby give and bequeath to the heirs of my son Moses Sparks. namely Albert Sparks and Mary Jane Sparks, the sum of twenty dollars to be equally divided between them."

Moses Sparks had been dead fourteen years when his father wrote his will, and Solomon probably had little contact with Moses' children, hence his not thinking of them when he signed his will. Moses Sparks had died on November 11, 1840, and had been buried in a cemetery in Huntington County, Indiana, located on the bank of Rock Creek, three miles east and four miles south of the town of Markle. On his gravestone are carved, also, the record of the deaths of two Sparks children, but their ages at death precludes their being children of Moses. While we cannot identify them, we note them here:

Elizabeth Sparks died on September 2, 1845, age 12 years and 6 months;
Catherine Sparks died on September 15, 1845, age 11 years and 6 months.

Many years ago Mrs. Iva Lane of Marion, Indiana, (from whom we last heard in 1988) who descended from Moses Sparks's brother, Isaac B. Sparks, shared with us letters that had been written by Amos Redding of Blufflon, Indiana, providing biographical and genealogical information on the family of Moses Sparks. Mr. Redding was a member of the Redding family to which Moses' wife had belonged. We believe that his information is accurate.

Moses Sparks was married to Abigail Redding "by David M. Steward, a Presbyterian minister" on February 20, 1838, in Rush County, Indiana. (See Rush County Marriage Book 1, p.17.) Abigail had been born on December 12, 1815, a daughter of Isaiah Redding.

Moses Sparks was only 25 years old when he died on November 11, 1840. His son, Albert Sparks, was still an infant, and his daughter, Mary Jane, would be born posthumously. On April 21, 1841, Moses' widow was married in Wells County, Indiana, to Robert Roberts, whose first wife, Nancy (Brown) Roberts, had died in 1840, as had Moses Sparks. Robert Roberts had been born on February 23, 1811, and died on February 5, 1880. Abigail was the mother of five Roberts children (John, Martha, Nathan, Elizabeth, and Robert); she died on April 8, 1862.

(1) Albert Sparks, son of Moses and Abigail (Redding) Sparks, was born on November 24, 1839, according to a biographical sketch of him appearing in the 1887 history of Huntington County cited earlier (pp.704-05). Amos Redding, mentioned above, however, gave his date of birth as December 24, 1838. He died on June 17, 1923. He was a farmer in Rock Creek Township in Huntington County, having inherited the farm that his father had purchased shortly before his death. A record of his life and children appeared in the QUARTERLY of December 1973, Whole No.84, pp.1601-03.

A photograph of Albert Sparks and his second wife, Martha (Roberts) Sparks, taken on their 50th wedding anniversary, appears on the cover of the December 1973 issue of the QUARTERLY, pg 1599.

(2) Mary Jane Sparks, born after her father had died, did not marry, according to the records of Amos Redding.