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See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, September 1989, Whole No. 147, p. 3462:


"It is with deep regret that we report the death of Charles W. Steeples who passed away on July 9, 1988, at National City, California. He had been an active member of the Association for several years and was quite interested in his SPARKS ancestry. He is survived by his wife, Willa, and two daugh ters: Joyce Usquiano and Christine Coelho. We extend our sympathy to them.

"Charles Wilmer Steeples was born on April 23, 1916, in Missouri and was a son of Wilmer and Maria Hulda (Choulett) Steeples. His paternal grandparents were Benjamin F. and Amanda A. (Sparks) Steeples. For further information about this branch of the Sparks family, see the March 1977 issue of THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, Whole No. 97."


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Marriage Bond, Bourbon County, KY Book 2, p 53: Micha Sparks and Benjamin Stokes, April 30, 1815.


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See the SQ p. 1500:

Katharine Stokes, married George Sparks, Jr., in Nicholas County, Ky., in 1836 (marriage bond dated Dec. 30, 1836). George Sparks, Jr., is believed to have been a son of George and Rachel (McClenahan) Sparks (see p. 1320 of the June 1970 issue of the QUARTERLY, Vol. XVIII, No. 2, Whole No, 70). George Sparks, Jr., was born about 1811 in Kentucky and moved to Montgomery County, Indiana, about 1852. It is believed that he died at New Ross, Indiana, in 1884. Katharine (Stokes) Sparks died about 18148 in Kentucky and George Sparks, Jr., married as his second wife Hannah Fishback. For a list of the children of George Sparks, Jr., by each of his two wives, see the QUARTERLY cited above.


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See HISTORY OF SPENCER COUNTY (see Gervis H. Stone for full cite) , p 204:
"Across the road from this property (see Gervis H.) is the land on ce
owned by Zachariah Carrithers, a son of Francis and Amanda Clarke Car rithers.
Zachariah was married to Ann Stone, daughter of John H. Stone and sis ter to
Gervis Stone. The Carrithers had two daughters, Tillie (Matilda) an d Mary,
who married Dr. E. T. McMahan, later Cashier of The Peoples Bank."


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Barton Stone, son of Matthew and Rachel (Smoot) Stone, was born in Durham Parish, Charles County, Maryland. On June 11, 1750, he deeded to John Stone a portion of "Poynton Manor", at which time no wife waived her dower rights. On August 8, same year, he conveyed to John Stone for the consideration of 5 and 4,000 pounds of tobacco another portion of the manor, being the 75 acres which had been deeded to Captain William Watts by Matthew Stone.

In 1759 Barton Stone signed the inventory papers of his mother's personal estate as the next of kin. On February 14, 1778, before the "Worshipful Richard Barnes" in Charles County he took the Oath of Allegiance and Fidelity to the State of Maryland. Some time after this date he and his family settled in Stafford County, Virginia, near the town of Falmouth.

His wife was Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Speake, who shared in her father's will, probated November 12, 1766, in Charles County.

Children of Barton and Sarah (Speake) Stone
1. Hawkins Stone married twice. q.v.
2. Richard Stone. q.v.
3. William Barton Stone. q.v.
4. Sarah Stone.
S. Anne Stone married William Philips.

The will of Barton Stone was dated July 28, 1785, and proved in Stafford County, Virginia, on February 13, 1786, by Edward Norman, Charles Stewart, and William Stark. He bequeathed to his son Hawkins 1,000 pounds of tobacco, to his son Richard six negroes, and the like amount of negroes to his daughters Anne Philips and Sarah Stone. He also bequeathed negroes to his grandsons Barton Speake Stone and William Barton Stone. The residue of the estate was devised to his son William who was named as executor. Dissatisfaction arose over the will, consequently, the five children including William Philips and Anne his wife agreed to an equal. distribution of the estate, which occurred on January 28, 1786/7.


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Barton Speake Stone, son of Hawkins, was born perhaps in Stafford County, Virginia. On September 17, 1825, he purchased land and a grist mill in Stafford County from Edward Withers, the executor of James Withers, late of Stafford County. The witnesses were William H. Stone and Fielding Clift.

On April 10, 1827, he leased 100 acres of land purchased by him from John Withers who had received it from the estate of his deceased father, James Withers, for $10 annually to be paid by the leasee to William H. Stone and James W. Stone during the natural life of the said Barton Speake Stone.
Williai-n H. Stone and James W. Stone were brothers and it is therefore assrmed f rom the above indenture that they were the sons of Barton.

William H. Stone was commissioned on October 21, 1837, by Governor David Campbell colonel of the 45th Regiment of Infantry, 5th Brigade, 2d Division of Virginia Militia. James W. Stone dated his will June 17, 1861, and devised his entire estate to his brother William. The instrument, however, was not proved in Stafford County until September 15, 1869.