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SQ pg 2785: "Thomas Hawkins ("Hawk") Sparks, son of Thomas and Mil ly
(Smith) Sparks, was born about 1861. According to information give n to us
by a relative several years ago, he was married twice. HIs first mar riage
was to a widow, Jane McAdeen. They had no children. His second marr iage
was to Nannie --- by whom he had four children: (1) Charles Sparks; ( 2) Elmo
Sparks; (3) Dulice Sparks; she married C. C. Clurtis and lived in Cal ifornia;
(4) David Sparks."


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See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, December 1991, Whole No. 156, p. 3871:

"Thomas J. Sparks was a blacksmith. He served in the 2nd Regiment Kentucky Cavalry during the Civil War, and it was probably during his military service that he met his future wife, Matilda D. (---). They were married about 1866 in Hart County, Kentucky, where they lived the rest of their lives. Matilda died on September 11, 1889, and Thomas died on March 24, 1907 .

See the SPARKS QUARTERLY, December 1991, Whole No. 156, pp. 3882-83 for an abstract of the Civil War Pension Application of Thomas J. Sparks, reproduced below.

"They had five children:

a. Laban T. Sparks was born about 1867. He apparently died before 1898.

b. Catherine "Katie" M. Sparks was born on June 12, 1869. She was married to George Washington Brown about 1888. He had been born in July 1857 in Kentucky. George and Katie lived at Seymour, Kentucky, where they had six children. Katie died in 1905 and was buried in the Brown family cemetery about one mile south of Rowletts, Kentucky. George died about 1935. We have learned the names of only three of their children: Arthur, Jack and Allie O.

c. George H. Sparks was born on October 2, 1870.

d. Anna J. Sparks was born on June 7, 1875. She married Robert J. Kenny.

e. Eleanor "Nellie" G. Sparks was born on March 18, 1878."


THOMAS J. SPARKS, son of Thomas and Catherine (Jayne) Sparks, was born in December 1836 in Lawrence County, Kentucky. He was married to Matilda D ------ about 1868 in Hart County, Kentucky. He served in Company E, 2nd Regiment Kentucky Cavalry. File Designation: Inv. Cert. No. 527,720.

"On November 12, 1879, Thomas J. Sparks, age 43, a resident of Seymour, Hart County, Kentucky, applied for an invalid pension. He stated that he had enlisted on July 1, 1861, in Company E, 2nd Regiment Kentucky Cavalry, commanded by Col. Laveal H. Ruseau, and had served until discharged at Nashville, Tennessee, on September 26, 1864. He was then 5 feet, 11 inches tall and had a dark complexion, black hair, and hazel eyes. He said that at Lookout Mountain, Georgia, on January 1, 1864, he had contracted rheumatism because of exposure to the inclemencies of the weather. The disease had gradually grown worse until he was now able to do only two-thirds of the labor he was required to do as a blacksmith. Since leaving the service, he had resided in Boyd and Hart Counties, Kentucky. He appointed F. J. Taylor as his attorney, and A. Miller and T. G. Hazell witnessed the application.

"The War Department confirmed Sparks's military service on July 6, 1881. He had been enrolled as a "private-farrier" in Company E, 2nd Regiment Kentucky Cavalry on July 14, 1861, at Camp Joe Holt, Indiana. He had been present for duty until December 1863 when he had been placed on detached duty as an escort to Gen. Geary. He had returned from that service on July 8, 1864, and had been mustered out with his detachment on September 16, 1864, at Nashville, Tennessee. He had no record of any disability.

"Sparks apparently encountered some difficulty in obtaining an invalid pension. On December 15, 1890, he made an affidavit that he was the claimant under pension application No. 333,484 and that he could not furnish further evidence of his service-connected disability because he could not find the Regimental Surgeon who had treated him. On March 25, 1892, he again made an affidavit that he was unable to furnish further physician's evidence of his disability. Since leaving the service, he had been treated by Dr. S. P. Taylor of Bear Wallow, Kentucky, who had died in 1873-1874. Dr. Taylor had told Sparks that his disease was incurable and so, in the interest of his family, he had spent no more money on further treatment.

"The affidavits apparently convinced the Bureau of Pensions of the worthiness of his claim, for Sparks was issued a pension under Invalid Certificate No. 527,720; however, there is nothing among the "selected papers" from his file sent to us by the National Archives to indicate the date of approval or the amount of his pension.

"Thomas J. Sparks responded to a questionnaire from the Bureau of Pensions on May 4, 1898. He said that he had been married to Matilda D. Sparks in Hart County, Kentucky, by Edward Smith, and that she had died on September 11, 1889, at Bear Wallow, Kentucky. He had not remarried. He had four living children:
Catherine M. Sparks, born June 12, 1869
George H. Sparks, born October 2, 1870
Anna Sparks, born June 7, 1873
Nellie G. Sparks, born March 18, 1878

"When Thomas J. Sparks died on March 24, 1907, he was receiving a pension of $30.00 per month."


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See the SPARKS QUARTERLY, March 1968, Whole No. 61, p. 1132 for the 1850 census of Tippah County, Mississippi showing the following:

Vol. 7A, p. 570A (1142) Enumerated on December 6, 1850 [JS: Living next door to his parents Ephriam and Sarah Sparks.]

SPARKS, Thomas J. 33 (M) Kentucky Farmer
Penelope 30 (F) North Carolina
Eliza 16 (F) Tennessee
Martha 14 (F) "
Benjamin F. 12 (M) "
Sarah T. 9 (F Mississippi
Joseph 7 (M) "
Joan 4 (F) "
James 6/12 (M) "
McMillen, Doke 22 (M) Tennessee