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See SQ p. 2927:

"Wilson W. Sparks, son of David and Sarah Ann Sparks, was born about 1841. He served in Company K, 208th Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry during the Civil War. (See the June 1977 issue of the QUARTERLY for an abstract of his pension file [which is reproduced below].) On February 7, 1866, he married Mary C. Williams in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. She was born about 1842.

"Wilson W. Sparks was one of the original incorporators of the Crystal Spring Camp Meeting Association, an early Methodist Church Camp, established in 1886. He also served as a trustee of the organization until his death. The camp is located just east of the Bedford County line in Fulton County, Pennsylvania, about four miles south of Breezewood. The Association celebrated its centennial in August 1986.

"Wilson W. and Mary C. (Williams) Sparks had at least two children, Bertha W. Sparks, born ca.1867, and Ross A. Sparks, born ca.1875. Wilson died on November 16, 1898, and Mary died on August 17, 1932. He left his estate to his wife, Mary C. Sparks, and to his son, Ross A. Sparks, and his daughter, Bertha W. Sparks who had married ----- Harter.

See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY for June, 1977, Whole No. 98, pp.1914-15 for the following:


WILSON W. SPARKS, son of David and Sarah ( ----- ) Sparks, was born about 1841 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. He died on Nov. 16, 1898. He was married to Mary C. Williams on Feb. 7, 1866. He served in Co. K, 208th Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry. File Designations: Inv. Cert. No. 447,628; Wid. Cert. No. 478,616.

"Wilson W. Sparks, age 47, a resident of Everett, Pennsylvania, appeared before the clerk of the Common Pleas Court of Bedford County, Penna., on Dec. 20, 1888, and made an application for an invalid pension. He stated that he had enrolled as a 2nd Lieutenant on Sept. 12, 1864, in Co. K, 208th Regt. Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, commanded by Adam Weaverling, and was discharged on June 1, 1865, at Alexandria, Virginia. While commanding his company at Petersburg, Va., on April 2, 1865, he received an injury to his back and spine from a shell, thrown by the enemy, which burst under him. He said that he was thrown several feet and was unconscious for about an hour. Because of his injury, he was now greatly disabled and unable to perform his job as a farmer.

"During the month of February 1889, three of Sparks's former comrades: Joseph Avey, age 67, and Joseph S. Bussard, age 50, both residents of Everett, Penna., and William Davis, age 45, a resident of Graceville, Penna., made affidavits to support Sparks's application. They stated that Sparks was in charge of their company in front of Petersburg, Va., and on April 2, 1865, he was standing on a platform when a shell, thrown by the enemy, exploded and injured him. They said that Sparks did not stay in the hospital after treatment, but continued to perform his military duties until the company was discharged. All of the men said that they had continued to see Sparks after his discharge and that he was laid up and unable to perform his work as a farmer. G. W. Richey and James Sparks witnessed the affidavits.

"On March 1, 1889, Sparks made an affidavit to support his application. He said that on April 2, 1865, they had engaged in a battle with the enemy in front of Petersburg and had captured a small fort. He was inside the fort, standing on a platform, and was urging his men to do their duty and trying to encourage them when the enemy threw a shell which exploded under the platform. The explosion threw him about ten or twelve feet and rendered him unconscious. When he came to, he was unable to walk and he was examined by the Field Surgeon who ordered him to be taken back to camp. He was able to rejoin his company the next day, but continued to suffer, more or less, all the time until he was discharged. When he returned home he was treated by Dr. James Henry until about 1867 when he went to Dr. E. J. Miller who had continued to treat him for the injury until the present. G. W. Richey witnessed the affidavit.

"The following day (March 2nd) Dr. E. J. Miller, age 52, a resident of Everett, made a supporting affidavit to Sparks's application. He said he had treated Sparks for an old back injury in 1867 which had gradually grown worse until he was now what could be classified as a confirmed invalid. At first, Sparks was able to perform about a half day's work at easy labor by conforming to a most rigid discipline and with the help of favorable weather, but if he over-exerted himself, he suffered from a paralysis of his lower extremities. At the present time, he was entirely disabled and confined to his bed most of the time. His back muscles were now atrophying and he was suffering from curvature of the spine all of which in his (the doctor's) opinion was a direct result of the earlier back injury.

"On March 2, 1889, the War Department confimred Spaxks's military service. He was mustered in at Bloody Run, Penna., as a 2nd Lieutenant in Co. K, 208th Regt. of Pennsylvania Volunteers on Sept. 12, 1864, to serve for one year. He was present for duty until May 20, 1865, when he was recorded as "present-sick." He was "absent- sick" from May 27 to the 29th, 1865, in the Regimental Hospital and then was recorded "present-sick" on May 30 and 31. He. was mustered out with his company on June 1, 1865. The regiment was in action on April 2, 1865, at Petersburg, Virginia.

"Sparks was issuedInvalid Certificate No. 447,628 and he was placed on the pension rolls. He died on November 16, 1898.

"On December 29, 1898, Mary C. Sparks, age 55, widow of Wilson W. Sparks, made an application for a widow's pension. She said she had been married to Sparks under her maiden name of Mary C. Williams on Feb. 7, 1866, by the Rev. J. W. Leckie at Rainsburg, Penna. It was the first marriage for both of them. She said they had no children under the age of sixteen years. J. H. Appel and J. M. Stailey witnessed her application.

"Mary C. Sparks was issued Widow's Certificate No. 478,616 and she was placed on the pension rolls. On February 13, 1929, her pension was increased from $40.00 per month to $50.00 per month by a special Act of Congress. She died on August 17, 1932.

(Editor's Note: Wilson W. Sparks was a son of David and Sarah Sparks who appeared on the 1850 census of Bedford County, Penna., in West Providence Township. David Sparks (born about 1809, died 1869) was a son of James and Nancy (Rogers) Sparks, and a grandson of Joseph Sparks, Sr. (born ca. 1730, died 1809) and his wife, Mary (McDaniel) Sparks, natives of Frederick County, Maryland. For further details on these families, see the September 1961 issue of the QUARTERLY, Whole No. 35, page 587).