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John H. Stone is most likely a son of William D. Stone (2284) since, according to the article concerning his son, G. H. Stone, which appeared in "Kentucky: A History of the State; Perrin, Battle & Kniffin, 6th ed. , 1887, Spencer County, it states that John was born in Virginia in 1794 and came with his parents that same year to Spencer County, KY where he resided until his death in 1853. We believe that William D. Stone purchased land from Paul Frohman in Shelby County in 1797 and that our William Stone first settled in Nelson County, KY., not arriving in Spencer County until sometime before 1806 when his son Thomas Stone was born there. We have no explaination for the fact that only one William Stone appears in the census for 1810.

At the time of his death, the wife of John H. Stone was mentioned in his Last Will as Matilda ---. The available marriage records for Shelby County show one marriage for a John Stone to Polly May on October 11, 1808 . FHL 259273, Marriages Vol 1-3, 1797-1839.

John H. Stone first appears in the census for Spencer County in 1840 in District 219. Benjamin W. Stone was in District 215, James (W.?) Stone in District 218, George K. Stone in District 221, and Daniel, Eliza and Thomas Stone in District 222. John is between 40-50, there are two males under 5,
(Gervis and William ?) Matilda is between 30 and 40 and there is one female 5 to 10 (Ann B.?).
He was also in the 1850 US Census for Spencer County, KY., in district 93 with his brother, Jerrard D. Stone. In district 94 was Thomas O. Stone and in district 95 was another William Stone (not the father of George and Robert). The 1850 census shows John H. Stone, 55, farmer, VA.; Mildred, 50, KY.; Ann R., 16; Jargis H., 14; William, 11; Mary J. 5.

See HISTORY OF SPENCER COUNTY, KENTUCKY, FHL 976.9455H2s, pp 43-44 : "The first Taylorsville property owners (referring to lots in the town of Taylorssville, Kentucky) were [here is a list of 42 names including] John H . Stone, William Stone [in 1824]. In the same work, on p 204 see "Zachariah Carrithers
was married to Ann Stone, daughter of John H. Stone and sister to Gervis Stone." And on page 252 appears a photograph of a hotel on the corner of Main and Cross Street, Taylorsville, Spencer County, Kentucky, bearing the caption "At the present location of the Chamber of Commerce see the Livery Stable on the right. John J. Stone was proprietor in the 1830's.

See TAX ROLLS OF SPENCER COUNTY, KY, 1824-1850, FHL 8236: In 1824 there are two John's on the rolls, one is shown without property and the other, listed between William (RIN 1345) who is on Brashear's Creek and Daniel. Neither John nor Daniel show any property.
In 1825 these names appear as indicated:
"Daniel, no property [and in sequence]
William D. Stone, lot in Taylorsville.
John, no property"
William Stone, Sr. 165 ac Brashear's Creek, (RIN 1345)
[next three names in sequence:]
James Stone, 459 ac, Brashear's Creek
James Stone, 108 ac, Brashear's Creek
William Stone, 306 ac, Brashear's Creek" (RIN 2288)
William Stone, Lot in Taylorsville (RIN 2288)
John H. Stone, Lot in Taylorsville.
In 1830 a John is shown without property and John H. Stone is shown with 53 acres on the Salt River.
In 1835 there are three entries for John and no John H.:
John, town lot; John, 302 ac, E. D. Fences (?); John, 110 ac Brashear's Cr.
In 1840 there are three entries for John and no John H.:
John [listed in sequence between George K. Stone and Samuel Stone] , 303, Salt River;
John, 125 ac, Salt River;
John [listed in sequence with James who had 147 ac on Brashear's Creek], no property.
In 1845 there are three entries for John:
[listed in sequence between Elizabeth 50 ac, Big Bush, and John S . Stone,
150 ac Seraho?? C---] is John H.(not clear), 130 ac, Big Bush; and John, 80,Little Bush.
In 1850 there is an entry for John S., for John and for John H.:
John S., 277 ac, Brashear's Creek; John, 130 ac. Little Bush; and John H.168, Big Bush.
being over 21 with 4 horses. We do not know if this is a different John Stone.

See Index to Orphans and Guardians, Spencer County, KY., D21539 for appointment on 5 Dec 1853 of Matilda Stone as guardian for Ann R., Josie H., William, and Mary Jane Stone on the death of John Stone. It is interesting to note that B. W. Stone was the bondsman.

p 120: DEATHS: Stone, John H., 58, male, married, farmer, Spencer ; Born, Virginia. Father William Stone; d. 17 July, 1853. (In the 1850 census of Spencer County, KY., John and Matilda were living next door to a Jarrard D. Stone, born ca. 1805, was married to Delilah, born ca. 1814, and their children
Mary 6, William 4, James 2, Benjamin F., 8 mos., and Elizabeth Stone, 80, believed to be the widow of William D. Stone [1770-1836]. I further notice that in the 1840 census, an Eliza, age 60 to 70, was living near Daniel Stone [1801] and his wife Delilah [1801] with their son John, then 7, and 3 males between 20 and 30 years of age. It would seem that Daniel and Jarrard D. Stone were brothers caring for their mother Elizabeth, and, in 1840, were caring for younger brothers after the death of their father William in 1836. Notwithstanding the above, I have concluded that Daniel was a son of our William Stone. But John H. Stone must be a son of William D. Stone.

See SPENCER COUNTY, KY. WILL BOOK D, FHL 482487, p 132: Will dated March 3, 1851, filed September 5, 1853; names spouse Matilda Stone, Children: Ann B. Stone, Gervis H. Stone, William Stone and Mary Jane Stone. Witness: B. (Benjamin) W. Stone (whom I believe was a son of our William Stone).
See pg. 159 for Inventory of the Estate of John H. Stone filed September 12, 1853 showing, inter alia, a note receivable from William and Rebecca Stone due May 17, 1853 in the amount of $50.00; a note receivable from James W. Stone and John Stone in the amount of $336.00 and a balance due from
David Stone of $7.69. The total estate was inventoried at $12,000.
See pg. 163 for a Bill of Sale to Matilda Stone (Spouse), James Stone, Robert Stone, Thomas Stone, El--- Stone, William Stone.
See pg. 210 for a filing by Matilda Stone on October 7, 1850 electing to receive her Dower Interest in lieu of her bequest under John's will.