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SQ 3869: Thomas "Tom" Jefferson Sparks was married to Mary Elizab eth
Baldridge on August 15, 1872, in Floyd County, Kentucky. She had bee n born
about 1853 and was a daughter of Thomas and Martha (Wilbourn) Baldrid ge. Tom
and Mary Elizabeth lived in Johnson County where they reared six chil dren. She
died there in 1913, and Tom died there on March 10, 1932. Their chil dren were:
William, Daniel, Martha, Richard, John, and Venia.


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See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, Jun 1984, Whole No. 126, 2621:

"He was a twin brother of John Wesley Sparks. Thomas completed a common school education in Fulton County, Illinois, and then he attended Lombard College at Galesburg, Illinois. He later studied at Howe's Academy at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. In 1864, he began "reading law" with S. Corning Judd at Lewistown, Illinois and was admitted to the bar. He then went to Central City, Nebraska, where he practiced law for six years.

"According to a History of McDonough County, Illinois, edited by Alexander McLean in 1907, Thomas Jefferson Sparks was an active member of the Democratic Party and was elected City Attorney of Bushnell, Illinois, for several years. He was also elected as a representative to the 38th General Assembly of Illinois. The history cited above concludes his biography as follows: "Socially, Mr. Sparks is connected with the Masonic fraternity. Around his strenous life he has built a wall of public confidence, and his qualities of mind and heard are such as may well be emulated by the men of a younger generation."

[JS note: A photograph of Thomas Jefferson Sparks appears on page 2621 of the QUARTERLY.]


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See the SPARKS QUARTERLY, p. 886 for the following marriage information from Lawrence County, Kentucky, Marriage Bonds (1822-1865):
Thomas Sparks & Katherine Jayne, December 24, 1823. (Book I, p. 17) Married by Stephen Wheeler, Baptist minister.

See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, June 1957, Whole No. 18, pg. 227 for the Johnson County, Ky. - 1850 Census.

(p. 96) Sparks, Thomas 48 North Carolina (M) Farmer $400
200-200 " Katherine 43 Kentucky (F)
" Sarah 19 " (F)
" Eleanor 17 " (F)
" Margarett 15 " (F)
" Thomas J. 13 " (M)
" Henry 11 " (M)
" Daniel 9 " (M)
" Katherine 6 " (F)
" John 4 " (M)

Also see SQ p. 3797: He was married to Catherine Jayne in 1823.

See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, December 1991, Whole No. 156, p. 3868:

"Thomas Sparks Jr., son of Thomas and Dianah (Wilcox) Sparks, was born on November 8, 1801, in Surry County, North Carolina. He accompanied his parents to Lawrence County, Kentucky, and it was there that he was married to Catherine Jayne on December 24, 1823. She had been born on January 15, 1807, and was a daughter of William and Dorcas (Ramey) Jayne. Thomas and Catherine lived near his father on Lower Laurel Creek in that part of Lawrence County that became a part of Johnson County in 1843, but about 1859 they moved to newly-formed Boyd County, Kentucky. It was there that Thomas died on February 8, 1876. Catherine died in Lewis County, Kentucky, on May 6, 1883 . They had twelve children.


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UNION COUNTY, KENTUCKY DEATH RECORDS, 1911-1950, FHL976.9885 V38h , pg 4:
"Sparks, Thomas M. (b) Sept. 14, 1870-(d) Oct. 16, 1912- F.M.- Mary A lice


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See the SPARKS QUARTERLY, December 1961, Whole No. 36, p. 608, for the 1850 census of Yancey County, North Carolina, for the following enumeration:
(p. 426}
Sparks, Thomas M. 45 North Carolina Farmer $1200
Jeremiah T. 7 " "
Joseph M. 5 " "
Matthew L. 3 " "
Mary A. 40 " "
Cyntha A. 15 " "
Nancy M. 13 " "
Sarah A. E. 9 " "
Mary E. 1 " "


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See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, June 1972, Whole No. 78, p. 1487:

(The article begins with information concerining the parents of Thomas Marshall Sparks, adds information about his brother, John Thompson Sparks, and continues as follows:)

Another son of Joseph and Isabella (Ellis) Sparks was Thomas Marshall Sparks whose picture appeared on the cover of the September 1971 issue of the QUARTERLY with his two brothers. He is also buried in the Black Oak Cemetery in Scotland County. According to his tombstone, he was born July 22, 1847, and died January 17, 1912.

His wife's stone gives her name as Elizabeth J. Sparks, born December 2, 1848, died March 22, 1912. Buried near them is an infant daughter, Sarah Sparks, who died September 2, 1877. The marriage record in Scotland County of Thomas Sparks and Lizzie Searight, February 25, 1875 was probably that of this couple.


See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, March, 1973, Whole No. 81, p. 1547:


On page 1487 of the June 1972 issue of the QUARTERLY, Vol. XX, No. 2, Whole No. 78, we published some biographical data on Thomas Marshall Sparks, son of Joseph and Isabella (Ellis) Sparks, who was born in Lewis County, Kentucky, and died in Scotland County, Missouri, Our President, Dr. Paul E. Sparks, recently found a genealogical work called the Searight Family by William Seawright published in 1893, and on page 72 of this work the wife of Thomas Marshall is identified as Elizabeth J. Searight, daughter of William and Mary (Knox) Searight; she was born December 2, 1848, and died March 22, 1912. They had one child, Mary Isabella Sparks, born November 10, 1881.


See the following article found in THE SPARKS QUARTERLY for March, 1977, Whole No. 97, pp. 1879-80:[Note: The first portion of this article is found in the notes for Amanda's father Joseph.]

"Mr. Steeples has also provided us with a copy of the obituary of Thomas Marshall Sparks, son of Joseph and Isabella (Ellis) Sparks. This supplements the information given on page 1487 of the QUARTERLY (June 1972, Vol. XX, No. 2, Whole No. 78):

"Thomas Marshall Sparks, youngest son of Joseph and Isabel Ellis Sparks, was born in Lewis County, Kentucky, July 22, 1847 and died at this home in Granger, Mo. Jan. 17, 1912. The parents of the deceased moved from Ky. to Scotland Co., Mo. when the deceased was a small boy and settled 2 1/2 miles north of where Granger is now located, where he has resided.

"On Feb. 25, 1875, he was married to Elizabeth Searight. He leaves to mourn his death his beloved wife, one daughter Mrs. Vic Davis, 3 grandchildren, one having died in infancy. He also leaves two sisters, Mrs. T. W. Thomas and Mrs. L. J. McClellan, both of Phillips County, Kansas, and many others who reside in Missouri, Kansas & Kentucky.

"T.M. Sparks was an honored member of the I.O.O.F., an institution which he loved very much. While he did not attend the regular, he loved its Principles and especially that one where the open hand of an odd fellow is always extended to a brother. His life was like that of Jo Patha to David, when a man was down and needing help, he was there to assist him, thus exemplifying the character of a good Samaritan.

"Funeral Services were held from the residence, Jan. 20 at 1 P.M. in the presence of a large crowd. J.H. Lane had charge of the service at the house. The I.O.O.F. took charge of the body and tenderly laid it to rest in the Black Oak Cemetery using their impressive ritualistic burial service for the occations."

(from the Memphis Democrat)

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