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William Stone, son of John, was born in Durham Parish, Charles County, Maryland. On February 28, 1778, in Charles County, he took the oath of Allegiance and Fidelity to the State of Maryland before the "Worshipful Samuel Hanson".
Sometime before 1783 he removed to Somerset County of the Eastern Shore. A copy of a letter is on file, dated April 24, 1783, written to his brother in Charles County telling of the death of their brother John which apparently occurred at the home of William in Somerset County. The letter also mentioned the recent death of their brother Josias--sometime spelled Josiah.
William Stone married Betsy, the daughter of Frances Murray, who was apparently a widow at the time of the marriage. Mme. Frances Murray died in Somerset County and by her will she mentioned her brother John North, daughter Betsy Stone, and grandsons William Stone, John Murray Stone, and Francis Handy, the latter being referred to as "one of the representatives of my daughter Betsy Stone".

Stone Family 33
From this remark it is concluded that Betsy had married first a Mr. Handy -- a prominent family of the lower Eastern Shore.
A correct list of the children of William Stone has not been established, but the following have been proved:

1. William Stone married Anne Savage. q.v.
2. John Murray Stone.
3. Elizabeth Stone, died spinster Somerset Co., devising entire estate to brother William.
The 1800 census for Somerset County shows William Stone and his wife to be more than 45 years of age, and that in their household were two males and two females all between the ages of 16 and 26, and 15 slaves.


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William Barton Stone, son of Barton and Sarah (Speake) Stone, was born in Charles County, Maryland. On February 14, 1778, being then at least 18 years of age and before the "Worshipful Richard Barnes" he swore allegiance to the State of Maryland in Charles County. Later he settled with his parents in Stafford County, Virginia, where in 1783, according to the tax list, he maintained one dwelling and two out houses on his estate and had four whites in his immediate household.

One son-Alexander Smith Hawkins Stone-has been established or inferred. On May 7, 1813, Richard Marshall Scott, of Bush Hill, Fairfax County, Virginia, deeded to Alexander S. H. Stone, of Stafford County, land on Aquia Creek which had been leased by William Barton Stone on July 12, 1792, from Gustavus Scott.

A sale of the personal estate of Alexander S. H. Stone occurred in Stafford County on December 3, 1823, with John C. Erington as the administrator. Among the purchasers were Barton S. Stone and William H. Stone.


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(1797 - 1872)

William Briscoe Stone, son of Michael and Mary (Briscoe) Stone, was born April 13, 1797, in Charles County, Maryland. He married in 1825 Sarah Anne Caroline, born July 24, 1807, the daughter of Dr. Gustavus Brown and Sarah Fowke his wife.

Children of William and Sarah (Brown) Stone
1. Margaret Wade Stone, born 1827, spinster.
2. Thomas Stone, born 1829, married ---- Edelin.
3. Mary Stone, born 1830, married Uncas Chapman.
4. Catherine Stone, born 1841.

At the census of 1850 William Stone was the proprietor of "Haber de Venture", appraised at $18,000, located in the Middleton District of Charles County.
William Briscoe Stone died at his seat in Charles County on December 1, 1872; his widow died on March 3, 1873.
At this death the married children having establishments of their own conveyed their portions of "Haber de Venture" to their eldest and unmarried sister, Margaret. Late in life she promised the place to her cousin Thomas Somer-vell Stone, of Woodville, but he refused it, and it is even said that he destroyed the original will which devised the estate to him. After her favorite kinsman expressed no interest in the home, she willed it to her nephew Michael, son of her brother Thomas Stone.
After the death of Margaret Stone, her nephew sold the paneling of the drawing room of "Haber de Venture" for $10,000 to the City of Baltimore for their museum as a memorial to the Signer. And it was not uncommon during the past couple of decades to go into an antique shop of Maryland or the vicinity and be shown a certified statement that such and such a piece of furniture came from "Haber de Venture".
Michael Stone retained title to the place until I936, when owing to heavy mortgages and other incumbencies he sold the estate and thus again another historic shrine of Maryland passed from the original family and became the property of another whose affluence was more able to preserve, reverence, and care for the old place.


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According to the book "Kentucky: A History of the State"; Perrin , Battle & Kniffin, 6th ed., Spencer County, a William Sparks came to Shelby County (now Spencer) in 1794. We learn this from an article concerning G. H. Stone who was born in 1835 in Taylorsville, Spencer County, KY., a son of John H. Stone. "The latter was born in 1794 in Virginia, came with his parents that same year to Spencer County, KY, where he resided, with the exception of two years spent in Louisville, until his (John H. Stone's) death in 1853...."

See SHELBY COUNTY GRANTEE'S INDEX (1793-1818), Shelby County, Kentucky, FHL 259226:
Recorded July 8, 1797, William Stone from Paul Froman, 165 acres , Brashear's Creek, Book C., p 99.
Recorded March 1, 1804, William Stone, Sr. from George Crist, 165 acres, Brashear's Creek, Book G, p. 46.
Recorded January 31, 1811, William Stone from A. Houne, 128 acres, Brashear's Creek, Book K, p. 646.

I. SHELBY COUNTY (1797-1824) Assessed for:
1799 Dist. 4, William Stone
1800 Dist. 4, William Stone, 165 Acres, Brashear's Creek, Isaac Cox.
1801 Dist. 5, William Stone, "
1802 Dist. 3, William Stone, "
1804 Dist. 3, William Stone, "
1806 Dist. 3, William Stone, " (he owned 330 acres)
1807 Dist. 3, William Stone, " "
1808 Dist. 3, William Stone, " "
1812 No Dist. William Stone, 457 Acres, Brashear's Creek
1813 Dist. 1, William Stone, 50 Acres, Nelson Co., Ash's Creek 165 Acres, Shelby Beech Creek (?)
1814 No Dist. William Stone, 140 Acres, Brashear's Creek (d.1835)
92 Acres, " (d.1855)
72 Acres, " (d.1855 ) tot. 164 Acres
1815 William Stone, Sen., 165 Acres, " (d.1835 ) tot. 305 Acres
1825 William Stone 306 Acres, " (d.1835)
1830 " 376 Acres, "
1835 " 300 Acres, "
1840 " (deceased) 350 Acres, "
Elizabeth Stone 50 Acres, Salt River
1845 Elizabeth Stone, 50 Acres, Big Buck (or Bush)

William Stone apparently died intestate and had three non-family administrators. The court documents relating to his estate were found as fo llows:
Book A, p 512 item 303: 6 June, 1836 Inventory of assets;
A, p 514 item 304: 6 June, 1836 Bills of sale of misc. estate assets;
A, p 521 item 310: 3 Oct, 1836 Elizabeth claims her 1/3 dower rights.
B, p 543 item 145: 7 July, 1845 Settement of estate.
Sales of estate assets were made to the following members of the Stone family in addition to others: Elizabeth, Jared, Mary C., Susan, John,
Eli and James Stone. The Final Settlement mentions that the estate was divided among his spouse (dower) and his ten children. They are not named. His original administrators were William H. Stone and Jefferson Stone. James Stone also was a later administrator.
In the Court Order awarding Elizabeth's dower interest dated 3 October, 1836, William is referred to as Sen (senior). Since he apparently had four more children than those named in his estate, possibly he was attempting to distinguish himself from his son William (d.1855) in Spencer County.
The land awarded to Elizabeth as her 1/3 Dower Interest was descr ibed in the Order of 16 September, 1836, as 55 acres. This indicates that it was taken from an original parcel of 165 acres. It is adjacent t o lands of George Stone and Thomas Thompson. It refers to the Froman to Crist Survey of land on Brashear's Creek. See the plat map in the Stone folder. Two of the bearings on the easterly end of this parcel are the same as two of the bearings on the westerly end of a 165 acre parcel deeded to a William Stone in 1797 by Paul Froman. The Grantee's Deed Index for Shelby County (1793- 1818) [FHL 259.226] shows the deed of 165 acres to William Stone from Paul Froman recorded July 8, 1797 and another deed to William Stone from George Crist of 165 Acres on Brashear's Creek from Paul Froman. These names were referred to in the estate property descriptions.

Who was this William? Who were his ten children? How was he related to William (RIN 1345) if at all?
There is only one William Stone in the 1810 Census of Shelby County. We also know that there were two William Stones in Shelby County f rom 1812 onward. We know that, beginning in 1797, a William Stone was purchasing land in Shelby County and, by 1812 is shown on the tax rolls as owning 457 acres of land in Brashear's Creek. He was betwee n 26 and 45 years of age as was his wife. He had 7 children living: three sons under 10, one 10 to 16 and one 16 to 26; he had one daughter under 10 and one 10 to 16. Insofar as the ages of the adults are c oncerned, these fit the ages of three concerned people whose ages we can verify. Both William (d.1855) and his wife Rebecca appear in the US Census for 1850 as does Elizabeth, spouse of William (d.1836) . William was 81, Rebecca was 76, and Elizabeth was 80. We do not know the age of the William who died in 1836. The land purchased in 1 797 and the land which was a part of his probate estate and from which Elizabeth's dower interest was subdivided, have two common boundary lines and these parcels must have abuted each other. If so we conclude that the William who lived in Shelby County in 1810 was William (d.1836). He was born between 1765 and 1784 according to the 1810 census. Thus the two Williams could not have been father and son . If they were related, they must have been cousins.
Another William purchased land in 1811 and again in 1812. We believe that this was William (d.1855). He shows up on the Tax Rolls for 1812. T he 1820 census incudes 2 Williams and a Will. William and Will are included as over 45 years of age. The other has 2 males 26-45. The older William (d. 1836?) has 7 male children and 3 female children. "Will" (d.1855?) has 6 male children and 4 female children. There is one male under 10 , two males 10 to 16, one male 16 to 18 and one 16-26. There are also 4 daughters under 26.

In view of the fact that we know George and Robert were born in Kentucky before 1810, we would like to conclude that the William in the 1810 census was our William (RIN 1345). However, in the 1850 census, the ages of several men with names which continually appear in earlier years, indicate birthdates in Kentucky as follows: James H., 1805; Samuel E., 1811; Daniel, 1801; F. B., 1808; John, 1803; Eli, 1812; Jarrard D., 1810; Benjamin, 1804; Lemuel, 1810; Robert C., 1809; and Thomas, 1807.
We now know that William (2288) was born in Virginia, & we know that William (1345) was born in Virginia as were William's (2288) wife Elizabeth, John H., 1795 (who lived next door to Elizabeth in 1850- -his mother?), and James, 1776, who appears in every census since 1810. We are not able to identify the parents of many of these men.
In 1850, Elizabeth lived with James H. Stone who was probably a son born in KY in 1805. Samuel E. Stone lived next door with his family. Daniel
lived not far away and James (b. 1776) lived between them.
Possible brothers of either William were James (b. 1776 Virginia) , George (b. aft. 1784-1831) who had a son Robert C. and my William (1345) had sons George and Robert. Robert C. lived next to my William (1345) in the 1840 census and Edmond (d 1853). Edmond lent money to George R. and Robert and John H. Stone did so as well.

See SPENCER COUNTY, KY., WILL BOOKS, Book A, p. 512: Will lists spouse Elizabeth, and divides estate among ten children
without naming them.

See SPENCER COUNTY, KY. (op.cit.) p. 512, Inventory of the Estate of William Stone; p. 514, Sale Bills to Elizabeth, Jared, Mary C., Susan,
John, Eli and James Stone. Executors James Stone, William H. Stone and Jefferson Stone.

On March 2, 2006 I recieved an email from Sam Stone ( as follows: "...I am descended from William D. Stone, Sr. b. VA, d. 1836 Ky.
"The children of William D. Sr. are correctly listed by name, but I am wondering where you got the date of death for William D. Jr. who moved to Clark County, Indiana (in the) early 1830s and married Elizabeth Bailey. He became a "riding sheriff" of the county, and in or about 1847 went after a gang of hoodlums who were terrorizing the area (Wood Twp where he lived) and never returned. Upon his disappearance, his oldest son, William M. (my great grandfather) went to live with Henry Dow, a wealthy farmer. Elizabeth took the other children with her and very shortly married William Prentiss and had one more child with him.
"One son of William M. was Samuel Eli, whose son Dempsie was my father. This may be of interest to you. Sam Stone."