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Information concerning the children of Danial Sparks, Thomas Daniel Sparks and Thomas Alexander Sparks was provided by Matthew Driggers of Houston, Texas in May, 2002 ( He stated, "Much of the older information back to Daniel Sparks and Julia Justice, I found in our family bible and census records."


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SQ pg 2779: "Thomas Allen Sparks, son of Andrew and Mary Ann (Alle n)
Sparks, was born on July 2, 1849. He was married on December 15, 186 7,
to Cynthia L. Parmely in Nacogdoches County, Texas. She had been born
about 1851 in Tennessee and was a daughter of Mitch and Margaret (Pow ers)
Parmely. When the 1880 census was taken of Nacogdoches County, Thomas
and Cynthia had four children and, in all probability, they had other
children born to them later. Thomas died on August 10, 1928.
(1) Minnie Sparks born about 1869;
(2) John Sparks born about 1872;
(3) Mariana (or Marianna) Sparks born about 1875;
(4) Thomas B. Sparks born about 1877."


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SQ pg 4472: He was married and had a son, Thomas Sparks.


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SQ pg 2781:

"Thomas Benton Sparks, son of Richard and Elizabeth (Cooper) Sparks was born on Augut 28, 1829, in Yazoo County, Mississippi. (At least one record has the date as February 3, 1829.) He was probably named for Thomas Hart Benton, United States Senator from Missouri, who helped the settlers of the territories obtain government land. Thomas Sparks was a small boy when he accompanied his parents to Nacogdoches County, Texas, and it was there that he grew to manhood. It was also there that he was married to Phereby Ann Mildred ("Milly") Mahala Smith on June 20, 1850 . She was born on December 19, 1831, in Fayette County, Tennessee.

"After the settlement of the estates of his parents in 1851, Thomas Sparks, along with his brother, Stephen, moved to McLennan County where he settled a few miles north of Waco. He was elected clerk of the Bosque Baptist Church in 1855, and in the summer of 1872 he was elected as the first clerk of the newly-formed Rock Creek Baptist Church. He died a few months later, on October 27, 1872, and he was buried in the church cemetery . The age inscribed on his tombstone is 43 years, 9 months, and 24 days. After his death, Milly married Robert Loughridge in 1874. She died on April 16, 1908. She and Thomas had eight children."


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SQ 4652:

"...Benton (as he was called) and Irene lived near Fielden, Kentucky, and their children attended the Whites Creek School."


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A photograph of Thomas appears in the SPARKS QUARTERLY for June 1989, Whole No. 146, p. 3408.


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SQ 3204:
"Thomas Claborn Sparks was born on July 14, 1898, in Comanche Coun ty,
Texas, and it was there that he was married to Manolia Jane Patton on
December 9, 1917. She had been born on June 14, 1898, in Montgomery
County, Arkansas, and was a daughter of Archie and Idella (Morphew) P atton.
Thomas died on March 31, 1983, at Temple Texas. He and Manolia Jan e had
five children:
Neda G., Claude D., Ira W., Dorothy J. and Gladys. Neda and Gladys h ave
been most helpful in the preparation of this portion of this article."


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SQ pg 3408: They had three children: Carol, Darlene, and Thoma s Sparks.


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SQ pg 3360: "...He married and had at least three children. Eli c Sparks
(his name was probably Alexander); Craf Sparks (his name may have been
Crawford); Math Sparks (his name was probably Matthew.)


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See the SPARKS QUARTERLY, June 1979, Whole No. 106, pg 2115 for the Civil War Pension Application of Thomas E. Sparks as follows:

"THOMAS E. SPARKS, son of Isaiah H. and Sarah (Clayborn) Sparks, was born about 1845. He married (1st) Martha Curtis and (2nd) Margaret J. Adams. He served in Company C, 1st Regiment Arkansas Infantry . File Designations: Inv. Cert. No. 958,001; Wid. Cert. No. 497,498.

"Thomas E. Sparks apparently made application for an invalid pension late in 1887, for on January 24, 1888, the Bureau of Pensions asked the War Department to verify his military service. Sparks claimed that he had enlisted on February 12, 1963, in Company C, 1st Regiment Arkansas Infantry at Jasper, Arkansas, and had been discharged at Ft. Smith, Arkansas, on August 10, 1865. He said that in September 1863 he had a disabling heart disease while on duty at Van Buren, Ark., and that he also had another attack in January 1865.

"On February 4, 1888, the War Department replied to the request . Thomas E. Sparks was enrolled on July 1, 1863, at Jasper, Arkansas , in Company C, 1st Regiment Arkansas Infantry for a period of three years and he was mustered out with his company on August 10, 1865 , at Ft. Smith, Arkansas. The regimental hospital records showed a --- Sparks admitted in October 1864 and returned to duty. On November 28, 1864, a --- Sparks was admitted with an incis wound which kept him there until December 4, 1864, when he was returned to duty. On February 16, 1865, Thomas Sparks was admitted and given treatment and returned to duty. A --- Sparks was admitted on April 4, 1865, and treated until August 9, 1865, and then returned to duty. Three other men named Sparks were carried on the company rolls, Jesse Sparks , George W. Sparks, and Balis E. Sparks.

"Thomas E. Sparks was not issued a pension after his initial application, so on August 31, 1895, he reapplied. He was now 50 years of age and a resident of Hinds (?), Chickasha Nation, Indian Territory . He again claimed a disability of the heart caused by military service. He appointed George E. Lemon, Washington, D.C., as his attorney . J. B. Daggs and R. S. Floyd witnessed his signature. On April 26 , 1898, Sparks was issued Invalid Certificate No. 958,001; however, he never received a pension payment because he died on January 7, 1898 , just a few months before the approval.

"Margaret J. Sparks, widow of Thomas E. Sparks, apparently made application for a widow's pension immediately after his death, for on february 21, 1898, the Newton County, Arkansas, Clerk, W. L. Curtis, s ent a copy of the marriage of M. J. Adams and T. E. Sparks on June 26 , 1887, as recorded on page 275 of Marriage Book B. About the same t ime, E. W. Sparks, age 60, of Chancel, Arkansas, testified that she had been the midwife when three of Thomas Sparks's children were born . The first of these was Joseph Henry Sparks, born to Thomas and Martha Sparks on April 20, 1886. The next child she delivered was Etta may Sparks, born to Thomas and Margaret Sparks, on April 1, 1888 . The last child she delivered was Ben Harrison Sparks who was born to Thomas and Margaret Sparks on January 15, 1890.

"On April 16, 1898, N. H. Burris, age 30, and R. J. Burris, age 22 , residents of Newberry, Tobucksy County, Indian Territory, testified that they had known Margaret Sparks for eight years and knew that she now had no income except that which she received from her daily labor. They said she had five children dependent upon her, ranging in age from six to thirteen years.

"On October 1, 1898, James B. Sparks and Rebecca Bures of New Berg , Indian Territory, swore that they had known Thomas Sparks and Margaret Adams before their marriage and that they had always lived together as man and wife after their marrige in 1888. George W. Sparks, Chancel, Arkansas, also testified that he was well acquainted with Martha Sparks, wife of Thomas E. Sparks, and was present when she died in the winter of 1887. He was also well acquainted with Margaret Adams and knew that she was never married before she married Thomas E. Sparks.

"The last document (in chronological order) sent from the pension file of Thomas E. Sparks is an application for a widow's pension made on or about June 11, 1900, by Margaret Sparks. She was age 47 and a resident of New Berg, Coal County, Indian Territory. She said that she had been married to Sparks on June 27, 1887, by Thomas E. Beth all at Limestone Valley, Arkansas. Sparks had previously been married to Martha Curtis, but she had died. The children of Thomas Sparks who were under age of sixteen were: Joe Sparks, born on July 27, 1886; Ettie Sparks, born on April 27, 1888; Harrison Sparks, born on June 7, 1890; and Chester Sparks, born on February 28, 1892. She appointed Milo B. Stevens & Company, Washington, D.C., as her attorneys . C. W. Hardwick and Johnson Fryier witnessed her make her mark. She was issued a pension under Widow's Certificate No. 497,498."

See also SQ pg 4886: "Mrs. Graham has also provided birth and death dates for Sarah Jane Sparks's brother Thomas E. Sparks. (See pp. 3690-91 of the QUARTERLY of December 1990.) We had indicated there that Thomas E. Sparks had been born about 1845, and we did not know the date of his deth. Mrs. Graham reports that his gravestone in the Atwood Cemetery (old Newberg Cemetery) at Atwood, Hughes County, Oklahoma, gives his birth date as February 15, 1842, and his death date as January 7, 1897."