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WILLIAM STONE (1666 - 1730)

William Stone, son of Thomas and Mary, was born perhaps at "Poynton Manor", Nanjemoy Hundred, Charles County, Maryland, about the year 1666-he stated his age as 55 in 1721 and as 60 in 1726, according to court depositions. He married Theodosia, the daughter of Zachary Wade of Piscataway Creek. The latter died during 1677 and devised his daughter Theodosia Wade land on the eastern branch of the Piscataway that had been patented by him and his brother, Luke Gardner, and also a portion of "Market Overton".

Children of William and Theodosia (Wade) Stone
1. Thomas Stone married Margarey -----. q.v.
2. William Stone, born 1684, married Eleanor -----; died intestate; inventory 1727, William and Thomas Stone, kinsmen; Eleanor Stone, adm.
3. Mary Stone married Thomas Matthews. issue: Thomas; William; Maximillian; Mary and Theodosia.
4. Verlinda Stone married Capt. Joseph Harrison; she died 1719, Thomas Stone and Bethia Barnes, signed inventory as kin; Issue: Richard; Joseph; Tabathia; William; and posthumous child.
5. Theodosia Stone.
6. Precious Stone married ----- Jones.
7. Bethia Stone married ----- Barnes. Issue: Mary and Theodosia.
8. Richard Stone, d.s.p. (i.e. died without issue)

In 1696 William Stone was listed as one of the civil officers of Charles County. In 1707 he was granted license as a practitioner of law in the county courts, and from 1707 to 1710 he represented his hundred at the General Assembly. At one time he was a bondsman for Benjamin Fendall, of Charles County, and at another time for George Jones, of Prince George County. In 1713 he was surety for Esther Chapman, the administratrix of the estate of Edward Chapman.

The will of William Stone was proved in Charles County during 1730, by William Mansell, John Boye, and James Murdock. Thomas Stone, described as the eldest son, was devised the lands adjoining those of "cousin David Stone" and Gerard Fowke. Mary received the plantation where she and her husband, Thomas Matthews, were then living, adjoining the lands of "cousin Matthew Stone" and Robert Doyne, and one-half of "O'Neal's Desert".

The youngest son, Richard, was to have the residue of the dwelling-plantation "Poynton Manor", but the testator's widow was to have the use of it during life. Verlinda Harrison was devised 100 acres of "Dover's Clifts". Theodosia Stone received the other half of "O'Neal's Desert" and a portion of "Market Overton" at Pomonkey. Precious Jones was devised "Millner" of 300 acres and "Langham's Rest" of 113 acres in Prince Georges County. Bethia Barnes, the youngest daughter, was willed "Stone's Rest" of 143 acres, and one-half of "Market Overton".

The widow, Theodosia, was to enjoy certain personalty during life, then they were to be divided among all children. She was obliged to make over "Market Overton" to her daughters, Theodosia and Bethia, before her death or remarriage. In the event that Thomas interferred, then the lands on which "his brother William lived shall pass to Theodosia and Bethia".

The inventory of his personal estate was appraised on November 10, 1731, with John Manning and Matthew Stone as the kinsmen, and Theodosia Stone, Thomas Stone, and Richard Stone as the executors. The final account was rendered to the court on August 31, 1732, at which time it was noted that all the representatives were of legal age. Theodosia Stone, his widow, on November 14, 1732, conveyed to Robert Gordon, of Prince Georges County, the plantation whereon John Queen lived, lying near Permunkey Creek, being a portion of "Overton" that goeth from Mr. Stoddert's to Piscataway. His widow, Theodosia Stone, negotiated her will in June 1747, and devised her son, Richard, the portion of "Market Overton" on which Thomas Monroe was then living, and her granddaughter, Mary Barnes, the portion of the same tract whereon Robert Gordon resided. She named her children Thomas, Richard, Mary, and Theodosia and her granddaughter Theodosia Barnes. The will was proved in Charles County on March 25, 1749, by Barton Stone, Matthew Stone Sr. and Thomas Stone Jr.

On June 17, 1749, Richard Stone, the executor, certified the inventory papers, with Thomas Stone and Mary Matthews signing as the kinsmen.
Richard Stone, bachelor and last surviving child, died intestate in Charles County. An inventory of his estate was taken on October 17, 1782, and appraised at 1,493. John Matthews was the administrator, while Joseph W. Harrison and Mary Barnes signed as the next of kin. The final account and distribution were made the next year to the following heirs, all apparently of the same degree of relationship, inasmuch as each representative received 134/19/11. They were Captain Joseph W. Harrison, Elizabeth Mastin, Theodosia Short, Mary Grant, Henrietta Speake, Mary Stone, Baldwin Dade and Verlinda his wife, John B. Meeke and Verlinda his wife, Robert Taylor and Theodosia his wife, Walter McPherson and Mary his wife, Mary Barnes, and John Matthews.


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William Stone, son of Matthew and Rachel (Smoot) Stone, was born at "Poynton Manor", Charles County, Maryland. Although he was a minor in 1748, at the time his father negotiated his will, he was of sufficient age in 1759 to be made the executor of his mother's estate. During the Revolutionary War he served as a private in the Charles County militia under Captain Stinnett (Unpublished Maryland Records, Vol. 2, p. 279). In 1783 he was a tax payer in Upper Durham Hundred.