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(1747 - 1809)

Michael jenifer Stone, son of David and Elizabeth (Jenifer) Stone, was born in the year 1747 at "Equality" in Charles County, Maryland. He married Mary Hanson, daughter of Samuel and Anne (Dent) Briscoe.
Children of Michael and Mary (Briscoe) Stone
1. Frederick Daniel Stone married Elizabeth Patton.
2. William Briscoe Stone married Sarah Brown. q.v.
3. Michael Jenifer Stone married Susan Ann Somervell. q.v.
4. Elizabeth jenifer Stone, died spinster 1875.
5. Eleanor Stone married George Robertson.

On February 26, 1776, Michael jenifer Stone was recommended by the Committee of Observation for Charles County to be the second lieutenant of the militia company of Captain George Swann, and his recommendation was approved by the Council of Safety on March 7, following.
On February 20, 1778, before the Worshipful Warren Dent he swore allegiance to the State of Maryland and likewise denounced lordship of the Calverts and the sovereignty of the King of England.
During the latter part of the war he was elected to the House of Delegates and served from 1781 to 1783. He was a member of the Maryland Constitutional Convention in 1788, and the next year he was elected to the First United States Congress as a representative from Maryland. He served in that capacitv from March 4, 1789, to March 3, 1791. In the latter year he was appointed judge of the first judicial District of Maryland. At his death in 1809 he was interred upon his estate.

30 Stone Family
The will of Michael Jenifer Stone was dated January 23, 1809, and proved in Charles County on January 7, 1810, by Robert C. Stone, Samuel Hanson of Walter, and N. P. Causin. He devised his entire estate to his wife, Mary Hanson Stone, and appointed her executrix. and guardian of his children.


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Michael Jenifer Stone, son of Michael Jenifer and Mary (Briscoe) Stone, was born about the year 1806 in Charles County, Maryland. He studied medicine and was graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Baltimore. He established his seat at Woodville, Prince Georges County. His wife was Susan Ann, the daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Holliday) Somervell. To them were bom eight children, but only six matured-Mary Elizabeth, Thomas Somervell, Grace Holliday, Margaret Terrett, Frederick Daniel, and Eleanor Briscoe.

Mary Elizabeth, the eldest, married Walter Colton, of King George County, Virginia, and was the only child to wed. She became the mother of two daughters-Anna Madison and Sue.


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Her husband's name was Stephen Cunningham.


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(17-- - 1825)

Richard Stone, son of Barton, was born in Charles County, Maryland. His youth, however, was spent in Stafford County, Virginia. His wife was Hannah. Only one child, Charles W. Stone, has been proved by the records of Stafford County, yet circumstances are strong that there was also a son Hawkins.

Children of Richard and Hannah Stone
1. Charles W. Stone. q.v.
2. Hawkins Stone.

Stone Family 31
On August 10, 1825, Richard Stone conveyed to William Barton Stone, both of Stafford County, 93 acres of land and various slaves. Hannah Stone his wife joined him in the deed. He died intestate. On November 3, 1825, a public sale of his personalty, appraised at $6,251.32, occurred in Stafford County. The property was purchased almost wholly by the following--Hannah Stone, James W. Stone, William B. Stone, H. Stone, Elizabeth Stone, and Mary H. Stone.


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Great-greatgrandfather of James Joseph Sparks

US Census 1830 for Posey Co., IN.; New Harmony, Sheet 181. Enumerator: Thomas Givins. FHL 07718. Copy in file.

US Census 1840 for Warrick Co., IN.; Boonville, Sheet 43. FHL 07731. Copy in file.

US Census 1850 for Kentucky, Spencer Co., IN.; District No. 1 dated 7 August, 1850; Sheet 73. FHL 442987. Copy in file.

US Census 1860 for Spencer Co.; KY., District No. 1 Taylorsville, dated 4 June, 1860. Sheet 412, line 11. FHL 803395. Copy in file.

Posey County, Indiana, Book 1, Page 110, Item 695, Robert A. Stone to Candace Jerald, Licence January 28, 1829, Married January 29, by Rev . D. R. Jacobs. Photocopy in possession of James J. Sparks, San Carlos, CA.

Administrator, George R. Stone, appointed 4 September 1876. From records of Spencer County, KY., Inventory filed 3 October, 1876, Book I 312 , 1618; Sales Report filed 14 April, 1877, Book I 362, 1632; Final Account filed 5 May 1879, Book 1-99, 655.

His middle initial clearly seems to be A. There is evidence that it stands for Askin. If he was named for his mother's family, it would appear to answer the question as to whether her maiden name was "Askin" or "Erskine."

We find Robert A. Stone in the 1830 U. S. Census for New Harmony, Posey County, Indiana, with his family. His age was shown as between 20 and 30 and there were two males living in the family, one aged between 15 and 20 who is not identified and one under 5, presumed to be the oldest son, William. Because of his age, the older male must have been a young brother or nephew. He is gone by the 1840 census. There were two females, one 30 to 40 years of age and one 15 to 20 years of age. Candace (Jerauld) Stone reached her 20th birthday on May 3. The older woman could have been anyone. (It was probably not her mother). While we don't have Sophia's birthdate, the oldest sister of Candace, Joanna, was born in 1806 and was 24 in 1830. While Sophia could have been born in 1890, it is not likely she would have had a child at age 16. It was not Robert's older sister since she was included in the 1830 census living with her parents in Spencer County, Kentucky.

The family is next found in the 1840 U. S. Census for Boonville, Warrick Co., Indiana. Robert A. Stone is enumerated as age 30 to 40, with four males in the family. After Robert, two males are 5 to 10, presumably William age 10, and Robert age 8. An unidentified male 15 to 20 is also included. (He does not appear in the 1850 census.) There are three females, Candace shown as 20 to 30 years of age, one 5 to 10 (Mahala aged 5), and one under 5 (Matilda aged 2). The female shown in the 1830 census as 30 to 40 years of age is no longer living with the family.

By 1850, the Robert A. Stone family was living in Taylorsville, Spencer Co., Kentucky, southeast of Louisville. It appears he rejoined his parents who had lived here for many years. Robert was enumerated at age 46, Candace was included at age 39 and six children including William, age 20, the oldest. Robert was a farmer and William, a blacksmith. Candace was shown as having been born in Rhode Island. Living next door were William and Rebecca Stone. William was 81 and Rebecca, 76. Both were born in Virginia and were the parents of Robert. Next door on the other side was Robert's brother, George R . Stone, age 49, his wife Mary A. Stone, age 43, and their seven children.

In the 1860 U.S. Census for Taylorsville, the family appeared with seven children, including William, age 30. Candis (sic), was shown as born in Indiana rather than in Rhode Island [which was incorrect]. Living next door was a John B. Stone, age 27, his wife Malissa, age 25 and their two young children. We have not identified John and neither Robert nor George had a son named John B. Stone. Also found in this census in Taylorsville was the family of George and Mary. Living next door to George is William Stone, 32, and his wife Sarah and their 19 year old son James. Also in the Taylorsville District was a William Stone, age 39, his wife Nancy and their son Dudley, age 13. All of these Stones were born in KY. We can only speculate that one of the Williams and John above, were the sons of a brother of Robert and George. George Stone shows a son William W. who was 24 in the 1850 census and who could be the William m. Sarah who lived next door to George in the 1860 census.